Gregg Braden: NEW EVIDENCE! The Shocking TRUTH About How They Built The Pyramids!!

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Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, researcher, educator, lecturer and internationally renowned as a pioneer bridging science, spirituality, and human potential.
From 1979 to 1991, Gregg worked as a problem solver during times of crisis for Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco Systems, where he became the first Technical Operations Manager in 1991. He continues problem-solving today as he merges modern science and the wisdom of our past to reveal real-world solutions to the issues that challenge our lives. His research has led to 15 film credits and 12 award-winning books now published in over 40 languages.
Gregg is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and is active with visionary organizations, including the HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative and The Arlington Institute. He has presented his discoveries in over 30 countries on six continents and has been invited to speak to The United Nations, Fortune 500 companies, and the U. S. military.
The United Kingdom’s Watkins Journal lists Gregg among the top 100 of “the world’s most spiritually influential living people” for the 7th consecutive year, and he is a 2020 nominee for the prestigious Templeton Award, established to honor “outstanding individuals who have devoted their talents to expanding our vision of human purpose and ultimate reality.”
Please enjoy my conversation with Gregg Braden.
0:00 - Episode Teaser
1:02 - Who built the Pyramids?
6:28 - Where does the Ancient Civilization come from?
10:55 - How were the stones created?
20:20 - How are Pyramids dated?
29:15 - Greggs discovery about the pyramids
34:11 - What was happening in the Pleistocene?
41:17 - Is there a mother civilization?
49:23 - The implications of advanced technology and what it would mean to our world today.
55:27 - Why the past is so important and why we need to know it?
56:47 - Spirituality / Divinity
1:10:30 - Gregg's Work
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  • WATCH Free Course: Unlock Your Mythical Power With the Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshet 👉

    • Well, You better interview the scientist Gerald Schroder about those things. He have many answers to those questions that look hidden in the universe. Pure logic.

    • I would disagree that technology is bringing us together, I think it's splitting us apart and replacing reality.

    • @altvamp agree with you.

  • I’m so grateful to Gregg Braden and others for researching and sharing this knowledge with the public. Thank you Alex for sharing this. It’s absolutely imperative to humanity.❤

    • See Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology

    • Braden hasn't done any research because if he had he would know most of what he says about Giza is wrong.

    • So sorry your fearful of the possibly of the truth.; it interrupts the ‘status Quo”

  • The more I watch you two interact the more I'm impressed. Sincere thanks to you both for your work and willingness to make it public. The excitement level your disclosures generate for me is almost overwhelming. I can only imagine what it is for you as you discover so much. I hope you and yours stay safe.

  • Thank you for this podcast reaching so many people and getting these messages out there. Gregg Braden is a gift to humanity for sharing his knowledge. ❤

    • All his "knowledge" on Giza is wrong.

    • Agreed 💯 %!

    • That is I agree with you the chicksofquantumcomedy, Not the confused statement above mine

    • Thank the Divine Creator for Gregg Braden and the knowledge he brings.

  • There are those who cannot create who are envious of our abilities are desperate to stop us from waking up and doing all the things you are presenting Greg. .Thank you for all of your teachings!

  • I have read, watched and deeply appreciated Gregg Braden and his work since 1995 ! In my opinion he is the most sincere and most grounded man presenting alternative knowledge about our world. He is genuine and I implicitly trust him.

  • I love Gregg Braden, so glad to hear him on your show! ❤ Great insight and information from an awesome teacher and human! Amazing show, thank you so much to both of you, much gratitude

  • When I was 8 years old I saw Gregg outside of a restaurant in Santa Fe. I told my mom, "look, it's that guy in those videos you and dad watch!". We all went over to him and mentioned that we enjoy his videos and he was so sweet and friendly and even invited us to lunch. We were needing to get somewhere quickly so we couldn't eat with him but I'll never forget how down-to-earth and cordial he was.

    • Friendly neighborhood Wolverine.

    • Yeah- never heard of him, but I'm hooked! He talks like an everyday guy, easy to understand.

    • yeah grifters are generally good at seeming nice and reasonable.

    • @Paul Adrian Good point.

    • @Yakufer he’s on the gaia channel quite frequently

  • This is yet again a profound interview with divine topics. 1:11:31 From my heart I thank you both, and all listeners as well ✨❤️✨

  • Thank you for this amazing talk. I love what Greg Braden speaks about and it has to be spread worldwide.

    • ya he tells you what you want to hear dont he

    • Yes! Everyone should have this vital knowledge to open their minds. GREGG BRADON for WORLD LEADER! and STEVEN GREER for WORLD V.P.! 0:02

    • ​@donniebaker5984 You’ll see Gregg Bradon is right about most..likely All of his info, as everyone will - some will take their ignorance to the grave and find out After

    • @Beth Cummings Dawson You are so right.

  • Honestly I loved this one. So broad, informative, realistic and presented in a none biased way. Thank you for this one🙏🙏❤️

  • Thank you Alex for bringing this conversation to your podcast. Fascinating dialogue. Gregg- you explain it all in the simplest way possible. This is the most important conversation about technology at this point in time. ❤

  • More please! Topics like this one in combination with consciousness and spirituality we need more of. It is sooo important. I think no-one should tamper with our bodies!!! Oh my! I suddenly understood how our biology is a complete sustainable 'software system' when Gregg said what we need to keep going: air, emotion, breath, consciousness....

  • Gregg is getting better and better with bringing together all the knowledge we now have in a respectful and exciting manner. Thank you for this opportunity to hear him speak about these important and valuable insights. Now I’ve got to listen again to make notes !

    • So very true

    • It’s the hair! It’s gotta be the hair!

    • ....what an extraordinary programme and what immense topics were covered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • He's getting better at selling you falsehoods

  • Thank you both - a fascinating and thought-provoking discussion indeed! Would love you to have discussed the topics covered in the last 20 or so minutes in more depth too, but the whole conversation was really engaging and throughly enjoyable! For me, more research is definitely needed! Thank you for the many pointers! Much love! x

  • Gregg is one of the great thinkers of our time. He does make us think. Thank you Alex. I look forward to many more compelling conversations like this one.

  • I have to say thank you Alex. Your guests and you have truly helped me with meditation and so much more.

  • Wow, one of the best interviews with Greg I've heard. Will definitely listen a 2nd time and pass it on to friends. Especially loved the last minutes he so graciously added on. He has a passion, like a lot of us, to learn and spread truth.

    • Yes, the last part was my favorite, too.

    • Watched it twice .. and will watch again

  • I love Gregg Braden and find him so knowedgeable and so easy to listen to and his information just excites me so much. Keep the knowledge coming Gregg and thank you.

  • The body is the most sophisticated living form, it's a giant compared to our computers. We seem to 'worship' technology and yet, we are SO dismissive of this gift of human life itself. THANK YOU Greg Braden & Alex! This is such an AMAZING interview!!

    • As Sadhguru puts it, "Human body is THE highest technology on the planet - have you read the user's manual?"

    • @HonestInquiry is there a link to it, I lost my physical copy. I hear its out of print and only available as an e-manual somewhere.

    • My body is high technology already, I don't need anything else.

    • I Despise computers being Forced on me. I like real relationships. A actual person to pay at the checkout at the Supermarket. I want a Beautiful Girl to wait on me at a Restaurant to Tip and have real back and forth. Not a stupid robot.

  • I've been watching and following Greg for so many years he is one of the few people that I believe is always searching for actual truth. I love how he is open two new information.

  • Thank you Alex and Greg!! Totally engrossing! Loved this and I shared and will seek out more on these topics! Can’t wait to see what they find on Antarctic if they ever let us know what is discovered. Exciting to be at the beginning of this new cycle!!!

  • Interesting, you've covered the subject well. During my life, I am now 68 years old. I have spoken to very few people in my life, where we seemed to be on the same wave length when we spoke of such things. If I tried to speak to some people about these thing they called me thick. It becomes very frustrating trying to speak to people about some of these things. it's like we are worlds apart. My interest in such things started when i saw things that fascinated me. I was 6 years old, and after I'd seen this event, i constantly looked up into the night sky. This was 1961. The next time i witnessed something else, along with 4 friends and a police officer, was in November 1975. Since then, numerous other events have happened. Thanks for the video.

  • Thank you so much. This was such a great breakdown of what’s been happening in our world and still. Good bless you two ❤

  • This is such an important conversation. Greg is so on point. I felt every syllable and his words are the absolute truth. Thank you 🙏

  • We are at a point in time where we are standing on the precipice of realising who we really are, where we really came from, and what our true potential is. The fact that certain institutes and such are trying so badly to suppress it, makes it more apparent that the truth is something far greater for THEM to fear. One thing I’ve realised through the extent of struggle and contrast in my life, is that those who suppress the truth fear the loss of power and control, so they create something to fear in order to trick the majority into handing over their power and autonomy. Imagine what a privilege it would be to witness our overcoming mass oppression and control, among other unnecessary things (war, famine, homelessness, life limiting illnesses & disease, etc), in our lifetime. With content, such as yours, I live in hope.

    • Well said. Thank you.

    • who you are is a spirit in a body, Where we came from is where we are going when we take our last breath, and our potential is whatever we will it to be

    • @Fitzroy Dell Absolutely!

    • @Nicole Y What you wrote I agree with, but also believe that earth has to be this way in order for us to each evolve in our own way and for us to realise the true power we possess and to teach us to live fearlessly. we must live believing we are spirits and eternal instead of human and mortal, this is where fear comes from I believe

    • @Fitzroy Dell I agree, it’s the figuring out how to activate, navigate and utilise the potential that I’m looking forward to.

  • I met a farmer, whose reverence for the earth introduced me to a very high pinnacle of of humble . Gregg Braden, a geologist, also thrusts his listeners to an ever higher understanding of the relatedness of criteria of all things in our universe and challenges us to claim our humble/grateful place in our universe, compelling us to acknowledge and utilize that which Natures God has given us and grow !

    • Better yet, using our minds to create!

    • What is the name of the documentary series that is on Netflix that the interview talked about please.

  • Thank you for the wonderful program! Mr. Braden is a beacon of light about these subjects that are resurfacing in people's consciousness these days. Great talk!

  • As a retired teacher of dowsi ng, I've always maintained that young children are born with this ability should be encouraged to improve on this ability because through this medium the morality and spirituality that Greg Briden talks of encouraged us to understand our connectedness to all people and all things!!.

  • I've watched dozens of explanations of the global situation currently occuring and this is the top of the list. Clarity of thought and structure with no excess rambling or unnecessary digression. Thank you Gregg the archangels really do answer requests for explanation through exceptional beings such as you and Alex. 🙏😇🌞🌛

  • Respect, you bring forth valuable content. Good man! more of you are needed : ) This is the second show I've peeped. The first being Billy Carson and the talk around the Emerald Tablets! Fascinating! That show confirmed a lot of personal theories that I had. Keep doing the good work you're doing man, it's on point. Continue to raise the vibration, there's a lot of work to do! : ) 1 Love

  • Hi Alex! An incredible discussion because I have thought a lot about these things myself and have come to very similar conclusions. I have been following Graham Hancoc and Robert Schoch for some time. I can't wait for the next podcast with Greg Braden, we are lucky to have people like you, so thank you very much. Greetings from Finland again!!🙏

  • Parabéns, Alex ,pelo seu trabalho excelente. Gregg Braden é , sem dúvida, uma sumidade neste tema.

  • Thank you both very much for this awesome podcast. Absolutely fascinating! I've visited the pyramids a few decades ago.

  • This was the best most straightforward streamlined explanation of the entire scenario of what is currently happening globally and historically!! Bravo Gregg & Alex

  • There are some things the universe will not let u mess with, there is only 1 creator and we are the creation, able to pro create, not meant to be duplicated or implanted!! Love that Alex said there is a fail safe that makes duplicating a life impossible.. Technology in the right hands is wonderful! Great show guys, lots of great information! Nice to hear so much truth❤❤

  • Love Gregg- he opened my eyes many years ago with his book ‘The Divine Matrix’ . I’ve only just discovered your channel and I love it, thank you for so many awesome interviews 🙌🏻😎💗

  • Fabulous and insightful conversation with Gregg Braden! Thank you for validating knowledge that many of us already know but are called 'conspiracy theorists' or 'nutcases' :) Time to speak our truth where and when we can :)

    • I find the looks range to deep fear or skepticism

    • If you are seeking validating knowledge, you are holding on to unverified fallacies.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Leave the Mystery . We are not ment to know everything. That is the beauty of our world.

    • @The Cook Book of course we can't know everything. But willful ignorance to maintain an easily monetized mystery is not good for anyone. Not the charlatan nor his enablers.

  • The reason it's being shared so prominently at the moment is because there's something more to it that directly relates to our time right now and how we can shift it and there's a lot. We are sort of the same as Atlantis but we are a little tiny bit in the future of what already had happened for them.

  • Simply amazing 🙏 Infinite thanks for the work you both do Alex and Greg Bradden 🙏🙏🙏

  • I'm impressed by Gregg Braden's knowledge and thankfull for his willingness to share it,

  • Hi Alex I've just subscribed after finding your channel. Greggs knowledge has been so confirming that all the searching for answers I have been doing for years after my 20 years of churchianity, anger, addictions to alcohol and nicotine on and off as I was searching for truths in my unbelief and shock of how weve all been programmed. I found Paul Wallis few months back and Billy Carson. I just want to get well and free, we are living in a plastic artificial earth that should never of got to this stage. Earth is crying out for help. What are we supposed to do?

  • Please keep talking, working, warning. What you’re doing and saying is extremely important to all of us. We must retain our freedoms, we cannot become controlled robots, and there are those who would do that to us, and we cannot allow that to happen.

  • Loved this so much. I could listen to both of you all day and everyday ! Can’t wait for the next installment of Gregg! Thank you both 💕

  • Thank you Gregg for all you have learned and shared throughout the years!

    • Yeah thanks Greg for waffling on about a lot of bollux for over an hour!

  • I really enjoyed this conversation. Highly educational and informative 👍🏾

  • This man speaks the truth... We are a very powerful people and connection is key. They have pulled us apart anyway possible, to weaken us as human beings!!! ❤❤ Greg is so awesome and speaks truth

  • I'm moved to tears! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with a wider community!

  • Absolutely brilliant conversation. I had an NDE in 2014. This convo really resonated with me.

  • In the 90's I had opportunity to work with Gregg when he had his seminars in Oregon & Washington. I did the audio/video support. I was able to hang out with him afterwards at dinner. He is as genuine behind the scene as he comes across at seminars and videos.

    • the books "the shocking truth" and "the chronicle of akakor" have another very important pieces of the real history of this planet.

    • What are your qualifications?

    • @Monique Laviolette He said he did audio/video support.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject. Also, it’s fascinating to learn more about cloning and it’s repercussions on the human body.

  • Great conversation - we NEED much more of this -- thank you so much for sharing this - it is brilliant and much needed.

  • Great interview, and that fact he wants to keep going is awesome, and shows he is passionate about the topic. I didn’t think I’d watch the whole video because of its length, but it left me wanting more. I appreciate you letting him speak in long lengths. 👍

    • It's just over an hour. Even junior high school classes last an hour.

  • Interesting discussion. It would be helpful if you had him list his research - he mentioned the obscure papers from which he collected his data and it would be nice to be able to access that ourselves to delve more thoroughly into the topics discussed

  • I have followed Gregg and his books for years and it's all so true. I can always sense that he has such integrity, honesty and transparence. And that the science backs up everything he says, I have always felt that these ancient civilizations have been carriers of great knowledge and wisdom.... and it's here now - if we choose to work it for spiritual and human advancement in a new world of peace and harmony, Now we are at a tipping point prophesied for years by all indigenous peoples. I know this to be our future if we take responsibility, Gregg has amazing courage speaking the truth

  • I could listen to Gregg for hours! I didn't begin to understand science until I found him years ago. I'm extremely grateful that he's brought so much knowledge and insight to the forefront for us regular folks to digest.

    • As long as he is saying what you already believe .

    • @Gus As long as you are blind.

    • Takes him hours to get to the basic point that the Standard Human should already know But some people ,,,,,,, well you know,,, they just are not that smart.

    • For a discussion that is so critical of the mainstream sciences, it sure is built on top of a lot of it.

    • ​@Gus No...your wrong!

  • Gregg Braden has a way of explaining very complicated and historic information in a very easy to digest way. Kudos!

  • Wow! Thank you for this podcast/ interview. So eye opening. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge. ❤

  • Every Gregg and Alex Show illuminates the need for a sequel!

  • I could listen to you Gregg & Alex all day long. day long! Thank you both!!

  • I thank you for time stamping the whole video now whenever i come back to this I can find specific spot easily. Also loved that so many of people actually believe in yuga's. Yes I'm Indian but I never believed in any religion not even my own. But now after seeing how many of the people from all over the world actually agree & support Hinduism not because its a religion or anything but because it's the most scientifically advanced & feels correct unlike basically every other religion based on faith I too think there is truth & deep knowledge in those "purana's". I just wish Indian gov did something to find out more but I understand why they don't as all the money is required to advance in current time for India & they just don't have infinite budgets to spend on anything else. But atleast India doesn't hide it from the world & allows anyone to come & study the Vedas. Loved this guy. Btw there is also a very informative video by a woman explaining the time cycles(called Yugas) as instructed by the Vedas. Also it would be epic if you can get Swami Mukundanand on the show & get his thoughts on pyramids as well.

  • Finally, someone that understands the threat that artificial intelligence presents. Love this guy. ❤

    • Absolutely❤️

    • “Become so absolutely free that your life is an act of rebellion.” - Camus

    • Rebel against who? God? Man? Self? Nature? Art? Who?????? Or what? Okay? OK, Thanks

    • ​@Quantum Potential Do we always need rebellion to advance?

    • define threat.

  • What an amazingly intelligent man...i am enthralled by his knowledge.❤❤

  • WOW! i am blown away. Just shared this podcastwith my 76 year old dad we are both History buffs!😃 Thank Thank you for sharing this interview that badly needs to be out there and especially here at home where technology is all the rave. Peace and love from East Africa kenya.🙏❤

  • I have tried to explain why brain chips are not going to be a true upgrade but a downgrade instead. Greg said it best! Thanks Greg ! We already are using a much higher technology even if we don't understand it. Our current tech can't hold a candle to the phenomenally crafted "meat suit" we are already wearing !

  • I can't agree more with these two human beings ❤️

  • This is THE BEST of all the interviews! Thanks to both you and Gregg

  • I love when he mentioned Sovereignty for all of society. I started as an English major with Archeology minor. Changed to Sociology with Economics. Then I went back for a Nursing degree. ( i know, weird mix) but I listen to all this with a comprehensive ear and it all makes perfect sense!

    • Even without that mix, it makes perfect sense, wrapped together what has been on my mind for years. The first part, I never believed everything began in one place, spread from there, people around me still buy that.

    • You sound like me lol... wanted to be an archeologist, biologist, was a nurse and now I am a Quantum Energy Awakening Coach lol

    • good morning...!

    • @@StarseedWeedPuller Me too! And a Reiki Master

    • History is not Star Gate

  • I could listen to you for hours and honestly, i agree that conversations like these needs to be brought upon more often.

  • The first video of Greg's that I watched (4 Buddists healing a woman of cancer within 3 mins), started me on the journey of learning to heal. I now know how to ask for healing for myself or others, of whatever I wish to, whenever I wish; from headaches, to sore backs, to tiredness, to depression, to colds, to munted toes, to broken noses, to badly connected hips etc, to incorrectly healed noses, and can usually be healed within an hour. Very useful and I'm very grateful to Greg! Getting better and faster at it every day.

    • Do you lnow the name of the video pls?

  • Im very happy he talked about so many different topics. I feel they all connect!

  • This man is an ABSOLUTE GIFT. Bless him…. My God he’s incredible

  • That was soo great! Gregg is so phenomenal….he is BRILLIANT! Yet he explains things sooo well. Keep bringing him back!

  • Thank you for this session. Gregg Braden brings his expertise in the sciences as well as in the spiritual. This is more meaningful, I imagine, to those who still have difficulty accepting the reality of our environment. ❤

  • Amazing discussion and information shared! Thank you so very much! ❤️❤️

  • Great conversation. Lot of concepts covered, some I am now enlightened by. Really good😊

  • Thank you both so much for this fantastic pod cast.

  • Fantastic interview! The artificial stone and mold blew my mind but makes so much sense. It seems to destroy the anti-gravitic technology that the Anunnaki used to lift the huge stone blocks with ease. Perhaps a hybrid of the epoxy mix with pulverized limestone and lifted up and poured into the pre set mold. It really gets me thinking at age 76. Gregg is highly credentialed and in a position to argue his theories with the best of whatever disciplines he's analyzing. Cheers, Bob

  • Exceptional as always, thank you so much both for this Exceptional interview ❤❤❤

  • How very honored I am to have been following you since the 70s, Greg. And so pleased to see how you have just become wiser and wiser and generous in sharing it with countless lucky people like myself. Blessed and grateful we are for your teachings kind sir🙏

  • Awesome video! I have loved Gregg Braden's presentations for many years. He presents some fascinating info!

  • I once visited the site of the first Olympics in Olympia Greece when I noticed a small dig site off to the side. When I asked the tour guide what it was she answered, "it was an archaeological structure that turned out to pre-date history, so they stopped digging". Its interesting to see how mainstream archaeologists react when they find something outside of the currently accepted model. On another subject, I was wondering, if the ancient Egyptians had a way of plasticizing limestone, why didn't they simple build some kind of shuttering structure in place and simply pour the mixture in, Instead of making the blocks and introducing the logistical problem of hauling them higher and higher up the structure.

  • Braden was my first exposure to spirituality outside of the Catholic world. Looked back once decades ago.

  • Wise, wise man. We need to protect our sovereignty now - our collective and independent memories, emotions and imaginations - our humanity. Stunning interview, thank you both so much.

  • This video interview with Gregg Braden is very informative, and illustrative. Now, I got a better idea in how my ghost DNA is communicating all over (AKA astral projection, or traveling of the thought with, or without intention at the subconsciente level). We born with it and goes on after we leave our body on this density. We use so lightly the words telekinesis, and telepathy but the understanding of the meaning of these two concepts and putting them into practice, I got two by-results from them. One is remote viewing, the other manipulation (asking) of the biologic environment of my body. Thank so much.

  • Greg Braden is like a preacher FOR a better life that is BEYOND our current expectations. He is DYNAMIC AND DRIVEN. I really appreciated his discussion of our DNA. Also of Antarctica. He is the epitome of intellectual curiosity! I want more Greg Braden!! Thank you, Alex!

  • Fascinating! It really makes you ponder how old civilisations are and how many have lived and died out due to one reason or another. I once had a thought as you do at 3am sometimes. I asked myself what if all the minerals we mine are really minerals that have been broken down from past structures and civilisations over thousands and thousands of years. I don't know how long it would take say a steel beam to rust away into powder of its base elements by water, sun, weather but assume thousands of years. On a spiritual level, do we come back later in new civilisations? Could it be why we experience dejavu? Who knows.

  • I'm glad more and more people are waking up

  • tHANK YOU so very much Gregg Braden for your courage to speak and defeat the mainstraim imposed upon us. Thank you NEXT LEVEL for this wonderful guest.

  • I love your guest he gives out the information so that people can understand it

  • Alex, your show gets better and better!! Each guest is driving me to learn more and expand myself. This IS a critical conversation!! Thank you Greg and Alex❤❤🎉

    • Very interesting and problematic reasoning. The problem with our wild civilization is that we rationalize and look for solutions to our problems outside of ourselves. Everything that is found outside has it embedded in us. If we dare to fix, perfect ourselves, then we will see that the world is perfect at this level of development. Almost all people identify themselves with their bodies, which are perishable. But it has already been proven with thousands of examples that the body is only an instrument of his feelings, thoughts, will and aspirations, which on higher fields/worlds/ correspond to finer bodies and field structures that control the dense worlds from which the physical world is the densest, and people have only 5 senses for now. All civilizations have been terminated when they go in the wrong direction. This is how it is now with our Western European civilization, which has already exhausted its potentials and degenerated into its perversions. The right of people in most cases is as in the animal world it is on the side of the stronger. The crane, the ship, the train, the computers and now the artificial intelligence surpass us in the amount of work, but all of them cannot be more perfect than man - their creator and remain imitation machines. In fact, a person becomes dangerous if he has insidious, selfish motives when he projects and controls them and directs them against other people. Mountain tops and pyramids attract cosmic energies with beneficial effects on people, and since there are no mountains in Egypt, these pyramids were built. There are all kinds of theories about their construction, but none of them are true. Conjecture is not science because it is not reality. Our ancient ancestors, through much training, acquired extraordinary abilities. They used their minds to control gravity and through levitation coherently oriented the axes of atoms in one direction and so lifted the heavy blocks to build the pyramids.

  • Thank you for sharing the knowledge with us. Fascinating and so true.

  • I have a strong urge to share some of this information I have learned as I am watching this video. I have read the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1, and it explains( and I believe) that in fact the divine entity known as Thoth to the Egyptians, had built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx with two other grand architects around 50,000 years before man( I’m probably not as accurate as I should’ve with this data because i don’t have the sharpest memory) after the great island Atlantis sunk to the deep. Underneath the Sphinx is Thoth’s ship he used to evacuate the Atlanteans from the sinking island. And this is also why the Great Pyramid has no capstone, because the ship is supposed to sit on top of the flat spot. The ship is known to have the power to eliminate everything on the face of the planet when it’s properly charged and used. And that is probably why it is buried under the Sphinx. Again, I just felt compelled to share. I hope that consciousness and wisdom will continue to rise so we may find out the Higher Truth. 🙏

  • Thank You beloved Gregg, thank You Alex: I soo needed to hear this again tonight. Blessings and Love surround us ALL.

  • You two are marvelous together. MORE, please. Thank you. Love this.

  • I’ve never been in to the Pyramids but watching this was amazing

  • More! More! More! This hit me in the core and as I’m not as smart as he by any means, I’ve been saying so much of what he says to whomever will listen to me lately. So much wisdom shared. Thank you ❤ Wouldn’t a Q and A between him and Bashar be fabulous?

    • I totally agree that would be awesome. Gregg Braden and Bashar in conversation.

  • Great interview. I especially agree with what he said at the end of the interview about trying to convince us that we’re victims and we have no control.

  • Thankyou for this extremely informative interview. Everyone should listen to this, it makes so much sense, again thankyou.

  • I am a horticulturalist and back in the eighties I built pyramid shade house and the plants grew much better than in a normal shade house