How Well Does BTS Know Each Other? | BTS Game Show | Vanity Fair

Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Agu 2021
BTS tests who knows one another best in the BTS Game Show. They tour together, sing together, and eat together, but how much do they actually know about each other? Does Jungkook know RM's biggest artistic influence? What makes Suga cry? Who knows J-Hope's greatest fear? When did V realize he was famous? What is Jungkook's favorite song to perform?

BTS record breaking hit songs "Butter" and "Permission to Dance" are out now, listen here:

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How Well Does BTS Know Each Other? | BTS Game Show | Vanity Fair


  • "We live in a cruel world where they remember winners only." - Jin

  • The way Jungkook changed his answer to "army's love" real quick.

  • Jhope: it's something more

  • V: What is my life motto?

  • J-hope to Jimin: "Straighten up your posture."

  • Jin saying his achievement was being able to call Bang PD “hyung” was the most precious 😭

  • let's be honest, they are like siblings, they probably know everything about eo 🥺

  • SUGA:

  • "When people give me discount, I tell them I don't need to" - JIN

  • Jungkook: You know me better than I do.

  • Jin: What is one achievement that I most proud of?

  • Jimin: “Permission to Dance!”

  • I feel like the interviews where they let them interact with each other are the best ones 🥺💜

  • How can people hate these boys. They are just loveable, adorable, funny, humble ~

  • I love how Hobi told jimin to straighten his posture and the whole group fixed their posture🤣🤣

  • 10:55

  • V: "what is my life motto?"

  • "When did you first realize you were famous?" "Discount"

  • I don't think anyone enjoys hearing "no" but when V says it, im sure we'll all gladly take it

  • I am straight man with children, but I can see why women drool all over these young studs. Very handsome and charismatic young men. They just finished their concert in LA yesterday and they pretty much turned LA inside out. I don’t recall any musician/celebrity being able to do that in my 40+ yrs of living in LA. They truly are global mega-stars. Good job, guys.