How About Those Who Pass Can Leave? Let's Escape! [Running Man Ep 455]

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Jun 2019
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  • May I ask which ep is when they complete the dance ?

  • Can anyone tells me what’s this dance? As in the genre of it. Urban dance? Or what. I am confused sorry not a Dancer but got so excited after seeing them dance haha

  • Kwang soo is so cool when he is dancing with that shirt.

  • Haha danced really good and swag! He's so underrated in RM.

  • This scene makes me amazed with Haha n Somin dance.. They're really good dancer 🙌

  • If Junsun choreographed their dance, they would actually die with the crazy footwork 😂

  • here's another clip of dancing somin if u want to watch it.. enjoy😊

  • Song = Tiësto & Sevenn - BOOM

  • may i know who is the dance crew that did this dance. ( sorry if my english is bad)

  • is this running man 2019 or what?

  • other members dance video where ?

  • What; is the song ?

  • Why name in musik???plieseee

  • what's the name of the song?

  • What the name of this song?

  • So funny just looking at kwang soo non stop laughing hahaha

  • Aside from the first 3 who were already good in dancing, kwangsoo's body posture looks like he got the feeling of a dancer. Just that.. That flapping hands.. Messed it all 😂..

    • KS is 193cm, its more hard for tall people to dance good

  • What song of their dance?

  • 1:32 music ???

  • 1:32 là bài j vậy mọi người

  • Anyone know the title of this music?

  • Song?

  • what's the song??

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  • What is name of song,please ????

  • title o song

  • Haha gdragon

  • So nice... Cool

  • Musik dance keren.. Itu lagu apa ya?

  • went to her workshop last year, met her and shes very sweet yet strict. we actually practice the same moves for 100 times each part

  • Jongkook 😂👍

  • Okay, I forgot that Somin danced with SJ Eunhyuk when they were young, that's whyyyy 💕

  • So funny

  • Somin, Jong Kook and Haha they look like professional dancer ❤❤❤ they so cool when they dance

  • What is the title of song?

    • Nur Adibah BOOM

  • Omg haha and somin so good 😍 and kwangsoo😭😭😂😂😂

  • Can you please tell me the song

    • Uka Taehyung

  • The best Challenge ever. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • What is the title of the song they are dancing?

  • next episode:forgets dance moves

  • Can i just know the title of the song used? 😊

    • Andie Gopez BOOM


  • I am coming back for somin swag with the hand there

  • Haha nice dancing😁😁😁😊

  • Hahaha this is why i love watching episodes with the members dancing 😂🙈

  • What is the song ??

    • Epy Teng

  • What's song's name

  • Oh my god,my kwang soo so handsome😍😍

  • salanghonayeo

  • No one can diss Somin no more. She can do it all!!

  • Jongkook looks so handsome and cool😍😍😍

  • Tell me what's song, pleassss

  • i love haha😍😍😘

  • Haha is the best one here. As expected of an ex-idol. He put personality into his dancing.

  • At this rate jong kook can be another fikshun

  • Somin is amazing i cant wait for jihyos dance

  • Somis is bestfriend with SJ eunhyuk for a reason

  • so pelvic dance make people change


  • Whats the title of the song?

  • Kwangsoo's about to cry 😂

  • What song

  • #44 trending in

  • is somin actress like jihyo or idol?

  • What song are they dancing to?

  • Haha was so cool tho 😮

  • I’m not sure if this information is correct, but I remember Yoo Jae Suk saying that Somin was going to debut in girl group or debuted in one. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was such a talented dancer.

    • Yoo Jae Suk saying that Somin was going to debut as singer. Somin never be an idol trainee before.

  • I wanna learn this choreography ? how can u remember all steps guys euuh

  • who know where can i found the music that they use ?

    • @Fakhira Hunwick u r welcome

    • @Wahiba08 oh right! thank you very much ^^

    • @Fakhira Hunwick Tiësto & Sevenn - BOOM ^^

    • @Fakhira Hunwick oh u r right it's not the same , sorry

    • @Wahiba08 i dont think its same 😂

  • So min is good at dance 💃

  • No hate, but let's be honest, Jihyo can't keep up at all, even JSJ do much better than her. They edit, and hide Jihyo in the back. Claim to be a bad dancer is not excuse at all , that's what training for. Especially because she's an actress AND love dancing in the club.

    • that moment when a 53 years old can give a better vibe in dancing

  • Sú dt xỉu..kk

  • Music please :((

  • А есть где этот танец исполняемый хореографами?

  • kwangsoo😂😂

  • what song is used in the vid

  • Somin's pelvic dance is superb

  • Look how haters said that our Somin has no talent, now, she had finally show her real talent to everyone, she is more than just an actress. Btw, Jongkook, Haha, Sechan and Jihyo did a great job. 💖

    • JH was awful, they tried to hide how bad she is.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • so

  • What episode is this ?

  • Haha and Simon are really good at dancing

  • Somin is talented thoo 👏🏻

  • Somin is talented thoo 👏🏻

  • Somin is BAMMMMMMMM 👍👍👍

  • cc

  • Somin's hidden talent 😱

  • Because of that bitch got over frame, overacted in every episode, iam being so annoying with her.. i Don't really care about RunningMan games tag name not have anymore or another game like before but just kick out her and that guy, that make RunningMan before Jihyo got frame and being Queen back... Every episode i watch, my Queen not have camera focus not get really got frame like before... Iam so much annoying joke... Jihyo can be perfect join another reality and game show... Iam not matured fan but it's just my opinion... My English is motherfucker i Don't need grammar teacher...

    • Sit ur ass down u bitch ass nigga

    • @Mar 2019 iam not Jihyo fan but iam just love her more screen... If iam her fan, iam will follow and support her everything she does but iam not...

    • @Lan Leo Queen so her name is Somin and that guy Sechan ..thank for info,.

    • Toxic...pity jihyo to have fans like you

    • @Akhir Luke you want Ji Hyo have more frame not mean you should call Somin is "that bitch". Hurting them (Somin and Sechan) can't make your favourite cast feel happy or have more screen. I'm sure with you about that.

  • Jungkook ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • come watching for KJK but end up falling for!! she did great!!

  • I wish this isn’t just a task, make haha, jongkook, somin and kwangsoo dance in a proper stage and camera angle and I really wanted to see all of them dance together . Haha & so min killed it!

    • This isn't just a task it's for RM fan meet performance so rest assured they all gonna dance on a big stage. But yeah I wish they will show it on tv instead only for the fans going to the fan meet.

  • Somin's dance is so cool!! She finished the pelvic dance so cooly.

  • dance somin so great good wonderfull i like it


  • but haha dance thooo

  • Song?

  • full link

  • So Min is so good when it comes to dancing😍😍

  • LKS look sexy😁😂

  • what is the song name for their dance?