How Much Better Is Sonic's Redesign? Head to Head Comparison! (Sonic the Hedgehog Movie)

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The latest Sonic trailer featured a few scenes that also appeared in the debut trailer, so it's time for us to put it head to head with the original to see just how far the design has come!
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    • Esquad Productions rfb

    • GameXplain well twilight is now the new sonic 2019 old design in the mlp final that design still give me nightmares

    • GameXplain i like the new better

    • Realstic sux

    • lol. less scarier n more realistic

  • I did notice that in the movie Sonic’s movements seemed a little stiff. I think this is because they had already completed a lot of scenes with the original look so when they changed it they had to change the animation as well to fit the larger features. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but since they needed to have the movie out by a certain time it may have been difficult to do it perfectly for some scenes. I may just be overthinking it, I don’t know. It was just something I noticed and wanted to share. Still loved the movie and I’m glad they fixed it

  • I like the redisin

  • does anyone know what is the name of the violin song at the beginning of the vid?

  • I feel like Paramount did sonic bad on purpose so the movie would get more popular before released.

  • Old one looks so freaking scary

  • neil cicierega

  • Here’s the difference 1st one: furry with a home made costume and human attributes 2nd one: cartoon with cartoon attributes

  • J

  • 2020: that's a pity 2019: uh...meow?

  • I

  • 2019: sAnic the rat naked CoSTUme full off human teeth 2020: Sonic the hedeghog

  • I love the new version of the sonic.

  • Redesign looks perfect to me and was worth the extra time.

  • 1:46 the newer version does not jump out of the back of the truck, he does the same as the older version.

  • still better than cats *shudders*

  • The 2nd 1 imao

  • *In a sequentially ranked hierarchy, the differences between us are too vast to quantify*

  • The redesign is perfect

  • I would never ever watch this again this is so creepy I told you this was creepy

  • I don’t know what to say so so they are different I am don’t even want to look at those teeth

  • I am just gonna get out of here and just look at the not creepy sonic because this is not holding a rain

  • I see your creepy sonic that I don’t want to look at it any more

  • 😀👏

  • Winter Garden Pizza Garden

  • 2019: You. 2020: Your crush.

  • Just saw the movie and my wife told me there was another design for sonic. Man so glad they didn't use the bad one cause the movie look great. Hope they make a second

  • Here we have pickachu, camel, abomination...

  • 2019 Sonic: Monkey Kid from Jumanji. 2020: It's a me Sonic!

  • redesigned sonic is better...But its texture is not so good.. It would be better if Its mouth area is more white and its texture is more realistic


  • I love the redesign! He looks more expressive and detailed with the new look. The color palette looks better and the sizing makes all the difference. His hands are bigger and his body frame just seems more put together. This just goes to show to let an animated character BE an animated character. Don't give them human proportions (human eyes, hands, head etc.) because it won't translate well in CGI and they just won't look good at all.

  • Really makes you wonder how they thought they might get away with the first design.

  • Someone got unenployed... lol

  • Sonic first one is netflix adaption

  • I like the new sonic redesign

  • It's not until you see them both IN MOTION that you see how much better one genuinely is.

  • New design is better...old one was kinda little ugly.. I don't know...yeah

  • I like the new onemmore is more cuter and more cool moves

  • The new redesign is so much better idk why just why the first one was even shown , actually made me not want to watch the movie now with the new one I’m gonna do it 🤘

  • I like the 2nd one

  • 2019-so out of character 2020-yes yes yes yes

  • imagine if we bullied our government and president the way we did paramount, lmfao

  • I just realized that the original design doesn’t blink

  • I definitely prefer the new design.

  • the 1 sonic looks like. another chineas knockoff

  • I completely forgot the first design looked like a *squirrel that fell in a wood chipper!*

  • New one - What I expected to draw Old one - What I really draw

  • they should release the old sonic remake so there are more things to add in a comparison video

  • congrats to the artist of this sonic design, he should get a promotion for saving this movie

  • Can u pls type yes in replies pls

  • Wanna make money listen to the fans

  • Я не играл в игры про Соника, но новый (справа)заметно лучше и живее,чем уродец предыдущий =)

  • okay. so here is what i think. everything is better and all but. . . . sonic is so fast(obviously) he MUST have a brain that is also fast enough to keep up with his steps(moves). it's common sense right? he is clearly faster than a bullet. but then he gets shot in the leg with a dart by a human. . . . . wow... makes total sense. now some one will come and say "he wasn't ready." well hold your logic. sonic is so fast compared to humans that by the time Tom freaks out and decides to shoot sonic and the by the time the dart reaches sonic , he would have run to san Francisco and probably even gotten back .

  • Brand new

  • It looks more cartoonish not natural

  • The old Sonic reminds me of when the boy is turning into a mouse in the movie "The Witches" - younger viewers probably won't know that one

    • I watched that movie, and was horrified by their faces when they take off the masks.

  • they could paint him brown and make a bigfoot movie?

  • Omg the new sonic look so much better then the old one omg

  • Thank GOD they changed it. Also, I went to see sonic with my 8yo and we both loved it. I think it was the best video game movie adaptation I've ever seen! I did hate the stupid olive garden "joke" as it was the most annoying kind of product placement, but other than that it was very enjoyable. It's not an Oscar type of film, but it was very enjoyable for a family outing.

  • At first they made sanic the movie but the fans ask for sonic

  • The original looks too realistic it’s scary..

  • Some people just have to understand like- OTHER People: “Oh his arms are blue? Gotta go dislike” Please stop the hate with the arms. Its not a big deal, atleast you got the redesign instead of momo sonic

  • The first Sonic just looks like they took a real life teenager going throagh puberty and took the kid hostage and turned him into a dissaster Mabey thats how they did it Thank you brain I didn't want to sleep to night anyways

  • I love the new sonic more then the Old sonic More I watched the new 🎥 movie 🍿🤯👏🏼😃

  • Gamefreak can really learn from this

  • I like the teeth on the first design.


  • New

  • I mean the change of character yes its good but why did they have to change stuff like when he ran and stuff like you guys might know what i mean (or what im talking bout)

  • Hopefully there will be a third redesign.

  • I honestly think the first was a fake.... like @peterknetter

  • The new one I love it 🖤🖤🖤

  • Congratulations on the successful showing of Sega's beloved character Sonic the Hedgehog. Indeed the redesign along with great casting and an outstanding script make the movie a hit. We hope they make sequels but not mess up the Chaos Emeralds with the Super Chaos Emeralds.

  • Someone in my STEM class said that he liked the old sonic design better. I laugh but he wasn’t joking. I haven’t talked to him since

  • I think the old one looks cuter

  • what do i think? the "bad" sonic design is actually on purpose and the "actual" design has been sitting there the whole time, just waiting for the right momment

  • I bet whoever prefer the debut version likes plastic sex doll

  • The old design was just a realistic sanic

  • You fucking love yourself mate. Shut up and show the comparison. Nobody searched this to hear you endlessly talking before you even show it.