How the CIA Ran a Secret Toy Operation in South Asia

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We do videos on intriguing & thought-provoking Asiany topics, including stereotypes, history, culture & geography.
Researcher/Writer/Narrator: Kento Bento
Illustrator: Charlie Rodriguez
Video Editor: Kento Bento
Official Cheerleader: Nina Bento
Guangdong, China, 2005. It was late at night.
A factory manager made his way past the assembly line to the adjoining warehouse, where a meeting was set to take place - a group of men had already gathered. He didn’t know exactly who these men were, but from his contact, he knew they were important people.
Not wasting any time he presented to them what they asked for, a toy; a toy that he and his colleagues had passionately been working on the past few months. Upon inspection, the men seemed pleased with the product; but in order to move to the next phase of operation, final approval was needed from Langley.
You see, these men were from the CIA; and this operation, if successful, could help put an end to one of the greatest conflicts in modern time.
But how? What was this toy? And who were they targeting?
This happened in 2005, but what lead to this moment, actually started four years earlier.
Points covered in the video:
- Guangdong manufacturing factories in China
- CIA Headquarters at Langley, Virginia
- September 11 (9/11)
- Twin Towers of the World Trade Center & Pentagon
- al-Qaeda
- Taliban
- FBI's Most Wanted List (25 million dollar bounty)
- Coalition forces
- Afghanistan & Pakistan
- CIA toys
- Osama bin Laden (Usama bin Laden)
- Donald Levine at Hasbro Toy Company
- G.I. Joe
- China mass production
- Osama bin Laden toy
- Operation Devil Eyes
- Influence operations
- Chinese factories
- Operation Neptune Spear
- Robert O'Neill


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