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Highlights Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad (0-2)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 6 Jan 2019
Real Sociedad betas Real Madrid at Bernabeu thanks to the goals of Willian Jose and Ruben Pardo. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019
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  • real it off

  • Dave Pavard, you really made my day, you English idiot.

  • Real Madryt 0 Real Sociedad 2

  • La Liga give the cheating fucks nothing but uefa gives them everything in the champions league

  • Se pde ser mas cateto que ser del madrid???????????????!!!!........

  • Real madrid: gives away one of the best players ever. Real madrid: could use a new striker Madrid: has a world class goalie navas Madrid:let's get courtois Courtois: I wanna be like karius Navas: lol wtf Me: at least we have ballon dor modric... oh wait modric doesn't do shit.

  • Is That Bojan? My god I miss that guy. I wish he got sold to a better team like Monaco,PSG,Chelsea instead of stoke. He did help stoke alot though and he does get to say if messi could do it in a cold night at stoke

  • now only the premier league is competitive. in germany rules bayern munchen, in Italy Juventus , in France PSG , in Spain Barcelona

  • Rasicist

  • They just need to buy hazard or eriksen or mpabbe or icardi

  • What a flop of a club

  • Í can't believe that Santiago bernabeu its almost empty

  • Money does not play.

  • Mafak I can't believe it - RM is falling....

  • We need a keilor navas do you like original not

  • Ekkora patkányokat járt a realnak az a szabadrúgás

  • hahahahaa


  • No ronaldo, no real

  • Realdan gözdəməzdim.2-0 pis oldu

  • All the Madridiots and Ronaldo dickriders in the comments, what a bunch of losers...Madrid are overrated, always have been, always will be, created a "tournament" just so they could "win" it and call themselves the best football club in the world, that's how delusional they and their moronic "supporters" are...

  • どんまい…

  • Kalah lagi ...kalah lagi....

  • This club is just a big dissapointment for now.

  • Perdando pro real sociedad kkkkkk

  • No ronaldo no problem 😂😂😂

  • Without Zidane, without Ronaldo.. Madrid bisa apa?

  • 0:54

  • Real misses the butterfly!(La Mariposita)

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhwwhhwwh

  • Real madrid: im the best team in the World Barca: Hold my beer Sociedad: yea at losing

  • No CR7 no party

  • I guess know one is gonna comment on the good goal keeping of the RS keeper

  • Nice robbery yet again this time with VAR.

  • Real Ma sucks ass lmao!!!

  • god

  • this is the REAL madrid, keep up the good work 😂👍

  • i

  • Join to friend on ig : rohillmuhammad 😇

  • Menudo piscinero el Vinicius este, el portero ni le toca

  • Hahahah lol

  • CR7 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


  • Useless. They don't deserve their salary.

  • I'm looking forward to Juventus and Real Madrid meeting in the Champions League 😃

  • Спартак чемпион!!

  • Fan Rm Need Cr7 Come back

  • No ronaldo no goal

  • HALA REAL.............SOCIEDAD 🤣🤣

  • No Ronaldo, No Win ...!!😂😂

  • tanpa ronaldo jadi kaya gini ... sama team kecil aja keok 🙏🙏🙏

  • Sign another machine like icardi or firmino

  • Não acredito nisso real perdel

  • Refs won this one

  • That's what happens when you have a big baby in goal.

  • kalahan gak ada ronaldo

  • Who needs ronaldo 😄

  • Yg lemah kipernya itu mah

  • Real h nát vc

  • Madrid needs to buy/loan Adebayor again for Ronaldo replacement 😂😂

  • Where is Ronaldo???

  • No Ronalldo No Party !!😂

  • Lo nyesel kannn -CR7

  • I don't watch RM highlights.. I Just read comments and laugh.. Proud juve fan. Cr7

  • Yang nonton di bulan Januari 2019 klik LIKE yaa, semoga rejekinya dilancarkan, Amiin 👇 👇 👇 SEKALIAN CEK CHANNEL KU YA, ISINYA VIDEO BERDURASI 10 JAM SEMUA😭

  • กากมาก

  • thanks courtois.. you made me catch up the reason why chelsea kick you and bought kepa to be highest transfeer of goalkeeper in the world

  • Courtois sucks 🤣😂😅 🦒 babosa

  • Ampunn dah Love Cr7

  • The new ACMilan team 😅😅😅

  • Auuu

  • Courtois is not so good anymore hmm Ter Stegen #1 maybe because of Courtois Real is gonna lose the UCL

  • typical Real go to shit after beating us in the CL final

  • Most boring soccer league,ran by two teams lol

  • Back Christan Ronaldo

  • C.ronaldo.. C.Ronaldo.... C.Ronaldo.... C.Ronaldo... C.Ronaldo... C.Ronaldo...

  • Wkwkwk

  • It was stupid buying courtois and replacing a world class goalkeeper as navas with him... Real Madrid doesn't appreciate it's players Ronaldo, casillas, navas... It's plain to see

  • Why spam team have real name are they for real


  • Begini jadinya klo sepak bola di pakai taruhan, ud kliatan kan

  • Hala Juve

  • this game was a total knock off! Real Socidad payed the refs! Here’s why 1. Clear penalty for Madrid: When Vinicius was about to finish a goal until a goalkeeper tripped him. 2. Refs giving each other a high five: After the penalty Givin to real socidad in which they have scored.. the VAR refs gave each other a high five (watch it in browser- VAR refs Real Madrid outraged) 3. No penalty giving to Ramos: After the corner Kroos took, Ramos was ready to finish it with a header... he couldnt make contact with the ball cause a player gave him a shove. These are the things you need to know of how this game was totally cheated by real socidad

  • The VAR is fantastic! I could have bet my house it was a clear penalty of Rulli against Vinicius, but when I see it in slow motion from all angles, I can see the goalkeeper cleanly touching the ball first with the tip of his fingers and only then, after that, body contact.

  • real madrid👎

  • Real Madrid sucks

  • club world cup lol what a joke

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • gora real sociedad !

  • Ronaldo is and was uselees for any team, he never scored in a critical game, I don't care how many goals he scored vs villareal, valencia, etc. HE NEVER SCORED A CRITICAL GOAL WHEN TEAM NEED IT MOST, not for Portugal, not for Madrid, not for Man Utd.. prove me wrong or thumbs up.

  • Real Madrid is BORING

  • Tim ampas 😂

  • All a mediatic plan to make people understand that Madrid's matches are not programmed already. Listen to me, real Madrid will reach quarter finals in the ucl and will reach the top 4 in la Liga for this year. It's all programmed and scheduled.

  • Now we have +5 and +10 against madrid teams and that is verry nice

  • All the plastic Real Madrid fans will finally leave and find another plastic club to support.

  • Bravo, bravo

  • what happend madridtas??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨

  • Руские- лайкайте) что бы англичани думали что я что то годное написал

  • real madrid should play in segunda divicion

  • Что то не так. Пошло