How to edit video on your iPhone or iPad with iMovie - Full Tutorial

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In this video, I'll show you how to use iMovie for iOS. Taking you through all the steps involved in creating a movie, including importing you media, cutting clips, applying transitions, adding text and adding music.
You can follow along with iMovie on your iPad or iPhone. If you don't have a copy of it, go to the App store and download it for free.
Note a new version has just been released. Much of it is the same but there are some new features including the ability to do Green Screen and PIP with still images. The interface looks mostly the same but some minor differences which I'll explain on a new video shortly.
This video has been updated to reflect some of the additional features in 2020:
New video here:

See the follow up video on how to do Picture in Picture and Split Screen video using iMovie here:
How to Green Screen using iMovie:
How to record Voice over using iMovie iOS


  • Brilliant video I learned a lot however one thing escapes me . How do you cut parts of a clip out without losing most of it ? When you tap on a clip you get the yellow bands at each end of the clip but how do cut out the centre of the clip and keep the rest ?

    • Great, glad you liked the video. you can use the yellow bars left and right to drag inwards to get to the in and out points you want in a clip. However i it is a long clip you might be better off putting the playhead at the point where you want to start the cut, tap on split, then move the playhead to the point where you want to end the cut and split that. Then delete the clip that has just been created by this process.....

  • The only thing I want on imovie is to see the time of the video as it's playing.. really annoying having to guess how far along you are without cutting it

    • True, that is annoying. You can see the total duration of the movie with the numeric text field at the end of the thumbnails in the timeline. However you can't see the time along the playhead. Let's hope they update it in a future version.

  • Thanks for your video. I finally made a movie on IMovie with your help. 😊

  • Amazing video OMG Thank you 🙏🏽!!!!!!

  • Thank you 🙏🏻

  • How do you remove talk/ noise from my original video? Please tell

    • Thankyou🙂 i think something wrong with my phone. When i edit and play it plays blank only audio

    • You can silence the full audio track of each video clip by tapping on the volume icon and sliding left to 0.

  • I’ve been procrastinating on learning how to edit video on iMovie. Now I have less excuses!

  • I liked it very much

  • Hi Everyone! I created an update to this video tutorial which contains some of the new features of the latest version of iMovie. You can find the video here:

  • Hello I'm using this application, i have some concern if i will download it the movie is not full

    • Not sure what you mean by that. Are you concerned that it will take up too much space on your phone? If so I can tel you that the app itself is around 661MB. Then you will need a fair bit of storage available for editing your videos.

  • How do you make an existing video clip a slomo version? Let’s say , I have a video of someone hitting someone but I didn’t shoot them using slomo. If I want to see that existing video in slomo , what do I do? Thanks

    • Touch Technology Review I learnt it after play for hours in the iMovie on my phone. One last question, how do I create titles for my video? I mean like first with empty background with lots of texts about what this video is about where and when etc. as of now on iMovie when I create movie and go to the plus sign it takes me straight to my videos or pics and I can’t figure out how to create a title with lots sentences or words. Thanks

    • DAVID1239354 Oh I see what you mean. In iMovie for iOS you can do speed ramping so the only way to do that is to split your movie clip at the playhead where’ you want to start the speed change and apply the speed effect to the clip you just cut.

    • ​@Touch Technology Review I tried that on imovie app on my iphone. it is the icon betwen turtle and rabbit right? when i choose the speed to slow or fast by draging the slider to left or right, the entire clips are slow or fast. How do I select only certain part of the clips go slow or fast? thanks

    • @DAVID1239354 Yes for sure 512GB should let you record and edit many hours of 4k video! Congrats on the upgrade. What a phone. You should find editing even faster and smoother on the new 11 Pro too!👍

    • @Touch Technology Review Thanks. I will learn all these. BTW, I upgraded my iphone xs 64gb to 11 PRO 512 GB. With this large storage size, I can take all my videos on 4K and edit upload on Imovie without any problem or freezing issue? I had trouble with the IPhone XS 64 GB with its very low storage size . I was never able to edit & save new video files unless I keep deleting my existing videos, apps etc. I should now take videos on 4K right? thanks.

  • Ive been editing my video’s with imovie for Years but If you are a ios gaming youtuber you should go to Lumafusion

  • Link app plz

  • Next time use an iPhone

  • Is there a way to block background noice on iPad using iMovie

  • good video thanks

  • Is there a reverse option

  • 3 years of owning the iPhone and looking you tubers getting rich....I find the answer in my phone. Wow, thank you so much

  • great video! but i wish you showed the final product

  • may i know which watch are you wearing at the end of this video... ;)

    • It's the moto 360 gen 1. I have since updated and now wearing the Nixon Mission. Similar sports style of watch running wear OS and compatible with both Android and Apple iPhone......

  • Can you please address why when I add video or pictures I now only have a black screen in iMovie on my phone?

    • That is strange. Perhaps there is an issue or conflict with a recent software update. Suggest checking your phone is updated to the latest iOS13 and then deleting and downloading iMovie again from the app store.

  • Wow thanks to ur advice my channel has twenty subscribers now due to my edited videos.

  • Very good sir,

  • This is the best video I have ever watched about iMovie thank you so much for everything you do I have use this video as a reference more times than I can count you have helped me truly create my channel

    • Glad to hear that! Thanks so much for that incredibly positive feedback! Greatly appreciated!

  • Update please😁

  • Using my iPad I can shorten the beginning but if I touch and hold a frame it just skips to the beginning of the movie that I am trying to edit. What am I doing wrong?

  • I’m moving my video in but they are not showing up in the preview window when it plays there is only sound . Can you help?

  • Wow I learned so much in this video.. Thank you

  • Great video! Thank you!any advice for adding effects to the video?Or any recommendations of apps?

  • Thank you for taking the time to make this. New to video editing and using the iMovie app.

  • you didnot mention anything about voice over and how to edit the voice

    • Here is the video that I produced on that topic.

  • On the iPhone none of the features presented are available for me.

    • There has been an update since this video, it looks a little different now. So depends on what version you have. If you have a phone that can be updated to iOS 13 then you can update iMovie to the latest version too.

  • That was excellent. Just what I needed! Thank you ever so much.

  • My video doesn’t have any pictures. Can you please help?

  • I used to own iMovie, it’s been in the cloud on my iPad for some time. When I try to reinstall it finishes and stays in the cloud, then when I search for it in the App Store it isn’t there. When I safari “iMovie” it gives me the link to AppStore but then the iMovie install button is the cloud and greyed out?

    • Touch Technology Review thank you, that’s exactly what it was. I used the apple chat service and they asked me to download again from my purchases section in the App Store. My iPad and iPod have reached iOS 12.4.4 and will not update further, I can see this being a problem for me now. Maybe a ploy by apple to encourage me to purchase newer devices? I’m not sure but is such an inconvenience, either way I cannot fault their tech support. Amazing! Thanks for your reply too, you were 100% correct 👍🏾

    • The new iMovie requires iOS 13. Check that you have updated your iOS

  • Tried importing video and audio to iMovie on my desktop Mac using my Apple 6S phone with Osmo mobile 3 through DJI app. The video is fine but no audio track, called Apple Care they suggested delete the app reinstall the app but still not working . Not using the DJI app works fine . I already put 8 to 10 hours in to try to figure this out not making any progress .any suggestions? P.s. using TOAST 16 app on my desktop audio and video import just fine... any suggestions . HELP

    • @anthony bellino Great to hear that it worked! Cheers!

    • Took your advice, change the format from MP4 to MOV. Able to import video and audio to iMovie. Everything works fine the world is saved. Thanks again for the great advice, you saved the day.

    • Thanks for the quick response, I will try that. Thanks again

    • Sounds like iMovie is not able to encode the audio track. Try exporting the video file from your toast app into a different format. MP4 or .mov. See if an alternate render of the video works....

  • great sir

  • This was great clear well spoken explanation, subscribed, next step how do I include transcript of verbal commentary/dialogue

    • Thanks so much. iMovie doesn’t do this for you automatically, however you can use the text tool to add text on each clip of video....

  • This was super helpful! Thank you!

  • thank you!!!!!

  • Very useful! Thanks much for posting the tutorial! :)

  • How to export video in 1080 60 FPS? Please do tell me......

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  • very good

  • Making a video of editing a video to get 2 videos out at a time. Sneaky

  • You My Good Sir are the real MVP! 💪🏻

  • nice

  • Until I saw your video, I put a “CR” prefix on the iMovie App. Rhymes with Crap. To date, I don’t want to invest time and $ into learning Lumavision or Rush for the small amount of video I am playing around with. In the past, I’ve used PC based video editors and done a lot of things involving multiple softwares to pull in edited graphics, progressions and clips. I appreciate your thoroughness in laying out the major features here. Thanks.

    • Great to hear that my tutorial was helpful. Yes its pretty good for a basic editor and given the simplicity and the fact that its free makes it a good option for most wanting to do a simple edit for youtube and general sharing....


  • How do I get this app I have an iPad but I can’t find it

    • @Touch Technology Review thanks man imma sub because of u being so helpful

    • @Zylo Yeah they removed the old version of iMovie and updated it mid last year. Since the update iOS 13 is required to see it on the store and download. iOS 13 is great, I have had no issues on my iphone XR and even my ipad air 2 which is at least 5 years old. Runs well for me.👍

    • @Touch Technology Review thanks dude I was wondering about that because I'm still on iOS 12 because I heard iOS 13 wasn't good

    • You May have to upgrade the iPad to iOS 13. Once you do that it should appear in the App Store.

  • Who disliked?

  • Not show I movie is my iPhone x whyy

    • You have to download it from the app store. If you can't see it on the store then you need to upgrade to iOS 13....

  • How can I add text that pops up & disappear

  • thank you.

  • how do i add circles or lines to my movie on mobile?

  • How to lower the volume of the soundtrack in some parts of the video?

    • Touch Technology Review after playing with the app, my conclusion is that when using imovie soundtracks instead of my own music gallery, they behave differently, whenever I cut a soundtrack it makes it finish so soundtracks cannot be lower in volume in specific parts.

    • Oh I see. Try tapping on the audio track and the tapping on foreground in the sub menu at the bottom. This makes it a foreground audio track as opposed to background and should prevent that from happening,

    • Touch Technology Review thank you for such a quick response, but when I split the soundtrack imovie adjusts the music to end one part in an smooth way and stars over from the beginning again on the other part not matching the two parts.

    • The only way to do it in iMovie for iOS is to split the background music in multiple parts by tapping on the audio track then tapping on the point in the timeline where you want to split. Then Tap on the audio region and use the volume icon to adjust as required. It’s not as smooth as using iMovie for the desktop 🖥 as you can’t ramp up and down using key frames but will do the job for quick edits on your phone.

  • If you after an amzing free app check this out

  • Can i edit 4k 60fps on iPhone 11 through iMovie??

    • Yes you can. I have tested with the 4k footage taken with my iPhone. When you complete the project, click on the save movie option and you can select your movie size ranging from 360p to 4k.

  • Best tutorial on iMovie thank you for making. I have searched high and low and I have a Skillshare account but your video tops them all. I was struggling to make videos and will now have the confidence to do so subscribed and thank you 😊

    • Thanks so much for checking out the video and for the great feedback. Really appreciated! Glad that it was helpful! I did a couple of follow ups on iMovie for iOS for advanced features too such as PIP(Picture in Picture) which you might find useful too. You can see it here if you are interested. Best wishes and thanks for the sub! More content coming soon.😀

  • Can you add a watermark (logo) with imovie too?

    • @Matrix Jiu Jitsu You're welcome. Cheers!

    • @Touch Technology Review awesome thx a lot!

    • Yes you can. You can do it by using the PIP ( Picture in Picture feature) I demonstrate how to do PIP in iMovie for iOS in this video Instead of selecting a video as your PIP asset just select your transparent png file from your camera roll.