Highlights SD Eibar vs FC Barcelona (0-3)

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Great win of FC Barcelona in Ipurua with goals of Griezmann, Messi and Luis Suarez those who played a great game #EibarBarça J09 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020
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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 *football is the meaning of life* 1:40 💝 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🖤

  • Good game

  • We faced Eibar again today (5-0) so I came back to see these highlights. It feels weird seeing Valverde here 😅.

  • Eibar couldn't win after years the only win vs barcelone was in 2017 2/1 but this year barcelone CONTROLe and next Sunday will burn in camp nou ❤❣💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❣💜❤4/0

  • MSG😘


  • People say Messi being generous for giving his teammates opportunity to score,but for me Messi learn from mistake from his fail dribbling the keeper so he pass to his teammates.

  • I think that asist for the second goal is most beautiful asist from this season in all competitions,,,,,!!! Damn its remind me at xavi

  • مسي

  • #valverdeout

  • Why lost this match Eibar,why?????

  • BRAVO Barcelona!

  • The best player and the best team in d world

  • and messi wew and feevrt

  • The best commentator for football xD

  • Тройка красавцы!!👍👏

  • The day Messi will retire i will stop watching football and sell my wifi router, television and DSTV decoder, he is extraordinary

  • SGM.Suarez.Griezmann.Messi

  • football again ☑️

  • Velverde enroute yo dishin messi his worst season

  • If that was Ronaldo through on goal he would never pass that. Messi is the best

  • The best

  • Griezmann if on fifa 20 incoming

  • Is nobody gonna talk about frenkie de jong? That kid was a magician in this match

  • Is nobody gonna talk about frenkie de jong? That kid was a magician in this match

    • Too short video!!! Please make it longer!

  • Saurez goal for me sums up the difference between Leo and Cristiano. Messi has started a bit slow this season due to injury and could have easily scored that to boost his stats, but no, he is the ultimate team player!!!

  • La liga swahili

  • This commentator is so bloody monotone

    • First goal: Lenglet - Griezmann it's so genius⚡Second goal:Suarez- Griezmann-Messi🔝Third goal:Griezmann- Messi-Suarez🔝

    • Damn Messi megged the defender for his goal lmao.

  • バルサの視聴回数が異常に多い

  • Barca vs Juventus in Pes 2020 Mobile : id-tv.org/tv/video-IQp74SpIF5I.html

  • Messi

  • SGM , MSG , GSM ?🤔🙄

    • jaja ya espero el clasico

  • Sub to me if u are a true fan of fcb

  • Messi

    • Griezman and Messi is Awesome

  • Did Messi point to Griezmann 😃

  • Generous messi


  • 0:59

  • MSG will destroy Europe’s best teams

  • Too short video!!! Please make it longer!

  • SMG

  • Damn Messi megged the defender for his goal lmao.

  • Midlefielder, Arthur, de Jong, Coutinho

  • Messi e sua sempre gentileza.. Não é fominha

  • Griezman and Messi is Awesome

    • Messi! 😍

  • jaja ya espero el clasico

  • MSG Arthur De jong Busquets Alba Umitit Lenglet Nelson

  • Woaa.. Messi is so unselfish, he passes the ball to Suarez.

  • Messi had an obvious chance to score but chose to give it to suarez, wow

  • MSN to be GSM

  • Месси Великий, Барселона навсегда!

  • Aks

  • That pass by Griezmann for 3-0 was pure fire.

  • Okce weiasan

  • i dont understand why people keep mentioning messi messi whereas Grizeman should be getting the credit

  • rip dembele

  • Very exciting announcer.

  • Messi mantap..gak pelit sama bola , bagi bagi gool

  • Let’s hope the boys take off from here on out and keep getting stronger and better . Especially Grizzy, De Jong, Arthur, Umtiti and Dembele(this guy needs to get his shit together outside of the field and be more professional)

  • Messi! 😍

  • Griezman was very technical on this occasion. Hope to see more of that performance from him.

  • Trio MSG🔥

  • The start of a new G.S.M era

  • Great!

  • Griezzman o mais brabo... 🌊🌊🌊🐊🐍🐉🎙🧪🕋🌪

  • This commentary is a fucking lullaby...

  • MSG the best

  • Neymar misses this

  • Lol, Griezman misses one goal :v bit he did an awesome match

  • Messi's goal was sublime

  • This why MESSI is the greatest ever to grace the pitch, his personality on the ball completes him, cr7 would never pass that ball

  • Like=de Jong Ignore=Modric

  • When you're sooo unselfish it makes you self-centered... Messi passing that ball...

  • They are combined

    • Thes commentators are crap 😂

  • MSG on the best

  • but I think Messi passed the ball just because he ruined a goal before

  • lindo gol do Messi meu favorito!!!!

  • Alguém aqui já pensou como ganhar monetização aqui no ID-tv, nessa plataforma horrível que é hoje? Tenho a solução que já foi aprovada por muitos, se tiver curiosidade ou interesse comenta aí que eu irei te explicar!

  • Stupid selfish messi!!

  • MSG

  • Commentator speaking like hes watching a fucking naturedocumentry

  • Their teaching Griezmann what to do and when to shoot, so sad sd ebar became their practice team. 😆

  • Damn I need to watch Messi and Ronaldo play at least once. I’m literally watching history being played for the past years and never watched them in person.

  • Wow! Exciting commentary! Got my adrenalin pumping out of control!!

  • The commentator sounds like hes working at a train station, what a boring bloke! 🙄

    • He isn't commenting at the match. He commenting in recap match.

  • The commentator sounds depressing

  • Salamat barcelona ꦧꦼꦫꦶꦩꦤ꧈ꦧꦼꦫ꧀ꦱꦶꦲꦶꦤ꧀ꦢꦃꦢꦤ꧀ꦚꦩꦤ꧀

  • Msg playing with there food

  • The commentator sounds like he can't be asked Get someone who can plz

  • Imagine Ronaldo squaring for Dybala 😆

  • I don't understand why some dislike Griezmann's performances in Barcelona. He is the player putting more effort than anyone else.

  • Gabriel Jesus should learn from this

  • Commentator is defo real madrid fan no emotion


  • Messi's generosity is one of the reasons why He's the god of football.

  • *BACELONNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAA* sorry just thought to sing some freddy Uranus

  • messi e messi e sempre sera messi e sera lembrado daqui 1000 anos

  • LA PULGA!!

  • If it wasn't for Dmitrovic it could've been 5-0

  • #36 on trending