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Today, I make a video I never thought I'd make. I'm cancelling my custom long-tail, Ferrari-powered, Countach-esque, supercar build, for a few good reasons. I'm sorry, and I promise I will make it up to you all.
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  • The joints shouldn't be butted and welded. They should be ground to an angle and then welded so that the bead fills in the ground out material. It looks like that wasn't done here. The sad thing is it looks like this car was well engineered. The welds sucked and well may have eventually done the car in, had it not been run into a wall. I would doubt the integrity of every joint in the frame, especially after the shock of the accident.

  • A month later he buys a destroyed McLaren

  • Never regret sending the body away as it is along with the chassis are disposable and non repairable especially the chassis, far so good

  • Bro, you were just very correct about the weld being broken..It should never clean brake like that and any adjacent parts brake would be acceptable.. and that would tell a simple story that the material did not heat enough.. maybe??

  • Do you like XZIBIT said take it to .PIMP MY RIDE

  • "build it better by wrenching everyday"...

  • Buy a different one and restart your project.

  • You should put that tri rotor in a early 90's RX7 that would be cool.

  • Be careful building the Ferrari, they don't like when people modify their cars and tend to sue. I had a 360 Modena dropped in my lap and I was gonna put a Coyote in it as a tribute to Ford vs Ferrari and an attorney friend told me I shouldn't do it and should take down all postS RELATING TO IT. And a Mazda... partly owned by Ford Motorcars until 2015. Be careful my friend.

  • I was told by a welder a long time ago welding is the weakest way to join metal together nut and bolt will always be stronger..

  • What about the fake Lamborghini

  • finish a project before u start a new one defenetly unfollowing sorry

  • Ads in this are killer, every 30 seconds.

  • I like Tavarish and all, but he’s extremely unattractive Like it makes me lose concentration how bad looking he is, sometimes I just hear him and don’t what the video at all

    • Not to mention his manboobs that plus that face 🤢

  • That was Tylers old Ferarri right?

  • You should've check everything first before starting something. This video is quite disappointing.

  • I was about to subscribe but you cancelled it just waiting for the car fixed

  • were you blindfold when you bought that junk?And forget about 2000 dollars on brakes.brakes are still on the car.Brembo brakes.

  • If you cant make it you shouldnt buy it in first place . Coz it maybe someone else can make it alive again.

  • biggest troll ever hahaha buying 5 euro cars and saying that you cant repair it lol

  • Bro, you should listen to your commenters. We really want to see you strive but you don’t actually do any work.. what happened? You used to be one of my favorite channels and I used to look up to watching you build cars that I could only dream of building. I don’t want to keep seeing you cancel projects. Pick one and finish it please.

  • Are you people in the comments even adults? It's like you all got your Tonka toys taken away and your addled brains have gone into emotional overload. Shut up man up and stop crying, its not your platform you don't don't make the decisions.

  • I run a welding shop. We dont do aluminum, so I can’t say specifically, but if this was steel, those weds absolutely would not pass a certification test

  • Unsubscribe.

  • Shows how much you can count on racecar replicas. Doesn't give much confidence in the company to take care of the customer.

  • Welding like that is what you get when you try to look like you're tig welding with a mig.

  • Build it better by wrenching everyday

  • "My Most Ambitious Project .. is going to take too much work.."

  • Noooooo, you find a cheap car that has a frame the length you need,cut frame is on it off and put the other frame on.

  • I know you unloaded it. If it would have been feasible, I would have built a new front body vs that Countach. Does A.J. have a ID-tv?

  • Where is the Lambo

  • You could get better weld seams with a cigarette lighter and a stick of solder. I think we all saw what kind of build quality you could expect from SLC. They didn’t want to support your build, and this publicity is the perfect revenge you could put on them. Next time go with Factory Five or Caterham, or anyone who can build a chassis.

  • Quitter, like you can not build your own better cage frame

  • Just catching up on these, but what happened to the engine going into the ferrari?

  • When will U go on with this build?

  • I just had a video of this car pop out in my suggested videos wall and watched 2 videos of it (length: somewhere around 1hour), and I came to your profile to find the final video and found out you quit. Winners never quit, im out of here.

  • Well, this was the reason I subscribed and its being canceled. Not too good. Edit: Maybe the other guy can do a video of him building that car.

  • Is the 3 rotor still going in the Ferrari?

  • Anyone else feels scammed for views? Because the anticipation behind it and the only excuse of him not doing it is he can’t be bothered.... now his got the views his like F it, can’t wait to see his next scam... about his lost money, more like his made money off of it and it’s not the first time his done this ... dude you’ve never finished a single project, there’s something wrong with every single car you own in that place... for once I thought you would start something and end up finishing it but here we go again🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 man I cant stand click bait scammers...

  • Give West Coast Customs a ring...they'll finish it.

  • Ok I think someone has to say it, so I be that guy brother put the autopilot on, it seems your trying too many projects at ones and even though I love watching your channel i want to see you focusing on one project at a time get it good and them jump to the next just a though keep up the great work , dont get burned out.

  • Did you sell all the parts?

  • You should cut the back off that tub and make it into a VR/ simulator cockpit for a racing game. Seen it done before with street cars but nothing as "exotic" as that. Other then that its taco'd up pretty bad. Wonder how fast it was going when it wrecked

  • Can I have it? I'm in Australia

  • I know they dont want to be involved but they sell chassis for $13k, I would just order one of those without talking to them.

  • too pity that you just canibalised it :( it was savageble with just a bit of work...

  • Give it to casey

  • Try switching from cars to cows. Much more satisfying. They repair themselves with just a little love and food.

  • You are right to drop it. The weld is CRAP.🙋🏻‍♂️😊🇩🇰

  • You look and not the good hot 😂

  • i t sok

  • I’m a professional welder , anyways that’s a shit job garbage 🗑 lol

  • Kinda disappointed

  • $2,500 and a week of practice and you would be a fabricator pickup an everlast welder and you will fall in love with fabrication. What you have there would be so easy. Chris could spot you on the struggles you should jump in not out! coolest build imaginable.


  • Hey how about build it better so you can wrench every day!

  • So when can we see that 3 rotor in the Ferrari

  • How does this guy have as many followers as he does? From what I've seen in comments and videos, he does more buying projects than actually finishing them.

  • Shame on RCR. Suppose they just want to sell new kits out not worried about ones already gone.. don't have the foresight to see how many people you could have inspired throughout this build. 1uz + twins in an Ultima GTR.. do it 😎

  • It's like you didn't check/inspect it at all before buying it. That's why cars are written off, if it costs more to repair them buying replacement parts or fixing it (with labour). It's depressing just looking at it (and the fake lambo). I'm not surprised that they told you that they don't want to be a part of it. You made the right choice to abandon it. I wouldn't have even considered it.

  • Welds should never break especially aluminum, aluminum bends and cracks if a weld broke on my car in a crash I would just sell the car after it's fixed it is un safe

  • SLC's are not expensive at all to buy new, just order a new kit car and continue

  • Going to a good cause is a scrape yard paying good money for all that aluminum

  • SO many armchair mechanics in the comments section! People who have probably never even replaced an air filter by themselves complaining about what you choose to work on. I'm not even sure why these people are watching your channel in the first place.

  • Don’t the wheels have some value too?

  • So you are going to put in the rotary engine n the countach body?

  • You should show us that supercar if you buddy ever finishes it

  • It nead gold and red red body an red rims

  • It would a tragedy to hardtop that Ferrari.

  • The welds are supposed to be the strongest part.

    • pleappleappleap Aluminum welds are the weakest part. The strongest way is to glue and rivet together. That is what lotus does.

  • is the other project he was going to use the parts for dead? its been 2 months

  • "I'm gonna take the brakes off" Off it goes on the forklift with the brakes still on. This is becoming a breakers yard.

  • When he said ‘cars aren’t made out of flesh’ I felt that😌😔

  • tavarish it is not game over becuse i found a frame on ebay i dont have link

  • From the looks of your shop, looks like you are doing well man. I'm new to the channel. Like your content so far.

  • Donate it to B is for Build

  • I would have liked to see SLC donate a mono tub and see it finished. But judging by the weld quality your better off cutting your losses...

  • you should blast the parts with dry ice. they'll come out like new, at least visually...

  • Gonna give it another month to see if Freddy listens to his viewers and actually finish a project. Even the civic, broke and just to keep it out of his garage he off loaded it. Starting to think this is the worst episodes of flip this car because I don’t want to do it.

  • I really enjoy your videos, but man the clickbait and thumbnails, turn me off from them. I never know what to expect and I don't like not knowing what I'm about to watch. "Captivating" titles and thumbnails look and seem so clickbait-y that it takes away from the value of the video in my opinion.