Gordon Ramsay's WORST First Impressions on Hotel Hell

Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Jul 2018
First impressions are everything.
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  • anyone knows the episode of the last hotel?

  • It always depends on 💰

  • Pretty nice rack on the woman at the Dead Cat Hotel.

  • Pretty sure the soft spoken woman is cooking children in an oven inside her gingerbread house... prove me wrong

  • What do you want to look at when you are eating with your wife? “Her”. “Who’s her” “MY WIFE”

  • Tbh the witch lady seems like a nice little old lady when you first meet her.. and I kinda liked her until I watched the full episode.

  • Resting face ... those titties poppin’ out like that. Finna rest my nuts on her face.

  • When she said it reminds them not to gain weight, bruh that maid must’ve felt like slapping her

  • 2:27 “I’m not too sure it’s my style” 😂

  • Great name for a band dead man's violin

  • Gordon always sounds so out of breath like hun are you okAY?

  • 4:25 is she casting a spell?

  • Gordon stop looking through this woman’s diary

  • When hoarders buy a hotel

  • That simpering voice of the B&B owner... Urgh

  • I almost got a claustrophobic indused panic attack because of that woman's hotel. So Much Stuff In The Dining Room

  • For a sec I thought I was watching the Blair witch movie

  • I don’t feel as bad when I make dumb decisions

  • I betchu 12 dollars that they're witches • - •

  • “i don’t wanna sit across a table with my wife and look at a dead mans violin” “what would you prefer looking at?” “at her” “who’s- who’s her?” “my wife!” “oH- well you gotta have something to fill in the white space,, what would you suggest?” “,,my wife.” “you wanna put her on the table? that’s kinda scandalous ;)” “i am- so fucking confused-“

  • That hat definitely has a curse on it from the witch lady

  • And you could see the voo doo dolls

  • It’s all just a con job

  • Gordon: What's this? "A bottle holder" Gordon: I thought it was a jock strap. Me: For who? ... Tarzan?!!🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:40 I don’t know why but the fact that he just puts the hat on and looks at them makes me chuckle

  • These places look so damn dusty and old

  • I love how blunt he is

  • The owner looks like a witch

  • Diareah creep

  • Is she slow or something 7:40

  • Hello, All the Shitholes Mr. Ramsey attempted to Bail Out have Ungodly Purple furniture. The show should have "Been Chef Ramsey's Nuclear Bombings"

  • ouu she showing cleavage;)

  • This rude as mf just reading someone's personal journal??!!

  • "And it reminds them to not gain weight" are you fucking kidding me?

  • I love how observant ramy is... Is it OK to call him ramy?

  • These hotels are bland, soggy, rubbery, and just dryyyyy

  • 8:45 "Yes, this wallpaper with the bullet holes is 250 years old. All of the white paint and remodeled door hinges are also 250 years old, and I've been the Receptionist for over 285 years".

  • Seeing gordons arms covered in dust really reminds me how bad me and my boyfriends allergies would go buck wild if we stepped foot into these disgusting places, we made a road trip and stayed at a historical marker called pearl on the conch, never again 🤢 place mustve had a severe dust and mold problem because i had a skin reaction upon walking into our room, and he and i were congested beyond saving within the hour

  • the vienna hotel woman is fucking creepy. why does she have her breast almost fall out of her custume?

  • Why would you store shit in the profitable building and not that shitty motel wtf

  • (. Y .)

  • Omg I was thinking the whole time wake up Gordon it's only a nightmare.

  • As someone who plays the violin 7:24 is very saddening for myself.

  • 7:16 she’s flirting hardcore with him lmao

  • "It reminds them to not gain weight" honestly what the actual f.... check yourself woman.

  • Me talking to my mom about school: 1:39

  • Funny enough, Deadman's Violin just so happens to be the name of my Freeform Jazz Ensamble

  • *For the children*

  • 2nd one: Dear Lord that's ugly

  • The 1st one didn't seem as bad until I saw the suite

  • Dead’s mans violin...murder on the wall....😂😂😂😂

  • I liked the one with dead people things

  • Oh my god the Vienna lady is crazy and confusing

  • Poor gordon

  • “They buy their own uniforms. It helps to remind them to not gain weight.” Welp I’m speechless

    • @Lahvi's Delivery Service my point is she's fat herself..and growing our of your uniform means getting fat not tall. 300 dollors for a dress you can't wear anywhere else unless it's Halloween and then not paying them on time is fucked up.

    • @Eric Rivera id say its more a reminder to not grow out of your uniform rather than already being fat,

    • She's fat herself..

  • Ffs Gordon nobody cares that the violin used to belong to a man who is now dead. He rants on about having nothing there but his wife, even though he puts flowers on his tables all the time. I agree, a violin is a bit quirky but he just uses the violin to start to henpeck. These shows are fake af.

  • That woman definitely fucks her staff. She is just throwing it out there.

  • 2:42 What part of WV is that in? I hope that idiot didn't cause GR to think that ALL Wvian's are like that!

  • Just imagining Gordon sleeping: This bed is hard!!!!!

  • I don’t understand why the owners wouldn’t store all their shit in the motel and rent out the actual hotel. What is wrong with them?