How to Draw a Couple Walking in the Rain / Red Acrylic Painting

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JayLee - How to paint with acrylic / Painting Techniques
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Jay Lee is a painting youtuber. He paints beautiful world on the canvas, and share videos for you and everyone. Put Jay Lee's painting in your space, and make world beautiful.
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  • Maravilhosooooo......que linda arte 😍😍😍👏👏👏

  • Que coisa mais lindaaaa!!!

  • I don't know how I stumbled onto this but I'm glad I did!

  • Wonderful. Thank you.

  • Hola hermoso tu trabajo me encantó el cuadro como te puedo contactar para comprate un cuadro ,mira a mi me encanta mucho la estrella de mar y me gustaría mucho un cuadro .te animas a pintarla

  • Гениально. Спасибо. Захотелось повторить.

  • Simplemente puedo decir: Maravilloso. Nuevo subscriptor.

  • Perfeito!

  • Una pareja caminando bajo la nevada, en pleno otoño, muy bonito, beautiful picture.

  • This is beautiful!!!

  • lindo de mais parabéns

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  • La mayoría de los comentarios tan en ingle :v o en otro idioma v:

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  • the picture of the video is fake

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  • Классно! Красиво талантище , всегда завидовала людям которые умеют рисовать, жаль что у меня нет такого таланта. 😊

  • I'm no artist but I'm pretty sure that was painting not drawing 😂 should be titled "how to paint a couple"

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  • Perfeito lindo gostei muito arrazou

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  • Wow!!!! 😍😍😍bellísimo. 👌

  • Very beautiful, very talented. You remind me of Bob Ross. However you should sign your paintings and date them as well. From experience I can tell you that you can forget which year was it when you did such and such a painting.

  • Hermosísimo

  • I’m not big on it

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  • It reminds me in the creative therapy sessions I had when I was in a therapy a year ago..

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  • This guy is the Bob Ross of aluminum foil/Q-tip painting.

  • Muy hermoso

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  • Muito bacana. E é uma técnica simples. Vamos tentar....

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