Highlights & Goals | Liverpool vs. Leicester City 3-0 | Telemundo Deportes

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Nov 2020
Video oficial de Telemundo Deportes. Los Reds, vigentes monarcas de la Premier League, sacuden a los Foxes, llegan a 20 puntos y son sublíderes por diferencia de goles.
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Highlights & Goals | Liverpool vs. Leicester City 3-0 | Telemundo Deportes


  • kasian mane

  • indonesia hadir

  • liverpool 0 zonk zero 🤣 atalanta 2 👍👍

  • Man of the match for schmeil

  • Rrrrrrrrrr

  • Intas insan seni tang sel

  • Que onda con las Erres(R) de ese narrador? Es muy molesto

  • ဆယ်ခါပြန်ကြည့်မိတယ် ကြည်နူးဝမ်းသာစရာမြင်ကွင်း

  • I really love Lester city

  • Mantap main bola nya liverppol mantap

  • Firminoooooooooooo Jota goalllllllllllllllllllllll 😂

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  • Firmino has received competition from jota

  • Liverpool need lukaku and they can afford him

  • Desde ahora se los digo: final de la. Champions: Bayern vs Liverpool.

  • 1:53 excellent center back Evans...wkwkwkwkw

  • Liverpool The Best.

  • Y3

  • 4.09 angkat kembali

  • Nice one Liverpool

  • Love fermino

  • ❤️❤️

  • firmino out there trying to injure schmeichel 😡

  • Rennes Vs chelsea

  • Ese firmino no le atinaba ni a la tasa del baño, por fin marca el novato.

  • I mean Jota well done!

  • Rekao sam ja posls pauze makli Citi 1 1 i dobicemo Lester i vratite se na 1 mjesto. Andrija pise iz Podgorice Srpske Sparte.

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  • El arquero del leister tubo mucha suerte pero despues se complico

  • I AM very happy For Bobby Firmino

  • Nice highlights

  • The Firmino celebration shows the level of camaraderie there is in LFC under Klopp. That is why they have achieved so much as a unit.

  • I know nothing of Espana language, but the way how the commentary does makes it all the more much interesting 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Desde cuándo juega Diogo Jota para el Liverpool?

  • Dat second goal assist is superb! Had a beckham crosses vibe!

  • Diogo Jota! good!

  • Leicester looks like they intentionally wanna lose the match. who agrees with me? hit like

  • What a great family Liverpool has make it I’m so happy for Firmino.

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  • liverpool black lives matter 🥰

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  • 1:22 - Goal 1 (Evans Own Goal) 4:40 - Goal 2 (Jota) 8:33 - Goal 3 (Bobby)

  • Diago jota is fantastic player

  • Soy el único al que le mega molesta la "RRRRRRRRRR" exagerada del comentarista? :(

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  • Imparable está éste equipo..

  • I love Firmino' game

  • @t ku

  • Trending 😎

  • How this video not taken down

  • the head of evans is the badddd

  • Subscribe

  • I watched the firmino celebration almost ten times..😭😭

  • Mana pendukung M. U hadir dan like

  • Muy buen resumen saludos desde Argentina

  • Liverpool is the best team in Spain

  • Mane is becoming too selfish with ball

  • There's something that KOP wants you to know, The best in world is Bobby Firmino....

  • How do you avoid copyright in uploading your videos

  • ultimamente pensaba que firmino estaba pidiendo banca pero es que es un jugador impresionante llendo a zona de pivote para gestionar la jugada es un delantero excepcional.

  • Telemundo deportes transmite en vivo desde youtube??

  • Winning is. The most important thing, Vardy was playing in his shadow in this game

    • vardy was the only one in that team that did anything set up a guaranteed goal and barnes blew it.

  • Ese Evans debe salir del Leicester.

  • Где Саллах

  • Firmino has such positive vibes in the team that everyone was just as relieved and happy to see him score

  • I'm so happy Firmino played like himself today. CMED LADD

  • Without VVD, Salah, TAA, Hendo, they're still amazing

  • Bobby 9 ❤❤

  • Walaupun banyak cidera tetep menang

  • Era para ganar 5 o 6 a 0 pero bueno vamos mis reds a por la vigésima YNWA❤❤❤

  • firmini + jota😍😍

  • Liverpool👍💣

  • YNWA! Russia, Novosibirsk!

  • Good to see Fabinho back to cover VVD

  • yeesssss.....

  • Centrrrrrrra Rrrrrrobertson desde la izquierrrrrrrrrrrrrrda, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrremata firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmimo

  • Milner Fact: Name : James Philip Millner Club : Liverpool f.c Position in liverpool : center back, left back, right back, defender midfidler, center midfilder, attacking midfilder, left winger, right winger, center forward, motivator, tour guide, mentor, teenage coach assistant, BODYGUARD e.c.t Next position : goal keeper, striker, manager, ect.

    • Hahaha 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Pemain belakang rambut putih itu knpa ya wkwkwk

  • Liverpool

  • 7:36 I'm sure firmino would've thought he was cursed or something 😂

  • Liverpool is the best of team in England.Very very good.

  • 2 shots clear off the line. 2 shots hit the bar/post 3-4 outstanding save from Gk Still 3-0 Liverpool win Could easily be a 6/7 - 0 win

  • As a liverpool fan I have to say Mane was selfish in this game, otherwise it the score could have been 5-0

  • NICE

  • 해설자 발음 따라해보려다가... 해설자에겐 경외심을 나에겐 자괴감을 느껴버렸다..

  • Mane

  • 😊

  • Que exagerado la narracion Dijeran los mexicanos

  • shit the duck!!!

  • Gotta love Bobbi

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  • I love you liverpool

  • That goal from Jota.. such a sexy cross from Robbo. Just poetry in motion.

  • firmino he is the best false no 9 player in liverpool..and thats goal is briliant bobby👌

  • Wow..all three goals are with heading...bravo


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  • I Always Support Liverpool Club No Matter Wether They Are Down Or Up