(Hot Debut) aespa - Black Mamba [Music Bank / 2020.11.20]

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Nov 2020
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  • Mereka udah first win ?

  • It's my first time watching them so my opinions are these: -vocal are so powerful -dancing is literally on beat of the music and it is also on rhythm - Expressions are so amazing because even though the choreo's are so hard and the song is so high they still manage to keep there expression so fierce and amazing -Looks like a professionalist That's all of my opinions hope you respect it and I also see that SM trained them so well I love the song and I'm now stanning them Keep It up 💪👌👍 AESPA!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Su debut fue espectacular, son súper talentosos, son hermosas, apoteosicas hasta nomas lit aespa es arte.


  • Damn these girls legit said WE ARE HERE TO TAKE THE 4TH GEN CROWN GET ASIDE Y'ALL

  • ياخي جميلين ❤️

  • This is perfect

  • Хореография меня разочаровала

  • 카리나가 확실히 센터감인듯

  • 닝닝이..제니 좀 닮은거..같은데??

  • Personal opinion, this just sounds like a everglow song, even the choreo

  • Ning Ning!

  • arghh it's crazy Karina auraa is another level

  • So cool

  • 이쁘긴 이쁘당

  • æspa

  • Woelah gasabar denger mereka nge rap

  • I'm really excited for Karina and Giselle rap. Gonna look forward to Aespa's comeback!!

  • i hope that ningning is okay because you can see her knee is bleeding:(( ily babie

  • Just wow 😍 welcome to the stage girls

  • *sm reserved Giselle’s bad ass rap, then let our soul, mental, and spirit be ready*

  • gonna look forward to aespa’s comeback!! and Giselle be rappin like it’s the end of the world i’m waiting for u my babie!!!

  • Bias karina Bias wrecked: winter :3

  • 6M soon. Lets Go for it.

  • Ningning is a definition of confident and high self-esteem (so proud). She made you to have drop jaw.. Butterfly.. Karina.. Looks like classy girl but when she does perform.. She cracks the stage. Love it. ♥

  • They slay the stage. All of them. 😻

  • 기억해 11월 20일 하늘에서 천사가 내려온 날

  • I feel like 😊im watching blackpink. Kinda similar vibes

  • aespa future million sellers I JUST KNOW IT

  • 'why is nobody talking about this idol' , 'stop sleeping at this idol' while everybody literally are talking about that idol, pls read more, maybe its down there, and not the 1st or 10th comment you saw right away, and if they DO not talking about that idol, then maybe they will be a hot topic in another video, just be patience and also its annoying, stfu

  • I love ningning's angel face and her singing skills also not bad in dancing. Karina is very pretty and I like her being comfy while performing. Gissle is really a cute and pretty good performer. And Winter is so good in singing and dancing. They're just perfect! Ugh I can't choose my bias 👉👈

  • OK they r wearing heels, wait... heels?

  • Ningning you so ugly

  • Sencillamente espectacular cancion, ya soy fan de AESPA, y chinguen a su madre los HATERS

  • Can the cameraman chill out a bit, damn I'm tryna watch a performance not going on a rollercoaster


  • Their debut is a bop!💖 Karina her vocals and dance are just a wow!💕❤ And all members too ofc

  • My bias kpop idol gen 1 :- Gen 2: snsd Gen 3 : blackpink Gen 4: aespa nct ❤️

  • Damn I can't even choose one bias from them

  • Black Mamba

  • STAN AESPA!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • this sound like kda

  • Gisele 3.53 Menit

  • winter is just....... wow

  • their dance is not good enough and they should have been better not enough for their debut who did not fit their bad karography clothes

    • put that kind of expectations too to other kpop groups. 😂

  • now i know why karina is the leader of the group her personality speaks for itself wow and she my favorite

  • Karinaaaaaaaa

  • ❤🌟🦋🌙

  • winter stan where ate u

  • wow


  • Buto mana button captionnya sial

  • Perfect!

  • 와~ 잘 하긴 잘 하네

  • Winter

  • 0:22 is she copying Jennie?

  • For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life.

  • Gue tiap hari harus record ngedit ngupload gue butuh support dari kalian agar chanel ku maju

  • 와 4번째 누구냐? 사람 아닌 준 알았다 SM 이런 애들 어디서 모셔오는거냐

  • ningning she is socute and her Sing very well

  • ningning she is socute and her Sing very well

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  • Wow they actually have some good vocals and I don't know why but this song is growing on me I didn't care for it first listen

  • How does SM have such amazing vocalists every generation!

  • デビュー曲強すぎる

  • The voice is so balanced! Amazing!!!!

  • They're amazing but damn Karina caught my attention eyy

  • Ningning is all beutiful

  • Ningning is so beautiful.

  • the beginning of something truly great. so excited for your futures :)

  • Giselle! Can't wait for your rap in the next comeback!

  • Check Black mamba MV

  • *celling all my help us vote for aespa at starplay they're currently in second place*

  • $@#&, these Queens are expert (つ°ヮ°)つ

  • So good aespa

  • Whi nobody talking about Giselle! Oh my God.


  • Karina is beautiful

  • Hey I love this channel so much like it makes

  • aespa BLACK MAMBA

  • I simply can't take my eyes off Ningning 😍❤️

  • The fierce yow

  • 하지만 난 지금 이 시간에 깨어 있는 사람이 되고 싶다~ 아 진짜 너무 좋다^^

  • I love that the comments compliment the girls and protect them from haters but i also see a lot of solo stans degrading other members. It's okay if u mabye don't like them all but hatin on them to make ur fave look good is stupid. Fuck off if u hate all the members and love only one!!!! (My bias is Karina or probably Giselle and i love Ningning and i think my bias just changed to Winter so..... i am ot4)

  • Ningning's voice is amazing.

  • karina: im addicted me : im addicted too !

  • 내가 어떻게 당신을 사랑하지 않을 수 있습니까😩당신을 사랑하지 않는 것은 죄입니다😉

  • Aespa 아름다워. 동의하지 않는 사람🌚

  • NingNing 뛰어난 보컬 능력을 가지고 있습니다. 너무 아름다워서 말로는 설명 할 수 없어😍😍😍

  • NING has sexy eyes like Jennie

  • !! VOTE AESPA ON STARPLAY !! Prevoting: (11pm kst) 1. NCT U - 42.2% 2. AESPA - 27.38%

  • Ohhhh my God they are so beautiful!! & talented!!

  • winter is the definition of being stunningly, beautiful, and talented

  • Semangat kakak! Semangattttt

  • i like the style not acting cute

  • winter ily :-*

  • Ustad somad

  • Aespa ROTY

  • Still trending in Indonesia daebak

  • Vote aespa on Starplay pre-vote! #1 - 41.52% #2 aespa - 27.27% (+0.51%) #3 - 15.49% GAP from #1 : 14.25% GAP from #3 : 11.78%