Going supercritical.

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For a while now, I've wanted to make aerogel, but for that, I needed to use supercritical CO2. I didn't really know what that was though, and I figured the best way to learn about it was to make it myself.

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Nile talks about lab safety: id-tv.org/tv/video-ftACSEJ6DZA.html


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  • 15:00 diamonds?

  • "It was like a bomb that could go off at any time." You mean literally anything pressurized?

  • Very interesting, taught me a lot.

  • the beads froze and cracked.

  • can you make an aerogel using that?

  • Was let down when I found out it wasn’t a dangerous radioactive isotope going supercritical

  • You chmaged the refractive index of the beads. Each crystalline substance has a refractive index. Also you should have done it all on scales. To see if weight changed. But youre the jayneous 🤷 wr just watch in fascination.

  • Can someone explain what airo gel is for


  • Something to learn from the mistakes of the past... it way have worked before, but time is a motherfucker. A lot of people have died from equipment failure due to degradation like this.

  • plot twist: pressure chamber is boobie trapped to take out the YT nerd channel competition.

  • Title made me think we where gonna have David hann 2.0

  • golfball silica bead when

  • you posted it on the wrong channel

  • My mans made it rain in that chamber. Literally.

  • Me, a Subnautica fan: Lol you make aerogel with rubies and gel sacks For you uneducated folks, this is a joke.

  • Please make goofball bead

  • Try to put hard carbon inside it, because it would make diamonds or something

  • Try to put, orbees inside it, because the orbees would absorbe rh liquid carbon dioxide?

  • Not a small amount of psi on gauge it’s actually at 500 psi . That’s a lot

  • Imagine someone was experimenting with co2, and they thought they had reached supercritical.. but it was actually a whole new stage that had never been discovered. Also they were not recording it so, no evidence.

  • 10:01 I thought it was leaking, but it was just the melting ice.

  • isn't it weird that nilered is posted on nileblue?

  • Do you think you might be able to melt down multiple silica beads into one big silica bead and then do it to that?

  • Can you make a diamond?

  • The chemical formula for silica gel is SiO₂ and the chemical formula for Dry ice is CO₂ which you thought created Opal which is SiO₂·nH₂O. This is actually extremely possible since there was also Hydrogen and Nitrogen both inside that chamber due to natural gas. You my friend might of just created opal by accident!

  • NileRed on NileBlue?

  • YOU should add glitters of different colors...so in supercritical state we could actually see them floating or stagnate at bottom.. and we can also see if change in dispersed medium would have any effect on colloidal C02 GLITTER...... that would be FUN!!

  • the silica beads sorta absorbed the liquid carbon dioxide but when it got insidre the beads where is around normal air pressure, the carbon dioxide liquid evaporated causing those bubbles in the beads and also made the colour

  • that sounds like a movie: "going supercritical"

  • Bro is a great speaker

  • when i read "supercritical" i thought he was working with nuclear energy for a second

  • What channel will teach me physics

  • 9:43 why does the supercritical fluid spiral into the center when you started cooling it with the ice? The supercritical fluid was stationary before right? What gave it that angular momentum? Also it looks like the liquid of co2 was like pouring in from the top left of the chamber, I wonder what it looks like at that point😨

  • Still hoping for that decaf coffee video


  • Got a Yasuo fan in that office, just noticed the subtle “Hasaki!” in chalk

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  • Opal is silica too

  • These videos are cool to play in the living room at a party while ppl get bent in the kitchen. Try it y’all 💙

  • This is probably one of my favorite videos by u n one of the best I've watched in a while

  • Loll its a fucking bomb 🤣

  • This hurt my brain in ways I could never imagine but that aerogel thing was cool so.

  • Hey! Why is there a NileRed logo in the corner? THIS IS NILEBLUE!!!!!!!! still epic tho

  • It would be cool to shine a laser through it when it’s super critical and watch how it diffuses light

  • I think the silica became more like quartz under all that pressure, and that could be the reason for the cracks and rainbow patterns.

  • aw

  • I wonder what would happen if some dye was added to the CO2 then have it go super critical?

  • I can’t believe he just made opals out of shoe cleaning beads

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  • Prismatic effect.

  • "kinda like a bomb" "explode at any time " and " *should* be safe" are things I love to hear in one sentence

  • That dry ice basically went super saiyan like Vegeta

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  • The cracks likely refract light based on the structure of the edge of the silicate at the fissures

  • A year and a half too late, but I wonder what happen if you put paper or someting that floats on liquid in there

  • I wonder if the supercritical fluid also breaks light like a normal fluid does. It doesn't seem so In the video.

  • This is one of the strangest things I've ever seen

  • time to stars your own crystal forging business

  • I say " if you can't watch nileblue video start to finish then you are not really in to science "

  • Can't believe this guy stole footage from NileRed.

  • Aerogel sounds like lube

  • PLEASE get a torque wrench for doing these kind of things. Imbalances in torque can cause leaks at best and structural damage at worse.

  • Maybe use a torque wrench to meter the pressure you put on the bolts.

  • And this is why I like physics and chemistry more than biology

  • I just want to know: Why PSI!?? Atmospheres is the correct measure.

  • It would be interesting to place something in the chamber with a lower density then liquid phase but higher density then the gas phase and observe it before and after the critical point.

  • I know I'm a year late but I think it would be neat to see what would happen if you put in some sort of dye that can color the CO2 in its liquid state. When the CO2 goes supercritical does the dye drop to the bottom, fill the chamber, or does the bottom half stay dyed and the top half stay clear until shaken where they mix together.

  • Can someone explain why psi is used in place of atm? Metric good

  • I wonder who's memory that is and what it is...

  • Honestly, I have almost no idea what’s going on here, but this is exactly how I envisioned it during your explanation at the very beginning of the video & I thought that that was kind of interesting, because I’m much more artistic than scientific!! (The only thing I couldn’t predict was the slight blue tinge to the surface so it was great to actually see nevertheless!🧐😲😲)

  • i like the way he stays so calm when he KISSED DEATH ON THE CHEEKS MULTIPLE TIMES

  • I was so disappointed to see you buy a new gauge - in freedom units :/

  • Duuuuuude I'm not even a science student, yet I have watched almost 50 full videos of his, they are so interesting and distractive at the same time I have an online finance class rn and I'm watching him. I NEED HELP!!

  • So could you make diamonds like this?😂

  • Nile Red is calm. Nile Blue is EXPLOSIONS FIRE AND HIGH PRESSURE

  • Supercritical CO2: i will break you in a special way! Silica beads: Y A Y

  • Get in loser we're gaseous smelting

  • Congrats you found the 2.5nd state of matter.

  • Achievement get: Make your own Opal

  • Fun fact: The watermark says NileRed but the channel is NileBlue

  • "Kinda like a bomb" no no it is literally a bomb lol. Breakthrough, youtube scientist turns silica beads into precious stones!!

  • Whats the difference between nile red and nile blue?

  • 9:40 YOOOO that looks epic

  • What if you do the same thing but use a coal instead?

  • Now you need to try this with some plutonium and cobalt and lead bricks . Using a screw driver see how close you can get before it lets out a glow and irradiates the entire area .

  • Lol I love the idea of two ID-tv lads just casually sharing a device that looks sounds and operates like some sort of creation from a mad scientist in a sci-fi movie.

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  • Eat the forbidden starburst, adventurer

  • supercritical fluids look like some real life magic shit and that's why science is so cool

  • I watch these videos because it makes me feel dumb.

  • can you put inside something denser than gas, but less dense than CO2 liquid? it should float on surface till supercritical state...

  • O P A L I Z E D S I L I C A B E A D S

  • i want to know what would happen if you put something that floats inside it

  • This is probably my favorite video from nilered. Something about seeing something turn into a property so exotic interests me. I hope he does more super critical fluids in the future

  • Would a dye dissolve in this? Would it make it easier to see the surface for longer?

  • The light on the silica beads looks like very old glass.

  • Even though the beads looked like opals CO2 was supercritical about them.

  • This man is risking his life for science and education and for our sake of just knowing. God bless