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Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Jun 2019
A recent study has found that Indonesia is the second-most dangerous country for women in the Asia Pacific region. A nationwide survey commissioned by the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry found that one in three women in Indonesia suffered violence in their lifetime. But is this true for the average Indonesian women? We hit the streets of Jakarta to find out.
The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Indonesian population.
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  • Kurang pendidikan Sex aja sih masih tabu klo di Indonesia

  • Woman is treated as a dog in indonesia. Its a hell for woman .

  • *Indonesia is the second most dangerous country in Asia for women* Not surprised tbh.

  • Im indonesian where I live rarely happens sexual harassment, it might occur in dangerous areas

  • Wow I never knew that it really happened, I mean number 2 on asia pacific, that’s wow. For me, tbh it never happened on me, I mean not in my neighborhood or my society, its also pretty rare for me just walk on the street alone or without any companion, also I never going back home pretty late except if I have study group or anything related to college, and when it’s really late, my parents or my driver will picked me up. So it’s kinda surprise me that a lot of people getting catcalled on street here in Indonesia, sexual Harassment at train? Wow, I thought it only happened in us

  • Islamic radicalisation! What do you expect?

  • 2:13 i really want to punch this guy

  • I live in jakarta, when i was 13 someone dry humped me in the bus. I was so scared, no one NO ONE tried to help me. That was 7 years ago but i still remember how nasty and helpless i felt


  • Yuck!

  • Proven, Indonesian is among the most religious society, but it shows up as one of the most highest rate of sexual violance against female and the corruption is rampant. While the secular countries do much better. Ironic.

  • Daamn indonesians putting hijabs just for show

  • Everyone be calling out the guy who said "pretty safe" but none about that two girls in white and black . Black one literally said the same "we know it happens at depends on how we stay safe . So I think it's pretty safe" Really girl ?

  • itu karena kalian terlalu suka menonjolkan sesuatu dan menarik-narik sukanya. harus sering muhasabah sebelum menyalahkan orang yang salah.

  • feminist has entered Indo now? this will be brutal in indonesia.

  • blablabla you still dont know.. women is strong here.. you know "the powee of emak-emak" ??

  • Soooo dangerous

  • its easy, be ugly and you'll granted harassment immunity

    • lmao, r u stupid? Do u know that even ""ugly"" girl are raped and abused? It's not funny to joke about sexual harassment.

  • Indonesia speak like : dandonjaror

  • Aku mau jujur saja sama orang yg melakukan pelecehan seksual Pe pe mu kecil pendek kayak kelingking

  • Sebenarny hanya ada satu solusi sederhana. Perkuat pembelajaran/pemahaman Agama, krn gw yakin di agama apapun gak ada yg membenarkan sexual harassment. Jika semua orang memiliki pemahaman / pengaplikasian agamnya dgn sangat bagus, gw yakin sexual harassment itu akan menurun / hilang sendirinya.

  • Corruption will destroy indonesia and every countries in the world.

  • Asian Boss, can you please make a video about bullying in Indonesia? Recently there's a student from SMPN 16 Kota Malang who was bullied by 7 other students that he's currently in a hospital and his finger need to be amputated. He got blue bruises all over his body and there's video of him crying on Twitter because he's in pain.

    • The video of him crying is on @black__valley1 on Twitter, And the news is by searching "Siswa SMP di Kota Malang Dibully Tujuh Temannya Hingga Nyaris Diamputasi" on Google

  • Asian Boss, tolong bikin video tentang bullying di Indonesia dong. Ini barusan ada berita anak dari SMP 16 Malang dibully sampai hampir amputasi. Kalau bisa tolong diwawancara & dibantu anaknya tersebut

  • Third world

  • take care of yourself through appearance / keep yourself in attitude. actually The rapist did not see the victim's clothes but because the culprit was after what he knew could be raped. so it's good for women to avoid vulnerable places. find a safe time to travel. use safe transportation. and Always know the Emergency Number if something unexpected happens.

  • actually its dangerous for men and women to go outside at midnight in Indonesia

  • Number two? Just an opinion from an Indonesian male's perspective. It is not like the woman who walks outdoor easily to be raped here like in India. I lived in several cities in Indonesia throughout my life but only seen one or two when a man catcalled a woman. This country is not like Japan when a girl being groped by some pervert and some guy onlookers would likely stay silent without doing anything to help her. I remembered when I lived in Japan I saw a girl being harassed by a guy on the train. I noticed nobody was bothered. My natural reaction as an Indonesian average male is to confront that silly guy. For the woman who I think too dramatize this Indonesian woman safety story, I’d like to help non-Indonesian viewers to get a better depiction of this DANGEROUS term. Would you tell me how many times in a year you got that catcalling, or how many rape stories around your neighborhood in a year?

    • @을 ll장미꽃 ll Indeed bro, at least I live and interact with them here everyday. I have way better sense than you are there. Except me and my father all of our family member are woman, and they live just fine in Indonesia. Far from this video's scary depiction.

    • You're not a women, you can't understand so don't talk about things you can't live.

  • I'm not an Indonesian. But yet, after reading some comments it’s like i really have to say something. Some says everything is girls fault, & some says, boys. Actually, if FIRST boys keep their vision down, & women keep maintaining their hijab, both side respect each other. only then there will be created a balance in the society. & thus, the problem will be solved.

  • just saying, in Islam it's forbidden to commit such acts, Zina is one of the major sins. However, many Muslims started committing such sin nowadays, thinking that there are no consequences.

  • Mimpi kau!!!

  • Asian boss : how dangerous indonesia for women Me an indonesian : *visible confusion*

  • I'm not surprised because Muslim countries are like this

  • banyak cewek yg bertanya knp cwek mesti nutup tubuh mreka. sdangkan cwok nggak.? neng saya jawab simpel aja ya. tubuh eneng kalo anda gk tutupin cwok lihat lgs terangsang dan kalo terangsang. cwok pikiranya gk karuan... beda ama tubuhnya cwok. eneng lihat susunya cwok g bkal terangsang mlah bkal jijik.. jd pikiran eneng gk bkal aneh2... jd jg iri ya neng... berat kalo lihat eneng pkai hotpants. pikirang cwok2 kmana.

  • Amazing how all the women think there's a risk but the guy thinks it's safe. Also, the girl who say that she feels safe but is too scared to go out at night doesn't understand what safe means. If she's scared to go out at night then she isn't safe.

  • Indonesian girls is like the US girls. They dont like nice guy. They like bad guys. When they do, they just complain. Tf??????

    • Wtf? It's not about like good guy or bad guy? It's about rape, r u stupid?

  • Gunadarma University, E Campus

  • Welcome to Indonesia where law can be bought by money easily... money rule everything right here, not good conscience but money and corruption...

  • I love their hijab style so much!!! So I bought myself a square headscarf and copied them hehejwkshdkksns I AM IN LOVE ♡

  • It won't be so dangerous for Indonesian women if they weren't so easy... and spread their legs so readily with a little flirting and coaxing.

  • Gara2 flim porno barat yg mudah di akses..,hampir stiap hanpone ada.dan generasi ini cara hidupnya sdh ikut2an barat..

  • When I was 9 or 10, I walked in our school neighbourhood with a friend, there's this man riding on his motorcycle suddenly called us and showing off his p*n*s. And not long after that also with my friend when I was walking on the empty street, there's this guy who collects garbage, did the same thing like first man did to us. After that relevation I know that girls should never allow to walk alone even in broad daylight... I experienced several sexual harassment after I grow up, I witnessed some other girls being harassed too... I'm almost 35 now, married with kid.. sometimes still get catcalled too... Indonesia definitely is a place where women are still not safe to go outside alone..

  • Asian bosses are only opinionated, all correspondents who were asked were never subjected to sexual harassment themselves. most of them answered based on their anxiety, news from mainstream media, and rumors. so in my opinion this is very biased

  • this video won't download for watching later which is ironic since ''copyright'' has never been a term have ever associated with the term ''Asian'' .. totally wrong and hypocritical we steal your stuff but don't try copy our stuff is the attitude by the Mongoloids

  • and many cute indonesian girls came to Malaysia working as call girl, my first kiss was with one. sad she's not here anymore :(

  • 6.34, well to be honest, there's still a lot of muslim people here who still don't understand their own religion. Some of them even don't have a willingness to study Islam for much further. If the understand Islam, I believe that there will be no such thing in Indonesia. There's a gap between muslim (as seen on their ID card) in one side, and Islam in another side.

  • Harassment, rape and domestic abuse happens literally everywhere. Nation and religion doesn't really matter, bad people live everywhere. That's why we still need prisons.

  • Annie Oakley: I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms(women) as naturally as they know how to handle a baby.

  • the way 2 girl wearing hijab answer the question is so disgusting

  • the brothel of eastasia. age 12 can work So going to east asia group of boy for travel. is Trash. Get away from you. it s diguisting monster.

  • Video starts Me : fell in love with the girl talking at first

  • These statistics are really confusing. I lived in Malaysia and went to Indonesia for many years but never encountered any serious social crime issues towards woman or people in general. Then I studied in USA for 4 years and one of my friends had someone pointed a gun to his head (luckily he didn't get rob and manage to escape) and another one almost got raped when she went to a party. However, it's considered a norm here in the US hence no one bothers to report about it unless someone is dead lol. Things like marijuana, alcohol and sex before marriage are considered a serious crime in Malaysia but in the US, it's a normal activity that you can do. I also went to France for a vacation and my friend got pickpocket and lost all his money and passport. Similar cases happened to a couple of my friends who traveled there a couple of years back. I feel really safe going out alone in Malaysia but not in US. Somehow, crime statistics in the USA and France are lower than in Malaysia.

  • Every woman in this video always talk about sexual harassment. What happened with Indonesian man?


  • What is doing indonesian goverment. Why the women is not safe .. Why they do such a things .. Like to harass girls for sex.. I feel soo glity to say this word. And what r doing men in indonesia.. When the rape or other thing is happening in streets or anywhere alse infront of them . Then they on watch out.and capturethat movement on phone.. Why this.. You should catch them and beat as you want and then handle to police ... Then the womens or girls will be It is not goverments work it is ur work to doo.. Otherwise it will become more dangerous to indonesian womens.. Brothers should protect their sisters always... And never fear from someone .. And What is doing the pm of indonesia ... I think he is sleeping always he dont know what is happening in my country.. I think he is nonsense he cant handle how to lead a countryy... Iam requesting the pm of indonesia to speak on this topic.. To safe indonesian womens... Thank you a lot for indonesian womens and girls .. Much more love from mee

  • idk why but i can say indonesia termasuk minim soal pemerkosaan (yang diliput dimedia) yang ga diliput ya who know. tapi dilingkungan maupun kota ane, jarang banget ada kasus tersebut.

  • Gue kira yg ada di thumbnail youtube mbak Nissa Sabyan dong 😂

  • I think indonesia need to get sexual education since a young age for prevention,and put some rules for the sexual harrasment such as catcalling etc.

  • the laws in Indonesia is basically: who blame the person the last gets jailed, welcome to indonesia

  • yes that's very bad. even if you are harassed, people will blame you. in posts that encourage the public not to do violence to women, help them to speak up, and provide telephone numbers that can be contacted, people continue to speak as if blaming women for every case of violence, and some of them ask "what if men who experience cases of violence, whether anyone defended ". well everyone must be protected, but the percentage of women experiencing violence in Indonesia is very high, they don't even know who should be protected first. in posts that invite women to learn how to protect themselves, men even make a mockery "if we get hit nobody will listen to us" "what if men" "why are all focused on women" "men are not monsters if you understand how to behave". . If its always like this then the violance will never end . Sorry for my bad english :")