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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • This dude lost omg

  • why did you lose i cry

  • Ksi won

  • You lost you fuckin bitch shut the fuck up everything you said didnt happen ksi destroyed you

  • L.p. should have won because ksi did cheap shop

  • REKT

  • You are fricking trash

  • Lol literally most of the fight is on ID-tv

  • L

  • Logan were are u ?😂😂 how your fight

  • You suck Logan Paul

  • Hmm I think we might see them struggle, put on some extra weight, and mmm as early knockout is rare, u DO need. A hell lot of sped aNd force which I think tht Logan has however he might need to work on the speed, just a liiiiiitle bit so he can come across the chance to even knock him out lol


  • Logan get wreck

  • pre fight: i’m the healthiest i have ever been post fight: i sneezed 3 times ...

  • I sNeEzed

  • Your still my favorite you tuber I think you won but don’t worry we all know who the real winner is

  • L

  • Sad😢

  • Logan : I lost the fight.. Shannon : don't worry, I will become the bigger meme. KSI : Lets go tramp.

  • I’m still very angry about that ref 😞

    • what about him, logan held ksi from the back and landed a uppercut first illlegal move, you cant hold someone especially the back, and then when he landed it ksi was down but logan striked ksi, second illegal move, you cant hit someone when they are about to go down or is down. So dont be salty and accept that ksi is way better.

  • “Heavily pirated” welcome to the internet and it also available free now

  • I love your videos and I hope you win the fight

  • Fuck KSI he is a bich

  • Logan Paul you are so bad boxing you are 😭😭 because you are smaller baby

  • I filmed it live FBI OPEN UP

  • 😍

  • *LOOSER*

  • I think the title needs to be:How to lose the fight

  • Haha dick head your shit let’s go champs he done so much for you your cocky fucking bastard way who won not u 😂😂

  • Your a fucking lost

  • I cant beleive that logan paul lose

  • Getting major DeFranco vibes from this thumbnail.

  • Really close

  • Wait what

  • Can you watch it after it’s over

  • Even justin bieber cares about this

  • Ab To tu haar gaya!

  • You gonna beat him, Don’t ask how I know

  • Logan's a bitch

  • How to watch you lose LMAO

  • Bruh you been a bitch and you can fight. I won a couple racks off you bum ass😂😂😂

  • “Imma get a early knockout”” 😑😕😖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Play it on t series

  • 2:39 Logan before fight: “I am the most mentally, healthy and physically healthy I have ever been in my entire life” Logan after fight: “I aM sIcK, i’Ve BeEn SiCk FoR tHe PaSt ThReE dAyS”

  • KSI

  • KSI

  • KSI

  • Big talks motherfucker

  • Congratulation Reaching 20 million subscriber 😺😺

  • you don't seem sick here...

  • Yo why don’t u go back to the old u

  • Logan you lost all that stuff you talked has literally bite you back in the a*s that's why you shouldn't be cocky to ksi and you cheat that's the thing im glad ksi won so you realise just because ppl are smaller doesn't mean they are weaker

  • I was sick so that’s why I lost

    • No it because he sneezed 3 times

  • 3:11 LOL!

  • Jb is not wrong NEC minute

  • before fight i am the most mentally, physically healthy, i have ever been in my life after fight: i sneezed 3 times in the morning ... i was sick from last 3 days

  • logan dont give up on youtube we love you how you are and mae us laught we lve yu been a youtuber please dont give up youtube

  • How did you lose wtf

  • Im shocked he said philipines.