HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 4-0 Liverpool | De Bruyne, Sterling, Foden

Dipublikasikan tanggal 2 Jul 2020
De Bruyne, Sterling, Foden and an Oxlade-Chamberlain own goal give City a 4-0 win at the Etihad Stadium

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  • Liverpool 不不不不不不不

  • ID-tv really wants me to be hyped for the finals tomorrow with these suggestions

  • who watched this after Man city won #PL 2021?

  • This was a classic

  • Manchester City is the best team in the world

  • City took the guard of honour seriously

  • VENGA CITY!!!!!!!

  • you english football fans. pundits and journalists give mahrez the credit and respect he deserves

  • At least he is better than karius, if the keeper is karius it would be 12-0

  • What a game this was, puts a smile on my face

  • Good play

  • Eff all wrong with the fifth!

  • Good

  • Both tinpot clubs

  • We made it

  • I remember all the hate comments from Liverpool fans in the pre-match livestreams saying Liverpool would win 4-0

  • I guess we now see who the real champions are!

  • Babak belur sekalipun ada Van dijk.wkwkwkwk

  • They shrugged this off as a celebratory defeat, then came Villa park and Anfield..

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-wN8SC4WTruk.html

  • That season (2019-20202) Liverpool won the league with massive VAR in their assistance. By this the referee decided to be fair

  • Happy to see this in my recommended now

  • Clapped & Spanked! 滕滕

  • City jogou demais

  • Premier Leagues Referees are assholes.

  • When Man City Sexed Livarpool.

  • liverpool in salah

  • 4-1

  • cssdecsxsdc

  • Atleast liverpool did better than last year...

  • Anyone here after 4-1

  • VAR is ridiculous in premier league.

  • Same outcome with or without van Dijk

  • Now 4-1


  • Who's going here after the killer 1-4 ?

  • mahrez wooooooooooooooooooooowww

  • Pep must field the same players as this match,albeit Kevin being injured,maybe bring in Cancelo and obviously Diaz will be there now,which will be more ominious.Guess what also , Van Dijk was playing?

  • One question, why is the camera quality so bad?

  • 1 of the dislikes is from liverpool

  • Very nice

  • I have always hated liverpool and i am da biggest city fan ever, but I feel bad for oxlaide chamberlain

  • 6 months later looking for this to happen again

    • Yessssss 不 But another offside and a missed penalty 恫不

    • And it has happened again不

  • Well it's shame it was there time to celebrate but they lost their rivels to mergin

  • nice

  • Looking for some heated argument, wasn't disappointed.

  • Wait Man City have fans?

  • Only when Liverpool is not playing normally, then they win. This season, we saw it

  • City always gets the best of losserpool

  • Livarpool.

  • Mahrez goooooool

  • That's how u deal with a team ho steals your 3 title well done city

    • Lol wtf stole?

  • The greatest guard of honour ever it would be 5 without VAR

  • Atleast city fans have watched this more then 5 times!

    • @Slaw _ yup

    • Im a city fan and its true lmao

    • No now days we are watching 4 1 that's the larest news

    • and liverpool fans have cried more times

  • LIVERPOOL are better tho

  • They played last game of the season like prime barcelona why the didnt play like that in pl

  • Man city liverpol won little

  • 互互互互 AFTER LIVERPOOL WIN THE FEKING PREMIER LEAGUE I was angry that day I'm sorry

  • First we clap, then we slap 云

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-zhenyqLTQJ4.html

  • We gave them a free win. If we wanted to win the score would have been the opposite side just saying


  • Lovely job done by Kevin

  • Par de equipos putos la vdd

  • Who won the league? Liverpool! Liverpool! Who lost the trophy? City! City!

    • @Konrad Kowal who won the league city city!

    • @Fathima Mohamed Ali We will push top 4 and after this you will come back and gratulate.

    • 5th place cry

    • Who won the league city!! city!!

    • Muffin head

  • the commentarist dream league soccer

  • Their think perhaps win this match will facilitate them for win title

  • Best team in the world

  • Come on Liverpool man City sucks

  • 0:50 foden: player who can't believe that he scored a goal.丹儭

  • Fyck sterlinh he thoughy his new team is better

  • Wasnt it 5

  • if we play like this even for 45 mins we will win by 5 - 0 easy!

  • Destroying Liverpool

  • I knew city would win!

    • The game is in 15 mins , this is a game from 4 months ago

  • I knew city would win!

  • Sterling version of siiiii celebration 0:38

  • utter dirty chetaig goal 1 not a penalty goal 2 foul on liverpool defender goal 3 offside

    • I'm still looking for that Foul in goal 2. I'm still looking for that offside I'm goal 3. You're a laugh, pal...

  • Everyone saying city was the best but Liverpool was still drunk from their party

  • Hopefully we can do this again next week

  • Who like manchester city please like 互互互

  • Omg this is one of the reasons I like manchester city but all you liverpool fans you thought you could be the best team think again

    • They still won the league sooo currently they are

  • This ref is a no good dog

  • Hhhhh liverpool

  • 00:32 it reminds me of Coutinho's goal vs Barca

  • Any of y'all here after 7 - 2

    • I swear when joe homez plays like shite we literally get embarrased every time

  • Hmmmm 2-5 ?

  • I dont remember that myteam lost from city 4-0 , but they still win the league

  • Fartpool should remain in their filthy status

  • losVarPOO

  • Si City le gana al Liverpol xq no gana la champions

  • Saya

  • This how Manchester city gave guard of honour to Liverpool...

    • Actually var shown the right decisions.

  • Riyad mahrez. 儭儭儭

  • Riyad mahrez is a legend of history of Africa

  • Riyad mahrez is the best player in Africa and arabe and Manchester city now

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  • Mahrez fantastique goool

  • 擃嚗