Gordon Ramsay's WORST First Impressions on Hotel Hell

Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Jul 2018
First impressions are everything.
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  • The lady at 1:45 has a great asmr voice.

  • Why did he ripe the wallpaper he still does not own the place she can actually fine him for that...

  • ripped the wall off, that was f A n T a S t i C

  • Did that Bitch just say, “ it reminds them to not gain weight?” And she makes them fucking wear that uncomfortable shit? And pay for it themselves??????

  • Dust, dust, dust, dust...so dusty.

  • Have you been drinking HAHAAA

  • Is it me or the 2nd old lady looks like a dam witch...like...for childrens?? Lmao such a fcking witch

  • She can't say exactly how much the dining room sales makes because she combines the sales, then she quotes a percentage? That's literally the thing you wouldn't know because you are combining sales. If you guessed based on what you sold then it would be mildly believable.

  • Foochy to all of them!!! Cochinas!!!!

  • I would rather go to Holiday inns or American inns. Last time in South Dakota we went to a Super 8 hotel and there was a blood stain on the mattress. My brother I think had blood but it was not his

  • This is so unrelated to the video but this was filmed on my 11th birthday I'm 12 now

  • 3rd hotel broad has nice boobs. Probably sucks a mean one too.

  • I don’t know why people are speaking so badly about these people. They’ve done nothing wrong and are actually nice people.

  • This lady is a complete psychopath. She just doesn't get it at all.

  • Eew, Isn't this the lady that was reselling months old frozen chicken for $14.

  • Gordon is like a child touching everything he can get his hands on

  • Sebastian Maniscalco doesn't need samples....choose the green tea, and if you don't like it....yeah, you fucked up!

  • Gordon ramsay:what's this? The last woman:dust..it's been there before we bought the place Gordan:why didn't you clean it? Woman:it's original Gordan:*surprised pikachu face*

  • Gordon Ramsay can be mean Might ruin someone's life But there's one thing you should know: Gordon Ramsay has a wife

  • 6:24 looked like a beginning to a bad acting porno lmao

  • She looks like she offers poisoned apples to beautiful ladies.

  • 10:32 that "wot in the fuck..." as he dies inside hilarious

  • He judges so brutally

  • Those porcelain dolls are beautiful

  • 7:50 has me dying

  • Cap is very special because of dust...

  • The second woman was nice ):

  • the 2nd lady is so sweet tho aw

  • I love Gordon Ramsay but don't like when he bullies everyone, disrespects people and their things.

  • That blonde lady took her glasses off and said “so I can see you better” ...now how does that work

    • Space Boy I guess they were reading glasses 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Remember that one friend who walked into your home like it was their's? Yeah, that friend was Gordon Ramsay.

  • Basically 3 mental ladies

  • *this is our bread*

  • I just saw the parla advertisement and I was like who just hands a random person their phone just because they don't now how to speak Spanish

  • The second one is in Harpers Ferry like 35ish minutes from where i live

  • Fucking travellodge is better

  • The second lady sound so nice

    • Adrian Vera true

    • MR. E but shes freaking crazy. She crapped on the floor and never properly cleaned it

  • The third lady needs to put her boobs up and stop flirting 😒😒👎🏽😂😂😭

  • a jock strap? wtf kind of penises are gordon ramsay looking at...?

  • am I the only one who is uncomfortable every time she speaks

  • that lady from the third hotel was lowkey trying to seduce gordon

    • No wonder he was emphasising *MY WIFE* 😂

  • omfg the murderer on the wall

  • My allergies went insane just watching this video

    • funy meme 3946 what kind of allergies do you have?

  • 1:53 tbh her voice sounds creepy and satisfying at the same time

  • Wtf is wrong with these people. Kind of understanding where the scary hotel cliche comes from

  • Poor lady in the beginning. The whispering lady kept mentioning hikers, I feel like she kidnaps them.

  • 4:53 damn gordon! You dick must be 10 inces soft to fit that!

  • 4:24 a witch putting a curse on Gordon

    • sagemunafo what kind of curse?

  • The First Lady sounded like she had Gordon Ramsay’s attitude toward the whole place

  • Places like this make me believe that the inns in Lord of the Rings or any other medieval inn is better than those pieces of shit.