Golden Buzzer: Mayyas' Breathtaking Audition Captivates Sofia Vergara | AGT 2022

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Jun 2022
This audition from Mayyas was so breathtaking that Sofia Vergara pressed her Golden Buzzer!

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The 17th season of America's Got Talent returns with a new set of aspiring performers looking to compete for the ultimate $1 million prize. Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the star-studded judging panel with global fashion icon Heidi Klum, fan-favorite comedian Howie Mandel and acclaimed actress and international superstar Sofia Vergara. The dynamic Terry Crews returns as host. This season promises to deliver some of the wildest acts to ever grace the AGT stage.

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Golden Buzzer: Mayyas' Breathtaking Audition Captivates Sofia Vergara | AGT 2022

America's Got Talent


  • I’m Lebanese and with everything going on in the country, this was such an incredible moment to be a part of and see. Truly proud of the culture and representation these girls hypnotized us with. Well deserved golden buzzer!

    • LEBANESE LADIES ARE the M❤ST BEAUTIFUL in the W🌍RLD ,FOLLOWED BY the REST of THE MIDDLE EAST ! BUT America, Great Britain and Mexico come .

    • ME TOO !!!!!!

    • How are things in Lebanon?

    • I am a lebanese to

    • @M F no i think it is not Lebanon is between syria and Israel they’re different countries

  • Now that is something absolutely worth the Golden buzzer. Never seen anything like this. AMAZING!!! YAY!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  • I felt emotional right at the beginning. I mean, they came all the way from Lebanon to America to prove their hard work, their talent, their amazing bond. Seeing them earned the Golden Buzzer made me cry so hard. Congratulations 🎊

  • Complicated but prefect chorography. It ticked ALL the buttons. They deserved the Golden Buzzer. Imagine the work they do to perfect their act. Relentless hours of practice.

  • Simplemente Espectacular.... Me gustooo.. y creo.que me tatuare ese nombre.. me encantó su significado

  • Let's not forget the group-dance leader. He was very modest and didn't come on stage, he left the honour 100% to the girls. Wonderfull guy.

    • Real artist are not the most famous 🤔

    • @Ibnu Sina Khurshid Ahmad dude, it’s embarrassing to even read your comments. Appreciate things in life

    • @W.L. I respect the Mayyas, not steupid comments

    • @Hedonist Is it difficult for you to show some respect for those deaf dancers?! God bless you!

    • @W.L. Spamming on every comment

  • Fully deserved. Never seen something like that. Totally involved on that act, glimpses of emotions spread all over my body. Really huge huge impact

  • É tão bonito de se ver que não cansa!

  • It's very beautiful

  • I loved this.. I really hope they win AGT..

  • I was a dancer and choreographer for years until I could no longer. This takes a tremendous amount of practicing and perfection to get EVERY SINGLE dancer in line. They did a fantastic job. 👏

    • Fantásticas ! Abençoadas por Deus! 👏🙏

    • @W.L. You're clinging on every comment trying to spread false stuff, talk about sensitive

    • @W.L. You spam too much

    • @Hedonist did I say anything bad? You are such a sensitive person! God bless you!

    • @Hedonist you think too much

  • I would pay to see them perform. Hands down YES.

  • Mayyas really deserves to win America's Got Talent

    • Yea man they are, agt 2022 looks boring, 80% talent is singing, other talent deserves win this years

  • Can’t wait to see them in the live shows.

  • I remember them from Hanine's song (Lebanese violinist). Combined with the violen it was Pure perfection, I recommend this to everyone - Hanine - Arabia

  • Sofia Vergara was such a great addition to the cast, she's so respectful and energetic

    • I love her. I used to think she was a pumped up Hollyweird dolly. Not. She is so sweet.

    • I'm a Hispanic guy, Sofia is just the She got everything, charm, charisma, looks, just the latina.

    • @Neil Rosenau underrated comment. I did a spit take imagining Simon and Gordon Ramsay together on the judges platform. Do you think they'd be best buds or annoy the crap out of each other? They share a passion for excellence in craft, don't mince words, and surprisingly nurture talented people they really believe in.

    • @cyberghetto Nothing racist in what i said

    • @cyberghetto Read what that thing wrote first

  • When that one woman bent down to pick up a handful of golden confetti, I lost it, and started bawling! Just…beautiful!

    • Right? Most probably as a souvenir for their celebration

    • Watched the end part again to see the woman as I didn't pay attention at first time 😅

    • Yes. Proof.❤️❤️

    • She'll definitely treasure it for the rest of her life. That confetti is a proof of how great they are as a performer.

  • That was awesome. Great going girls

  • Amazing!!!! I cried! I so enchanted!

  • 8:44 one girl grabs a handful of confetti to take back home as a memoir! :) Not just the dance, little things like this make this video special.

  • That was spectacular! I was lost in their music, dance and beauty! Arab women are amazing!

  • This was such a great moment for women everywhere. These women are incredible and they should be so proud of themselves. I love them!

  • At the very end - you could have heard a pin drop. The entire audience was hypnotized. Absolutely magnificent!

  • The Nightbirde keeps resonating what a great performance by these women, and they have a great leader behind them 👏🏼

  • I’m not a big fan of dance groups. But this was so beautiful. For some reason it brought me to tears. I can’t explain it. Something about it felt so pure, grounded, ancient, and spiritual. I feel blessed to have seen it.

    • @sheeba gr Yes, I believed this dance group is inspired by China's Disabled Persons Art Troupe, Thousand-hand Avalokiteshswara dance

    • I believe this group is inspired by China's Disabled Persons Dance Troupe famous work: Thousand-hand Avalokiteshswara.

    • I cried so hard, dance always brings me to tears when you can see the emotions in it. ❤I love Sofia for this buzzer. She is such a genuine soul, and she empowers everyone she meets. I’m so happy she saw in them what we all did 💕

    • It was truly hyponitzing to all in so many ways

    • Well said. Absolutely beautiful and hypnotizing. I have never nor will I see a dance group better than this and in honor of Nightbirde. RIP

  • OMG they were so captivating every single one of them and they're all gorgeous with such passion hope they achieve their dreams cause DAMN. Such a beautiful culture that has been shared

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen an audience react like that to a golden buzzer. Truly crowd winning performers, an act to watch BEYOND America’s Got Talent.

  • I’m Arab myself, I have to fess up that this is truly impressive!! The performance with the choice of music is just flawless, when I heard the sound of the swords ⚔️ I got chills lol.

  • What a choreography and the presentation💯

  • Nightbird !!! You honored her, you honored yourselves, and Sofia honored us with the golden buzzer for you. Well deserved.

    • Your beautiful words put me into tears…Thank you for honouring NightBird 🙏🙏🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Emtional 😢

    • Beautiful

  • Dedication, Hardwork, Honesty, Humbleness and Modesty does indeed pays off. Look at the reaction of the crowd!!

    • Well said. I was trying to come up with all the words. You certainly did.

  • Wow. Just. Wow. Pardon me while I pick up my jaw off the floor.

  • Every women in the crowd were just so proud as well. Very heartwarming indeed.

  • These ladies need their own show. Love them.

  • As an Arab, I can say this is the most original oriental dance ever. It has nothing to do with seduction. It was pure talent and perfect coordination. Well done ! You are every time upgrading your dances !

    • @Rose Aromali Madam, starting segment of your choreography is still directly stolen from a dance performance of thousand hand buddha dance performed by a group of deaf chinese kids. Have some etiquette not try to steal the credit. The smart thing would have been ignoring my comment and not restart the argument.

    • @Azwad Ahsan If that’s so important to you then why aren’t you reading that and watching videos that don’t sit right with you? Men are so jealous of women thats not something Allah approves in men at all.

    • @abo arabe Lebanon is technically in Asia sweety. It is Asian culture and it is also middle eastern. You should find it beautiful to learn about other cultures and to especially supposed other women. Love from Lebanese 💗

    • @The Hawk's Eye They also say that the first religion came from one faith and we all had the same culture and practices before we all went to different parts of the world as tradition came from ancient customs, there are Mother cultures that gave birth to other cultures so that’s how we could have similar traditions and different religions. Just educate yourself and lift up other women without tryna drag your one sided story of history into the comment section taking away from the beautiful performance of these Lebanese women. Also Lebanese here💗

  • The best, most deserving Golden Buzzer ever !!!!!!

  • This is the most amazingly beautiful audition I've ever witnessed on AGT BRAVO !!!!! The precision is unbeatable

  • Spectacular! So glad to see these woman express their culture and art. They’re unity was breath taking as they had me at every minute of the dance. So emotional 🥲

  • This gave me the chills. I wish the best for Lebanon and I’m so happy these beautiful women were able to share their culture with us. I was HYPNOTIZED!

    • Don't know too much about dancing ....... But these mayas have filled each second of this act with emotions....... Respect to their hard work.... Love from 🇮🇳

  • I love the way Sofia interacts with audience and Performers She's so energetic even while judging ♥️

  • I can't wait to watch them again! the coordination is in another level 1000/10

  • BEYOND INCREDIBLE!!! I have watched it over and over and still smile with admiration!!!!!!! Go girls!!!!

  • I am so amazed by this act. I pray for their success.

  • I love Sofia Vergera. She is such a nice, energetic woman and gives such nice positive vibe.

    • I have grown to love her. A lot. I had the misconception she was just another Hollyweird dolly. Not so. She is really a sweet, caring human being.

    • She is

    • perfectly worded!

    • salir adelante.

  • PERFEITO. 👏👏👏👏

  • Absolutely gorgeous women..that was incredible and definitely hypnotizing!

  • *When one of the Godess Bent down to pick up a handful of Golden Confetti, Damn I started to Ugly Cry.* *Thank You Very Much Mayyas, Thank Yoy Very Much Forever Gold Nightbirde.*

  • I am estonished shocked and surprised to see my people from Lebanon specially the lady's giving one of the best ever dance I have ever seen on got talent they deserve to win and they got it we all support you girls proud of you as Lebanese ...

  • I normally dislike dance groups and routines but these ladies and their choreographer are fantastic and deserved the gold buzzer. I look forward to seeing what they do next!

    • AD

    • AD

    • What!!! U don't like dance groups u bugging!!!

    • I am the same about dance groups but every so often there is one that stands above anything ordinary and is one but, they are the best I've ever seen.

  • As a dancer (ballet and contemporary), I know how hard it is to achieve this, to bring us to truly believe in the illusion. Beautiful and enpowered ladies who brought a part of their culture on the stage. Love dance so much ♥ And the music ! I love Arabic music so much. It always transports me far away.

  • Sensacional!!! Parabéns Meninas!!!! Parabéns!!!🥰😍😍🤩🤩🤩

  • Most beautiful dance I've ever seen in my life. Every movement was perfectly synched with the music. It was really an authentic and outstanding performance!!

  • I can see this performance all day. It's INCREDIBLE. I literally got hypnotized

  • Perfection!! Reminds me of goddesses from Egypt.

    • @safaa safaa50 Maya or Mayas Or Maya's have same meaning in Hindusim culture. U stolen dancing culture of India and naming as its your culture.. Beauty is not everything..Our Indian women r more intelligent and superior than your women.. Also, talking about language..So Indian language like - Sanskrit, Telgu and Tamil language r one of the difficult languages in the world, whether u speak or write..

    • @Anuj Singh Sorry but I saw one of your comments late. You were talking about the Arabic word "Mayas"?? first of all Mayas is written that way "Mayas " not Maya's its a big deference its An Arabic language not An English to write like this Mayas and our grammars r deferent . 🤫😂 secondly: Maya is not the same as Mayas, it's two completely different words. Perhaps in your poor language adding a letter does not change anything?? While in our language, adding a letter changes both the word and the meaning. And even add movement only to the word. for example the word: (((( "حب " . And “حُب ” looks like the same word, the same letters, but the meaning is completely different. Just because of the movement that is found on the letter, the first word means "love" and the second is "grain" .. Another example: " رحم" and " رحمة" looks like same word . The difference is only one letter. adding in the end . its " ة" letter and the meaning is totally deferent " the first word means "mercy" and the second is "woman's womb" .... Another example by adding the letter "s" in the end "نفي" and "نفيس". The difference is only one letter in the end and it is s نفيس and نفي letter "س " in "نفيس" is like a " S" now the two words have deferent meaning after adding S letter in the end the first word means "denial" and the second words means " something precious" and etc etc Our Arabic language is different, distinctive , rich and beautiful with a simple letter or a simple consonant movement, added to any letter that changes the whole meaning. Therefore, it is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world at all. You will not know my language more than me and""" Mayas """ an Arabic word. And anyway, stay away from our Arab girls, always when u see anything about Arabs, you become like crazy and start inventing trifles, here you are only crying while they make the achievements . our beautiful, proud Arab girls bye now .

  • It's as if they move together like one beautiful Majestic creature! I was absolutely mesmerized!🥰💚💙💜💞💫

  • Absolutely, utterly, undeniably PERFECT!! You all deserve to win hands down!! I watched this performance over and over and over and over again! And that message…Beautiful! Much love and support from Armenia!! 🇦🇲❤️🇱🇧

  • A golden buzzer I'm not mad about ❤️


  • I'm Arabic. The Arab woman is the most powerful woman because they lived and endured living during wars and the number of that they come to see their talents and the most beautiful marit, my eyes today is a professional integrated band. Thank you to them for photographing a beautiful picture of the Arabs and deserve the golden buzzer 🔥❤️🇮🇶

    • @Tiago Silva Lebanon is gender inclusive. There are no dancing opportunities for both men and women. But in order to make it to AGT, there has to be some bias information that’s said, or else they don’t get broadcasted. Lebanon is absolutely rich in history & beautiful!! & the people are respectful. It’s very gender inclusive. If it was safe, I’d wish you could visit & see it with your own eyes… instead of believing things you see on tv.

    • @Anuj Singh source: trust me bro

    • You are a language?

    • Dance style, especially moving of hands is copied from Indian tradition.. Bharatnatyam and kuchipudi dance r similar to this..

  • This is when I’m supposed to say synchronization, patience, precise movements, and timing is needed! This performance was amazing and I’m so proud to see these Lebanese women show us that women could be powerful too!! 🔥🔥♥️♥️

  • One of the best dance teams I've ever seen. Fabulous

  • One word says it all, "BREATHTAKING"!

  • Hypnotizing, mesmerizing, stunningly beautiful. Mayyas more than earned Sofia's Golden Buzzer.

  • This act is one of the most unique acts we have EVER seen! This was such a pleasure to watch. It was so beautiful! Well deserved Golden Buzzer, these ladies are going incredibly far

    • I thought I've sewn everything in dance but nope apparently not. This was actually unique

  • My respect and admiration goes to the wonderful dancers, like the group-dance leader. Words can hardly describe how uniquely beautiful, graceful and perfect this performance is. I am looking forward to more and wish all the best and love for the future. Thank you very much!

  • I love sofia’s positive energy. I love her ! Also I LOVEDDDD MAYAS

  • Arabian culture is sooooo awesome and it showed here! Go ladies! The choreographer/mastermind is just awesome! This gotta win Or at least 1st runner up being from Lebanon♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Omg im crying thank you sofia vergara for being the best dance i have ever seen in my life

  • This was just an outstanding performance, no special effects, no sophisticated gadgets, just pure talent created this visual wonder. Amazing! I'm humbled by the number of likes guys. Thank you all😊

    • @Anuj Singh And stop liking your own comments

    • @Anuj Singh You're spamming that's all

    • @Hedonist Do whatever u want, I am telling the reality only, nothing else..

    • @Anuj Singh Reporting you for spamming

  • arabian music it's amazing omg

  • beautiful dance and a worthy way to teach that there are other forms of dance without being vulgar. I love it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Vulgarity Is just in the eyes of the watcher, dancing Is a form of art and art must not have limitations, even with the use of sexual movements this don't make the act "vulgar", It would Just be a part of human nature artistically conveying into dance. Salut

    • I agree

  • Well earned!!!..the girls were dancing in harmony and the choreography was exceptional... SO happy and proud of this group!!

  • I'm not going to lie those girls are really good at dancing I couldn't even dance like that if I practice

  • They deserved that golden buzzer... That was incredible!

    • @Anuj Singh Never

    • @Your Tuber Yes..

    • @Anuj Singh No

    • Dance style, especially moving of hands is copied from Indian tradition. Bharatnatyam and kuchipudi dance r similar to this..

    • They are beautiful humble and have a good body..kind of woman you wish to date and also have as life partner.

  • The choreographer is a poet in movement. What phenomenal vision to create such a breathtaking, living masterpiece. Kudos to you. You are so fortunate to have just the right dancers for your work!

  • I’m definitely hypnotized! Great performance! I’d pay to see them for sure! Pure body art and talent!

  • when one of the Maya's grabbed the golden cut-outs, they really deserve it.

  • Lo mejor que e visto hasta ahora de America got talent,aparte de talentosos agradecidos mira como se llevan un poco de ese recuerdo del piso 🥹🥹❤️

  • Absolutely incredible. There aren’t words to describe how amazing and breathtaking this performance was. Incredibly happy and proud of them! I hope they make it to the finals if not win the whole thing!

    • @Anuj Singh Stop whining on every comment

    • Dance style, especially moving of hands is copied from Indian tradition.. Bharatnatyam and kuchipudi dance r similar to this..

    • Thank you for watching my videos I have something for you 🎁

    • Well deserved GoldenBuzzer, very artistic & original dance group

    • Amazing., totally agree. Amazing girls~ wish u all success.

  • God it's so good I don't want it to end. I want them to just keep doing it. I keep watching the performance over and over again...

  • I can see there are so many different possible variations to their dance, too! They are not just a 'one trick' act. So beautiful and mesmerizing!

  • Essa foi a melhor apresentação de todos os tempos parabéns aos envolvidos

  • 👌 good luar bisa tmn kalian bisa menujukan sesuatu itu Ada dri diri kalian masing masing tmn 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏💜💜💜🌟🌟🌟

  • Finally! An act that deserves the golden buzzer! These ladies were all in sync, and I wad hypnotized and embraced by their dancing and beauty. Excellent job ladies!

  • Listen! This may have seemed like an easy choreography and nothing too complex. However, it is extremely extremely difficult. To get all the women synchronized and aligned with each other. It takes a lot of complicated moves and timing.

  • Their performance gave me goosebumps. That was incredible.

  • I could watch this over and over and never get tired of this beautiful performance. I think this is the act I hope wins it all.

  • I can feel their happiness, truly breathtaking and mesmerizing!! I was hypnotized!! Good job team leader!!

  • After watching every season of AGT all these years, this dance performance is hands down the most beautiful act to ever step on that stage. Congratulations Mayyas!

    • @W.L. Stop spamming

    • YT video : [2009 Deaflympics ACT5 Part2 Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva ]

    • @Andres Gonzalez i hope you're now cheerful for pointing out the obvious, Sherlock.

    • @β®!αN "We all say that, until some or someone does something even- you know the rest." yeah and did you know water is wet and 1 + 1 equals 2?

    • @Guāng Trí please go away!!!! where do you get your information from? every one is an expert on youtube now a days!!!!!

  • Simplesmente lindo

  • This is the best dancer i've seen so far, loved it

  • Respect , wonderful 👏👏👏🥰

  • Increible,brillante cordinacion..quede impresionada👏👏👏👏

  • The best group AGT EVER HAD !!! THEY DESERVES TO WIN

  • They are so beautiful and so talented!! ❤️

  • 😃👏🏼lindas ! Nota mil !❤️

  • They really deserved it! Well done! 👏👏👏

  • They are so beautiful and talented. I'd like to see more performances. They gave me goosebumps. Spectacular!!! 💗✌️😄

  • This is why we need different cultures represented because this was beautiful

  • As a Lebanese woman I'm in tears rn. So proud of you ladies ❤️❤️ can't wait to see you dance again!