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Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Sep 2018
Tranz is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW. Listen/buy here:
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-director: Nicos Livesey
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Producer: Georgina Fillmore
Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management.

Production Company: Blinkink
Production Company: Eddy
Executive Producers Eddy: Emilie Walmsley, Lars Wagner
Production Coordinator: Maria Kolandawel
Production Manager Eddy: Stella Ramsden
Line Producer: Fabien Cellier
Production Assistants: Lina Houari, Agathe Derosier

Director of Photography: Max Halstead
1st Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear
Editor: Paul Moth

Animation by: Brunch
Lead Animator: Romain Barriaux
Storyboard and Layout: Julien Perron
Animation: Romain Barriaux, Julien Perron, Leo Schweitzer, Martin Richard, Paul Nivet, Magali Garnier, Léonard Bismuth, Simon Duong van Huyen, Mathilde Loubes, Victor Chagniot (work experience)
Animation Clean-up: Mathilde Loubes, Antoine Carré
Colour and Shadow animation: Meton Joffily d'Alençar, Rohit Kelkar, Antoine Carré, Constance Bertoux
Compositing: Vincent Ewald
Compositing assistant: Ekin Koca
3D Animators: Erik Ferguson, Oliver Latta, Marco Mori
Analog Synth: Michael Knight
Animation Clips: Lee Hardcastle, Macomoroni, Extraweg, Fergemanden
Animatic: Simone Ghilardotti
Sound FX: Offset Audio


  • This is what you feel to chew 5 gum.. 2:48

  • Один из самых классных клипов Респект

  • f#%!ing goose pimples *>_

  • The 13k who disliked need to jump on a road so they can get hit by a car

  • I saw a little bit of Lee Hardcastle in there

  • Help... i've been listening to this 10 hours straight...

  • Drop dead gorillaz and leave the iconic left behind and rest in peace, move to another thing ur group is just a studio group, u cant perform live wirh all the tunes Ríp gorillaz

  • Watching this while high. One of the best decisions of my life

  • cocaine is one hell of a drug

  • Gorillaz sucks!

  • Mom:how long are you going to live in our basement? Me: 0:57

  • Am I the only person that hears Aspen Forest being sampled in this song? I haven't heard anyone else talk about it.

  • 10:00:00

  • Why is Murdoc becoming a leprechaun?

  • Somebody help Noodle is turning in to 2D with the pants did you see how high they were. :(

  • where are 2d black eye

  • good

  • Why is ace as green as my diarrhea.

  • what happened to my favorite group :'(

  • 2:19 2-D has either a black heart tattoo on his left eyeball or one extra heart-shaped pupil (he's been hiding all the time). Or something else. Right now, I've got so many questions about this weird discovery.

  • Try playing this song on top speed it is crazy

  • Nice!

  • 2:25 when you watch logan paul or jake paul

  • Am I high?

  • Музыка в стиле 80х конце 70х кто заметил ставь лайк и да некоторые которые родились в 80х и 90х ставьте лайки много

  • Похоже это была не аскорбинка

  • 2d's eyes went from black to white explain

  • 2:29 This moment when you hear your favourite song

  • - Murdoc

  • White eyes: Happy Black eyes: 2d Red eyes: depression Flashlight eyes: ASCENDED

  • Noodle has orange hair? AMAZING

  • Oscillate yourself tonight When you're in your bed Assimilate the dopamine Passing through your head When you get back on a Saturday night And your head is caving in Do you look like me, do you feel like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever See yourself with cupid's flame Chipped in your head Pay them a cake, the satellites Passing by the edge When you get back on a Saturday night And your head is caving in Do you look like me, do you feel like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever Do you dance like this? Forever Do you look like me Do you burn like me Do you look like me Do you burn like me Do you look like me Do you burn like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever Do you live like this? Forever

  • The L E G G is back

  • Blue-ass dude is like *_ASCENDED_*

  • I miss Ace. :(

  • Ok, so I know that's Ace, and Murdoc is in prison, but I think I missed the memo on the orange haired girl? Where's Noodle in canon now??

  • 2D seems to have aged as well. Lines on his face and forehead have become more pronounced.

  • How about this, Gorillaz keep Ace, and the PPG get Murdoc. Ace is growing on me.

  • Co cool song

  • why 2d eyebrow look like the russian flag at 1:55

  • I heard rumors there is gonna be a Gorillaz cartoon, real or fake? I really wanna know

    • Skyla Sladky No problem, and you might be right too! It’s worth the wait.

    • +noodle z Well, Gorillaz has some very detailed characters and a very detailed style that could take a very long time to animate, thats maybe why its taking so long. But thanks anyway

    • Skyla Sladky I mean Damon confirmed it in 2017 that it was supposed to come out later on 2017 or 2018. But I guess not...? I’m not sure too but I legit hope there’s gonna be a Gorillaz cartoon some day.

    • +noodle z oh boy, I'm late to the party.. wEll wAs it rEaL oR fAkE?!

    • Skyla Sladky That was like in 2017.

  • 2:48 everybody do the flop.

  • 2D hates piano

  • This MV reminds me of Psychedelic art, especially the clay that reminds me of Jack Stauber.

  • Блять куда та мелкая каратистка ушла? (

  • Заебумба

  • 2:01 2-D looks pissed

  • Do you dance like this forever?

  • Suban mas canciones por favor

  • Yes yes