Harden Injury Setback, Durant Disses Curry! Kyrie 32 Pts vs Pelicans! 2020-21 NBA Season

Dipublikasikan tanggal 21 Apr 2021
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  • Steph curry is still have many rings than kd

  • KD just a drama queen. He got female tendencies

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  • kyrie mvp

  • Curry got one on a team he was drafted to grinded got a chip was on top of league and still banging he put eggo second team player # even when kevin was a warrior the offense ran threw curry

  • No Jordan with no pippen

  • Curry is carrying the warriors to the playoffs while KD has been coasting how long? KD has never been on a bad team hes had Westbrook Serge Curry Klay Dray Iggy Kyrie and Harden he cant say nun bout no one after okc its been nun but joining stacked teams

  • curry needs a another mvp before hes in my all time top 20 list

  • If anybody believes KD said that about Steph is dumb as hell. 🤣

  • All i know is curry has a ring without KD but the opposite isnt true

  • Curry should join lebron for that

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  • Curry gonna drop 70 when he see the Nets.

  • KD dissing Curry...that's some cheeeeese!

  • Remember when Curry embarrassed KD and Russ in the 2016 WCF

  • ha bro dumb

  • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd quarters = PELICAN 4th quarter = Pelican't

  • KD need a MVP team to carry his ass

  • John 3 16 For God so love the world, that he gave the world his only Son, whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

  • 1:58 Was Kyrie was mad at Blake????

  • Lol kd is weak man 😂😂😂😂

  • KD is softer than Charming 🐻

  • Uncle drew

  • He forgot to switch to his burner account lol KD back at it

  • Once a snake , always snake o

  • Curry and Lebron in LA Lakers vs KD and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn Nets

  • Hey KD, wasn’t Curry the reason you went to the warriors, btw those final MVPs wouldn’t be yours if it wasn’t for curry 😐

  • Wow ur gonna diss the guy that u went to for a ring 😂

  • Nets: we a super team no one can stop us Injury’s: let see about that

  • then y did he join the warriors?? confused

  • did curry not own kd and all of the thunder all of 2016?

  • U wouldn’t be known without curry kd # l🐍

  • The only rings KD have was with curry 😂

  • Curry>KD

  • KD forgetting who gave him those rings 😭

  • Kd can't do shit other than being injured and ring chasing

  • Come on Irving did you wanna be the face as BKN? Now your chance to feel be alone

  • Curry ain’t shit

  • Isn't Durant playing with 2 superstars?

  • Imagine getting stripped by kyrie 😳😂😂😂

  • KD really? Yeah I’m officially done with you dude. Dissing curry it’s so weak 😒

  • Oooooweee that dunk Jeff green did reminds me of his Celtics days

  • Says the guy sitting on a team which basically has a starting lineup of all star team.

  • Zion didn't even look for another teammate 💀💀💀

  • Curry is literally carrying his team while KD floaked to make a super team

  • The warriors saved his career 😂 without the warriors he would have been ringless

  • Why are yall surprised? Do you really think he would pick someone else other than his *CURRENT* teammates, and to probably kill whatever chemistry they have?

  • Uncle drew 👏👏👏

  • Jesus loves you all❤️ allow him into your heart.

  • KD dissing curry but can’t stay “healthy” to save his life.

  • I guess everybody forgot about when curry was carrying the team way before Klay got there

  • KD used to be the humble quiet type you knew would let his game speak for itself. Tf happened.

  • Kevin Durant talking so much smack the Steph Curry with the one you gave Him his first ring

  • Durant has always had another mvp caliber player

  • KD cheesing all NBA fans yall fall for it every time

  • KD with the noob move 😂

  • KD is a snake for real

  • Curry got robbed for finals mvp in 2017

  • Kyrie is untucked that's why he played fuckin insane

  • Steph is great but KD is right

  • Hahaha i can see kd cant still move on when curry hit 11 and 1 long winning dagger 3 on his head conference finals...😂😂😂

  • Funny coming from KD

  • If KD was alone with the current warriors right now he would not be doing as well as Curry. Let that sink in.

  • KD is garbage, you can tell he doesn’t have a dad a was raised by his momma with those drama queen tendencies.🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Bruh wtf is wrong with Durant? Why is he dissing Westbrook and Curry I’m sure they was great friends to him. From the outside looking in he seems kinda weird and emotional.

  • Steph curry averaging 40 ppg in last 7 games is trash people need to watch basketball before they call a player trash😂🤦🏾

  • that dude dosent no what he is talking about

  • Who would say that Stephen Curry is one of the best nba players

    • no one who played a minute of defense in their life

  • KD really talking about needed another mvp bruh what you doin right now

  • Kevin durant may be the most unlikable sports player ever. No clue How I loved him in OKC

    • nah you’re just soft sheep

  • Kd needs to work on being heathy he ain't even playing rn he hasn't played more than half of the season yet

  • Kid on full snake mode bruh. It’s so easy for him to talk when he’s always on a super team

  • Bruhh KD the biggest cheater lol

  • and kd needs more than 2 :D

  • "Bad news for nets fans" is anyone truly a nets fan by heart?

  • kd the biggest TROLL in the NBA , anyone wit a burner account gotta be lol

  • Snake

  • Oof to Kevin Durant

  • I think he liked it because he thought it was funny

  • yea

  • Such a snake

  • KD and Kyrie are the absolute worst.

  • I’d is the most hyprocitcal player in nba history


  • Why don't they don't start lonzo?

  • At one point KD said that Curry was one of his best teammates. Now he’s agreeing that “Curry is trash.”

  • So no ones gonna talk about the jordan logo on the court??

  • Damn KD fake af lol

  • Pffft, yeah.. Cheff is trash for sure.. He's also the best shooter of all time, one of the best ball handlers in the league and a great finisher:D

  • Kd jealous of Steph being "the guy" in Golden State.

  • kyrie so gay

  • Curry did it on his own. KD has not.

  • Kd's an idiot. He has MVPS and Superstars on his team SMH

  • Curry Is averaging 40 in his last 20 games

  • To KD “Give that guy a Manual what are you doing” 😂😂😂😂

  • Kd stupid that’s why he never getting a logo and he always hurt that’s so dumb to say

  • Curry got a ring without any MVP candidates on his team, Durant on the other hand got his ring thanks to Curry and the Warriors carrying his ass. What an ungrateful asshole, im starting to realize that Draymon was 100% in the right for chewing him out.

  • Kd says dat but choked a 3-1 lead to him without a mvp candidate

  • Curry can’t make his teammates hit the shots when he got 2-3 defenders trapping him

    • His teammates are basically open they just miss them shits

  • Durant jealous xD.