Here's How I Made My Cheap Lambo's Ugly Interior Look BRAND NEW For FREE!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Nov 2018
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Today I finish my cheap Lamborghini Gallardo's interior, but it's not without its issues. What's a few more custom pieces at this stage?
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  • your work is really good but you talk too much and thats the reason you making your videos boring aahhh😴

  • The headbanging got you an instant sub

  • what song is this

  • Why didn't you look at an original body plate for the fuel pump before you cut the harness, man you need to start doing you research before you tackle these projects. As far as a sealant around the cover for the fuel tank plate you should have used a product by 3m called butyl cord body sealer or something nonhardening!

  • Man Tavarish... you are too friggin cool to rule Bro. Dig the head banger deal my man!. Made me laugh., and probably will buy the Kove speaker. That, right at this time... is sold out. Next month is Feb 2020, so then I'll get one. I did just buy a Video Drone yesterday though.

  • OK that was the best music you've played ever in the intro add 🤘🏻 rock on

  • You’ve could’ve bought a wrecked Lamborghini and used it’s part to renewing your Lamborghini or you can do it the other way around. That’s something I would be interesting to see

  • That is one of the sexiest interiors I have every seen

  • Bro, I honesty like your work and your channel, but, please, please replace that cheap stereo unit! This car deserve much better, if not an OEM unit, try and find some aftermarket solution. In that episode when you replaced that hi-end pioneer unit(ok it was broken(?) and rockford fosgate amp, with that Chinese sh@t, I cried!

  • “A leftover bolt is weight reduction” This is gonna be my quote for my project car

  • Windfaerer - This Beautiful Death

  • Car looks great finish it and do a driving video

  • The use of your hand reminds me of Fang, from Soupy Sales. Whoops, you may not be old enough to have any experience with Soupy Sales. (A kids show WAY BACK).

  • Quick one, use thick paper to make a template, adjust till perfect and then work on metal only once. Saves tons of time and grief :).

  • My back hurts watching the working-montage segments in this video. Ugh

  • Love your 80s retro Terminator’esc music Tav!

  • @Tavarish, the software inside your electronic control box has to be RESET.... I left a link in your last top roof video about a company that can definitively help you do it.... In other words, you can have all the parts in perfect order but if you don't reclock/retune the software back to its origin it will never work....

  • Watching these videos is like trying to get pubes out of your mouth.

  • Did you change the seat covers?

  • It looks OEM? That’s it? I’m going back to Scotty.

  • You have an amazing radio voice!! Do enjoy cars as much as you and the next bloc.. P.s a cheap Bently, yes!!!

  • Song?

  • Love the interior!

  • Looks Great Freddy. Well done!!!

  • yes Tavarish is a rocker!

  • I have been waiting a long long time man just to get to see your lamborgihni in a perfect shape like this! Really i have learn a lot about piece by piece of it that how it works! I have been ur subscriber since in the beginning of your videos and watching now how you have achieved so far really this impresses me to do not give up in any problems that i fear to fail so i will keep going with it man! Thank you man for sharing your experience and professionalism to us to the viewers 👌 god bless you my friend and much respect 👌 Peace ✌️

  • Please, please, please just finish a car! (if you could stop advertising crap that would also be cool but not essential ;-) )

  • Get your engine hood scoops a carbon fiber trim like Aventador. You should get your rims power costed in glossy black with neon red callipers. Get your exhaust tips either matte black like akrapovic or maybe that blue flame tips. Get your front pillars wrapped into matte black to match with the hood. Get your interior console carbon fiber. And put white led’s for your reverse lights and white led’s for your number plate. I’ve noticed you don’t care much about the details. Your bumpers don’t sit will with the lights specially on the right rear light you should take a look of that. And yeah have those Lamborghini Italia Stripes on your front hood 🙆‍♂️ your car will look so sick 🇮🇹 or maybe just two matte black strips ||

  • Did he ever get converting top working

  • Used your recommendation and bought the kove; what a pos; fuzzy or blurred bass poor mid and highs. Save your money

  • I see you reppin the cleetus merch. DO IT FOR DALE!

  • Wait, you’re married? You’re wife let you spend this much time in the garage with this car? Oh wait, it’s a source of income... Never mind. Mind would get bitchy if it were just a pet project. Kudos for the management skills. What an endeavor!!! The final outcome is gonna be epic!!


  • Tavarish, if I ever bought a Lambo I would want it to look exactly like your interior. I think it looks amazing what you've done with the car! Great content all the time long since the vq30de mxima swap.

  • I have an original 6 disc changer and a drivers foot rest for your Lambo if you are interested

  • Why buy cream seats with white paint?

  • I see everyone complaining about how long shits taking but this is a Lamborghini with a single guy working in it most of the time

  • Best product display ever <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a>

  • Keep it stock bro. I'm impressed with you man! Keep it up!!

  • Hey Tavarish, will you fix my salvaged Lambo?......when I get around to getting a salvaged Lambo?

  • NOW TEST DRIVE IT!!!!!!! Please! An thank you

  • 1- i'm imagining you constantly pausing and turning on that bluetooth speaker to record for your video, and 2- I'm no mechanic, nor do I have much experience as you or anyone else, but I probably would have put the harness on the other side of that sheet to make it easier to access and remove without having to remove the sheet as well. ( at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="530">8:50</a>)

  • don't have to clutch in to start the car?

  • Some good head banging Freddy

  • you make this stuff looks so easy

  • don't change the interior. instead fuel it and go for a long cruise..

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="916">15:16</a> What everyone is waiting for.

  • Replacing all the silver plastic with carbon fiber is a must

  • Distorted audio Tavarish: this sounds good

  • Rock it out 🤘🤘

  • Hahahahah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a> 😂 you rock men

  • now pls stop saying ' cheap' because the hard work u put in it by ourself makes it way precious

  • I have to say , this is better than a factory Gallardo in all expects

  • Your installation of the cut off disk is upside down on your angle grinder.

  • How do u find someone that cares and tries 100% for ur car like u do and not just get her done but love on her? U cant pay for that u have to do it urself from experience

  • I would love to see an Alcantara retro fit and also some carbon bits.

  • I went to see how much a Kove speakers was. The price was the same with or without tavarish in the URL. :(

  • Tavarish the type of guy to buy a $60,000 lambo and spend $500,000 fixing it.

  • The interior looks perfect as-is. LEAVE IT ALONE!

  • The reveal was supposed to be today...🤔...where is it?

  • when does hoovies ferrari come up? i hope it comes pretty soon.

  • Getting there, I'm loving the final touches to this project it's been such a good watch. Looking forward to the upcoming content, I hope the f355 and whatever your new 'secret' project is lives up to the standard you set with the lambo build. Btw a veyron would see your subscriber numbers fly...

  • DDE, Stradman now Tavasrish....KOVE is eating up all the Car ID-tvrs....

  • please fix the roof my friend, I want to see this thing fully complete

  • interior Look BRAND NEW keep it that way

  • More Carbon Fiber Accents!

  • no more mod's just finish it.

  • Wow that commercial for that dumb speaker was way too long. Wow, bluetooth. Unsubscribed.

  • This speaker has been getting pushed hard on youtube. With 65% off it is about $10 cheaper than the normal price on ebay. They just inflated the price to make it look like a great deal lol

    • +Jonny Boy Shhhhhhhhh. Your not supposed to notice the 'retail' deceit! /sarc

  • speaker is cheaper on Amazon..

  • Tagal matapos ka boring

  • Omg it's almost ready! Your Lambo doesn't look cheap anymore. Have you dared to count the amount of hours (or $) you've put in to this car?

  • I still don't nkow how your channel is still not up 1mil subs !!!

  • Tavarish head banging to heavy metal 🤣

  • I feel like lambo should offer you a job after this job is done.

  • I like the BLACK and WHITE colour

  • Opinions about the KOVE....

  • Kinda fell off this project, I saw no improvement.

  • It’s beautiful and I can’t believe you did this in your garage and it just goes to show anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. One of my inspirations for sure!

  • Early on this video I was suggesting a vacuum cleaner...