Gordon Ramsay Cooks For Cambodian Royalty | Gordon's Great Escape

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As Gordon's trip comes to an end, he puts what he's learned to the test as he cooks for Cambodian royalty.
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  • Gorman Ramsey past my uncles workplace

  • Food ambassador to the world

  • Well done Scotty.

  • 3:39 I don't trust that guy with the knife.

  • I’m Cambodian

  • I wonder what happened to that chef kid now.

  • Who else is Cambodian?

  • Who is the white people and they say that's royal to Cambodian

  • I hate when shit goes arse up like that and have to try and salvage it. Great to see that in can happen to Chefs at Ramsay's level too

  • im glad he did this im cambodian myself ;^)

  • That kid is so lucky. Hell kitchen's competitors are fighting to get that opportunity to cook next to gordan 😂

  • Cambodian royalty are horrible and corrupt, most of my family lives there as the middle upper class.

  • I think the boy was afraid of Gordon

  • Gordon drinks water: it’s dry fuck off

  • I have Proud that you came to my country and make the good food of my country, especially is Amok

  • 2:50. Sweat from Gordon's nose flies into the dish..... royalty got a little extra "flavor"

  • Khmer Rouge did nothing wrong

  • Welcome to Cambodia

  • What a great human being for letting the kid cook. We support and love you from Cambodia. Thanks for coming!

  • You’re my favorite chef Ramsay

  • I FREAKING LOVE GORDON 😭😭 no homo i just like him so muchhhh so humble

  • all those old cambodian ladies are like the same old cambodian ladies that stare at me and judge me at weddings 😂

  • Call me paranoid. But that second reaction to the food seemed off. The first one they were very calm, and complimented it but also a critique. But then, "Oh WOw."

  • would be nice if chef ramsay learned some bad cambodian words

  • Why was I feeling happy for him when they all clapped for him (and, the team)!?? 😊😊

  • royalty deserves to get shot

  • Is this family in jail?

  • Gordon really killed it

  • Fucken Cambodian royalty. They eating fency food while kids are starving and diying of hunger massively.

  • Gordon is beyond the man. Cooking in scrappy tight conditions with limited unfamiliar ingredients and still pulling off an incredible meal for royalty. Now that's impressive work.

  • 5:08 I always crack up when people unintentionally weave an insult into their compliments with slightly broken English. She meant it so absolutely positively, but accidentally threw some shade in saying that 'she thinks *some* guests will love it too'. Bless her heart, what a wholesome lady

  • Gordan ramsy is a hothead

  • It’s very interesting to how Cambodia still has monarch and royal family, despite being use to be part of France’s colonies.

  • A great cook is not about cooking well, you need to understand who you cooking for. He deserves where he is now

  • I respect gordon his swearing is second to none but his passion is also second to none. he admits his pressure, he admits his mistakes.... all traits of a successful and happy man

  • Anyone else hear Buk Lao at 4:05? #ownagepranks

  • Next episode please: Gordon Ramsay cooks for North Korean royalty. Kim Jong Un: "it's too sweet" And that was the last we ever heard from Gordon.

  • "fuki nell"

  • When Gordon Ramsay is nervous you know things are getting high stakes.

  • chootiya Cambodia, chootiya royalty, Loda aunty, loda uncle, loda prince

  • I'm eating a burrito while watching this... my life is so miserable....

  • Es el puto amo de la cocina

  • Gordon Ramsay cooks for perpetrators of arbitrary genocide

  • The lady be like he a better cook than my cook xdd

  • damn Gordon looks like he just went 9 rounds in the ring lol. He's going to sleep well tonight.

  • This is a Gordon commercial ... all actors

  • The key to his longevity is that he continually learns from others with humility and passion, and never resting on his laurels.

  • Your so good at cooking if I also look up to you

  • that kid working as Gordon's Sous Chef is better than all of Hell's Kitchen's contestants, lol

  • * talks about delicacy’s being born from necessity * * Shows Gordon spitting it out * 😂😂

  • Cambodian Chef: COME HERE YOU FUCKING DONKEY!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE TICKETS!! Gordon: sorry che- Cambodian chef: SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP YOU DOUGHNUT AND DO YOUR JOB!! Gordon: Yes chef! Cambodian chef: FUCK OFF!! Gordon: yes chef

  • you do not ever see other cheifs telling gordon what to do

  • Man I wanna live his life seems so exciting

  • Gordon Ramsay is Severus Snape, seemingly cold-hearted exterior to an outsider's perspective, but a good man throughout.

  • Welcome to our country Cambodia 😀👍

  • Very well chef. we proud ofnypu.

  • I have a feeling The Queen just sends Gordon off to fix relations with other countries. Her Majesty: "Gordon you must go to Russia and cook for Putin, then go to Cambodia and cook for the royal family, the fate of Britain depends on it." Gordon. "Bloody hell."

  • I love Gordon when he’s worried and nervous. You can tell he lives for this and craves the challenge

  • Gordon is like a god of foods 😂

  • I realised that Gordon respects Asian chefs more than Western chefs

  • Mr. Gordon Ramsay you done well when I cook for a barbecue for up to 30 people I have to make 30 different dishes meaning seasoning on a steak because people don't like the standard steak I see what you're doing and that's awesome

  • Gordan is truly a respectable and kind hearted human (when he's not doing HK or Kitchen nightmares)

  • Would like to try

  • why does it sound like they're british actors?

  • You can tell that the combodians were told common describing words so they dont just say everythings good

  • Great to see how human he is. Even he fucks up in the kitchen. Sweating his ass off to impress another chef. Always learning and improving. Mastery.

  • A true pioneer right here

  • Dang this better brings him back memories of France

  • They should be thankful that you're cooking for them! They're not worth your hard work

  • 6:12 Nobody in this world can fake that reaction... Ramsay you pitty outstanding bloody pro YOU DID IT AGAIN.

  • Imagine Ramsay messing these dishes up and going to the back and just calling himself a donkey and a stupid idiot 😂

  • Dear Sir.....please one time visit in Nepal. Please one time test of Nepali food.

  • I cant believe they made that kid drink water at the end bahaha

  • 7:01 I just hope he enjoyed that water in a fancy glass

  • 3:39 No one gonna talk about this guy pushing someone with a knife?

  • 0:10 when you taste a hair in your food.

  • @3:31 I would love to punch that bitch in the throat!

  • He’s so strict about his cooking , team . But I grew up watching him because , his simplicity captivated me . He inspires people , he’s truly amazing .