GROWN MAN enrolled into my Elementary school

Dipublikasikan tanggal 31 Okt 2016
Disclaimer: It is never ok to go out of your way to find or harass someone. Even people like these morons. So don't ever do it (also you could put yourself in danger)
Took off the link on these pathetic morons...cuz I dont want to get sued or something. But aye, if you guys find it on your own, that's not my fault ;).
Completely off topic, around the time I was in elementary school, I lived in a growing city called SURPRISE Arizona. Lol weird right?
Hey everyone hope you guys enjoy this video. Please be safe tonight and stay away from any shady characters :D.
Also....groggle donk dips
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  • The animation is better then now

  • I found the article (I think)

  • Once someone tried to break into my school

  • Bruh adam UPDATEDD



  • go away you poopy face!

  • 0:13 puts up middle finger xd

  • Tomorrow I go to Reap. Meh... 😑

  • Nobody: ID-tv: Alright time to recommend a video back in 2016 to a viewer in 2019!

  • 3:20

  • Was his name kacey


  • The Sex Offender Guy is Rodrick Is his name

  • What the....? I live in Arizona! 😱

  • Hey y'all! I found the article! :D

  • The guy’s name is Neil Havens Rodreick

  • Robloyd is billy confirmed

  • chuck

  • 2016: no it’s not time 2017: no not yet 2018: no let’s wait another year 2019

  • Ok if this comment gets into a problem I will take it down but ere is an article about this.. (No one sue please I am too young ;O)

  • He said he'd put the article in the description

  • If you really wanna know what happend here

  • I heard the news story. It got round to England Adam!!!! ENGLAND!!

  • This is just pedophila with exta steps

  • ORPHAN I'd quit that school after i found out TwT

  • That’s called a narc

  • Hi

  • Found it

  • Is anyone looking in the comments

  • I’m moving to Arizona cause I wanna Animate...

  • His name is Neil rodreick in Arizona elamentry

  • Why..........are we here

  • I found the people who u where talking about online eww 😷 f them

  • wut da faq


  • No let me explain studios live in Texas

  • I don't see the artical

  • his voice was so much deeper back then, did adam go through reverse puberty?

  • I saw the mans name was Roderick..

  • 1like for something elseyt to make a draw my life

  • Noice I found the artical

  • His name is Neil Havens Rodreick

  • You think your have the worst I saw kids who were supposed to be in highschool and he said he was in kindergarten

  • That moment when you adopt a 40 year old man thinking it’s a 13 year old child

  • Found the article


  • I-i I live in Arizona-

  • I found the article... dang...

  • I found the article he ended up gettimg inprisoned on like 25 counts of whatever the fuck and got imprisoned for 70 years

  • Bro you play siege

  • Looks like I need to settle in Arizona


  • Who eise heard freddys jump scare Factory music in the background

  • Scary music 👻👻

  • This is how many times he said “fairly” 👇

  • What with adam saying farly a lot

  • There were nine people in my fifth grade class

  • Guys I found the Article on google, his Name is Neil Havens Rodreick.


  • Apparently the gay couple had a "sexual relationship" with the guy. (His name is Neil Havens Rodreick II and he is going to be in jail for 70 years and 6 months.) The couples names are Lonnie Stiffler, (63), and Robert Snow, (46 )along with some guy named Brian J. Nellis, (36), who was posing as his cousin. Stiffler was sentenced yesterday to 14 years in prison, and Snow received 22 years. Nellis was sentenced last month to 51 years in prison with no chance of parole. Link: