HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

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Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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    • The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

    • Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

    • 0 l Prv^¿*^^

    • id-tv.org/tv/video-X7ICbdw3d_Y.html.

    • Ptpt

  • Blitz’s fucking face at 1:56

  • That shark is out to get moxie fr~ XD

  • Anyone notice how mesmerized Blitz is when he sees the horse? I mean he is obsessed with them-

  • When Reedus gets killed off in TWD, he shows up in Hell

  • the sexual tension between striker and blitz was S P I C Y

  • why is wolf woman no longer a brit

  • This series gives me life

  • How in the f did she get Norman Reedus on this?!

  • Literally make this prick pay ! He's infront of you sweetheart do it yourself 🤣🤣

  • Can you make 5 seasons with different enemies

  • As an occasional freelancer, I appreciate the freelance jokes in this. lol

  • why tf does striker so hot and familiar *reads credits* NORMAN FUCKIN REEDUS!!!!! 😭🥴

  • Poor Moxie he keeps getting picked on

  • 0:13 WOW how kinky...😶

  • God damn lmfao please make episode 6 fast this is awesome

  • I wonder if Sally is trans 🤔

  • why is no one talking about how hot this clip was....17:24

  • The animation and lighting in this episode was so good!

  • why can millie defeat a giant fish with huge teeth on earth but she can't defeat a honky tonk murdering cowboy imp thats a lil taller than her? not hating or anything just genuinely curious

  • How the hll do you die in hell?

  • Norman reedus!!! Ahh yess!!

  • That appearance. That voice. Yeah. I simp for Stryker.

  • Pls do a panel with all the hazbin hotel cast members Including Jill harris and Monica Franco

  • I love that ending!😲

  • Lmao

  • I love it I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I've lost track of how many times I've rewatched this episode lol

  • 3:10 Blitzkrieg?

  • Hola me encanta solo que ablo español

  • I miss my ex , no cap

  • 17:25 animation was suprisingly smooth

  • Can we talk about the fact that Norman Reedus is in helluvaboss?


  • She did not talk about assassinating her husband in-front of him 😩💅

  • does anyone realize that Stricker's design is very similar to Moxie's but cooler and more detailed? (and with a western-style obviously)


  • Okay ill say what everyone is thinking, striker is hot 😩✋

  • #Iwannaseecharliehuggod

  • Can you do Harbin hotel ep 2 please 🙏 😢

  • Since the upcoming new episode and episode six of Helluva Boss will come out soon on ID-tv this Summer, we will just wait longer and it takes time.

  • 0:41 I wonder what part of stolas that feather was from

  • Moxie is shy from mille Familly

  • the reason blitzo likes striker and his horse in the beginning is actually because we know he was in wrath when dating verosika and ditched her stealing her money. go watch episode 3 because it is this show and you can understand what i am saying in better detail.

  • 3:57 boop

  • That gagball on owl guy is kinda sus


    • wow what an original comment I’ve never seen before definitely not copied wowie


  • 0:18 ⟟ want to cry and laugh at his outfit

  • The prince is mille ,s Boss boyfriend

  • I am inlov with blitzy

  • On twitter viziepop said this is the start of the big 4 what she calls it if it has to do something with villains then FIZZAROLLI,Veroskia Mayday,we now have Striker and I guess Stella

  • Brandon Is So good voice actor As Blitz

  • Blitz reminded them of war. I really hope they’re not referring to WWII

  • "I love you hunny, but for FUCKS sake" Lol had me laughing

  • My guess why she specifically hates he fucked an imp is because imps are probably commoners

  • We need to see how Stolas and Blitzo had met

  • 9:07 Lady: The shark! Give him the shark!

  • The end gave me some star dust crusaders ending vibes


  • Why won't they add his on a TV channel ._.

  • Oh Shit, this is getting fucking real

  • Anyone else wonder how Striker takes that hat on and off?

  • Helluva boss and hazbin hotel this song makes me thin of them Angel On My Shoulder Song by Kaskade

  • I just realized Millie's mother said It reminds me of war... not whore...😂😂😂

  • This is the best episode so far :)

  • I love Sally May's sass. lol

  • 15:59 "Vermin" the word falls over his tongue and drips through his teeth like venom

  • Señorita vivziepop me gusta mucho su trabajo me encanta le doy un fuerte abrazo desde México Reynosa Tamaulipas es una programa una serie que yo veo con muchas felicidad que por fin puedo ver algo que me causa risa por humor negro groserías y chingo de pendejadas de los dibujos que usted hace pero me daría mucha tristeza qué Disney channel comprara sus creaciones de hazbin hotel y helluva boss y los arruinara como siempre los ha arruinado Disney channel desde que yo tengo malditos putos 6 años

  • Ngl blitz can throw hands

  • Who else was surprised to find out that Norman Reedus voiced Striker? Because I sure was. 😲

  • I can't wait for the Stardew Valley festival

  • I love, love the little easter eggs throughout the show, like at 1:27...we're definitely gonna see more of Fizzarolli.

  • going back and watching it a few times. there are parts where the frames skip when they really shouldnt

  • No one talking bout how Millie's whole family in hell

    • According to the show creators the imps are all born in hell, and are distinct from the sinners who die, go to hell, and become demons.

  • So does Stolas just not give a fuck? Lmfao 🤣

  • Does anybody notice the gun shots In the distance?

  • Not his wife hiring a hitman on him right infront of him omg

  • how the hell did you get me to fall in love with sally may when she only had 13 secs of screentime?

  • I think we are all missing something fairly important. Moxxie has a new gun!

  • Lol the mutherfu part was funny as hell

  • Is anyone else seeing some lowered frame rate sometimes? Only see it on the last 2 episodes

  • Hello blizto my name is reched you can call me rech any ways i want to ask you a question were is my book. The book that i keep seeing you with i need it back thereee's something i need to do.

  • is millies mom Sadie Adler from red dead redemption

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Fun fakt Helluva Boss cured my depression (seriosly)

  • harvest moon festival..... 추석 이예요?

  • 17:46 lmao i cannot believe you guys got norman reedus on here



  • I find it hilarious that Millie's parents like Blitz before they like Moxxie lmao

  • Anybody notice the white spots on Blitzo's right arm? Seem to line up with the gunshot wound from Ep 1

  • Sallie May was in one episode for less than 3 minutes and I already love her. She's a great character with an instantly enjoyable personality and pleasant design. Really hope we see more of her ♡ I also love that she's good Trans rep. As a Nonbinary, I feel some shows overcorrect by outright saying a character is Trans when it has no bearing on the plot and that being their entire character, but with Sallie, you instantly know she's Trans because of her Horns and hair (if you notice, Male imps have white and black horns and white hair while female imps have black segmented horns and black hair.) Her being Trans isn't the focus and it isn't her entire character, just a part of her, and I love that. Finally, some good fucking food.

  • Omg I did not now that Daryl from TWD was on here 😱😆🤣

  • Moxxie: Wait... where are you calling from? Blitzo: Falls onto Moxxie/Millie's bed Mox: Yup... figures.

  • 1:32 moxxie a ringtone is actually the pipe organ from phantom of the opera to let people know 7:29 this line from Loona is form the office, this is pretty cool 4:47 the line blitz said is a reference to the dark knight when joker said “if your good at something, never do it for free” 9:51 During "Striker's Song" a large representation can be seen of Striker in the mountains, a reference to the Screaming Cowboy meme derived from the music video for Kirin J. Callinan's song "Big Enough". HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS EPISODE CANT WAIT FOR EPISODE 6!

  • how much can i bet on him dieing- Advanced genaveve parises perfume

  • Why does Blitz look wear the exact same shirt as Mr blonde in the Warehouse interrogation scene in reservoir dogs I mean, im not complaining, he's rockin it but still, kinda strange coincidence

  • Lol I love Blitzo🥺