How the CIA Ran a Secret Toy Operation in South Asia

Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Nov 2018
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Guangdong, China, 2005. It was late at night.
A factory manager made his way past the assembly line to the adjoining warehouse, where a meeting was set to take place - a group of men had already gathered. He didn’t know exactly who these men were, but from his contact, he knew they were important people.
Not wasting any time he presented to them what they asked for, a toy; a toy that he and his colleagues had passionately been working on the past few months. Upon inspection, the men seemed pleased with the product; but in order to move to the next phase of operation, final approval was needed from Langley.
You see, these men were from the CIA; and this operation, if successful, could help put an end to one of the greatest conflicts in modern time.
But how? What was this toy? And who were they targeting?
This happened in 2005, but what lead to this moment, actually started four years earlier.
Points covered in the video:
- Guangdong manufacturing factories in China
- CIA Headquarters at Langley, Virginia
- September 11 (9/11)
- Twin Towers of the World Trade Center & Pentagon
- al-Qaeda
- Taliban
- FBI's Most Wanted List (25 million dollar bounty)
- Coalition forces
- Afghanistan & Pakistan
- CIA toys
- Osama bin Laden (Usama bin Laden)
- Donald Levine at Hasbro Toy Company
- G.I. Joe
- China mass production
- Osama bin Laden toy
- Operation Devil Eyes
- Influence operations
- Chinese factories
- Operation Neptune Spear
- Robert O'Neill


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  • At 0:36 please count the fingers.

  • CIA: Here at Langley there are no dumb ideas, just backup plans of steadily increasing desperation.

  • Who noticed the spider on the guys hand at second 0:31

  • LOL How western media tells that Osama was hiding.. 😀 He was literally living near a Pakistani army base.

  • Osama is dead

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  • everyone has to stop saying the f word I have a granddaughter u know


  • I love how he transitions into his sponsors

  • Every time he has a great sponsor segue, I feel like I just got Rick-rolled

  • A toy that's face would melt off to show a demon like face underneath? Dude, that's rad. -Where's my melty face toyline dammit.-

  • It makes me sad you didnt mention beyblades

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  • Muslims would never ever ever do this it’s framed, believe what you want though.

  • Dude, You should Realy keep up with these great animations

  • ur videos are amazing!!

  • 2001 or 2011?

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  • RIP Todd Beamer his famous words let's role and helped the plane to crash in a Pennsylvania Field so no one got hurt and sacrificed his life for other people

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  • Bush did it tho

  • 9/11 was an inside job! You can't run away from that truth!

  • Twas a dumb plan

  • Why send troops to kill a bunch of terrorists. Send one troop with napalm (the soldier would have to agree with the suicide).

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  • Donald......Lavine I thought Trump.

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  • Dude this guy is way too good at segways

  • George Bush is waking up in the morning. He slowly walked to his bathroom to brush his teeth, and when he suited up he think: "We need to make a 12 inch version of Osama bin Laden and give it to kids in Afghan in hope for he's finded."

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  • The CIA is probably keeping all of it and are doing "something" with it.

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