I ABANDONED My Mercedes SL55 AMG Project 2 Years Ago...NOW IT'S BACK!!! - Garage Update Episode 2

Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Peb 2020
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Today we take a look at the Mercedes section of my garage...and that includes a restart of my SL55 AMG project, that I put on the back burner 2 years ago. I'm super excited to get this going in a big way!
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  • Wrench Every Wednesday

  • Mercedes should never allow any of their cars to leave with a matching interior and body color...

  • I done the engine mounts on my S600 not long ago and it wasn't as bad as people make them out to be. It actually took me and my friend an hour and a half to do both engine mounts. I'd be happy to tell you exactly how to do it step by step if you need any help or advise. The one on the left side was completely gone on mine too. Here is mine if you see my comment and would like to see how my S600 looks like now www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=414057

  • Also those headlights need polishing

  • Keep the auto! //C

  • Germans are Horrible at making cars. I owned a VW nothing but headaches. I could afford a new Mercedes but Why when I can get a Toyota for 1/3 the price, with no mechanical issues. Is it the sound of the engine that has mercedes lover hooked?

  • I couldnt stand being surrounded by all those broken beaten have-been shadows of cars with parts broken, missing, warning lights filled to the brim with junk. Jesus christ. Makes me frustrated and sad. I'd rather have one nice car than 10 broken and beaten "fixer uppers"

  • Psh haven't had a working driver side window in 2 years lol

  • They make a relay that will clear the warning light from the suspension swap.

  • I remember when this channel was good

  • Why don't you try upgrade the 5Gtronic valve body with a sportier ones like the one used in Mopar. Or maybe can ask Alex from legit street cars. It seems like manual swap gonna be forever. 😁

  • The SL55 is a very pretty car.

  • Tavarish, one question mate. There are some Mercedes manual transmissions that could bolt on your engine, especially from the diesel engines from that era. Why didn't you go that way?

  • oil drippers

  • Hurts to see the dusty cars. A quick wet wipe and dry takes 15 minutes and that SL would look hot. I know, you don’t care about clean cars. Kinda like a Bolian...lol

  • Sick manual is how they should’ve come from the factory

  • its a mercedes v8 kompressor

  • Lets get one thing cleared up..Rob F has a fleet.Tavarish has a Collection😂😂

  • Why not get a T56?

  • Wrench it.. Sunday? Or wednesday. Depending how you feel about it.

  • Watching with autogenerated subtitles be like:Hello ,my name is Dolores.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="989">16:29</a> needs a straight pipe

  • These SL convertibles have an unacceptable lack of body shell rigidity, causing dreadful body shimmer / skuttle shake when encountering a rough surface, especially a pothole.

  • I fail to understand the point of just adding 'project' cars which lie unfinished for years on end. The thrill of the chase for exotics aside, they re just dead weights to me until they start running perfect. As a car enthusiast, it troubles me no end to have a non functioning car in my garage (even if its something as minor as a reverse light malfunction!!).

  • Let me know how they restore the paint, i have a 2009 bmw125i that requires a paint restoration. Have fun with that bell housing alignment!

  • Service C is just an oil change and a once over

  • I had a 2014 S350 CDI these cars are great and very reliable

  • Hi Tavarish, please make sure you do this car! Would be great to see the finish product as im also looking to purchase this car as it will be a classic!

  • Kannst du deutsch wegen dem Intro ? 😱👍🏻

  • is there a reason you don't have battery tenders?

  • I miss the 4 door blue Benz from Dubai that was a nice daily driver

  • Gearbox from E270CDI (w210, w211) should do the job. Had it tuned for 500Nm and OEM clutch was fine. Over 500 Nm there was a problem but guys in UK as far as I remember had some solutions. There are plenty of diesel Mercedes hardcore tuned in Europe with manual gerbox.

  • i suggest that the alarm on the w220 is the same or at least something like it as on the r230 (i owned one sl55 myself), there the alarm had his own little battery (see: www.hanshehl.de/sl55amg1/bilder/edw/alarmneu2-1.jpg )

  • Part of what you said is correct on the clutch but I have and still do daily drive a twin disk and now have a triple disk and have zero issues daily driving it in traffic or hills cause I do live in New Mexico and the terrain is well all over the place ..

  • I had an Sl55 amg and loved it! This I really want to see. Manual conversion will be nuts 🥜

  • After making a recent trip to Florida I know can understand why you all appreciate your air conditioning 😂😂but to have no window or sunroof 😭😭😭

  • Mercedes once was great. Now they are expensive.

  • I'm late but the sl55 is back. Took you long enough

  • Let’s get her done Mondays

  • you have to connect a jump pack to the terminals to keep the alarm and immobiliser from going off. as the smart alarm system stops u from stealing it by just discounting the batteries all European cars are like this since 2006. Always go diesel gear box to carry the torque

  • I have been watching AMGmeister and Legitstreet cars , both whom swear by this 5.4 engine with the kompressor. I am going to watch your series because I am aiming to buy either C55, CLS55 or E55 AMG next year ! SL55 is not for my climate in UK. I think it's a great idea to put a manual gearbox in your car (2 door coupe). I think I would try and aim for comfy solution as priority to keep the Mercedes feel, but if not available just go for aggressive clutch. I will be interesting to see which car the gearbox will come from. M5 sounds like good donor. The 5 speed automatics in C55 and E55 are being reviewed as slow in reaction, so this would definitely please car enthusiasts who crave manuals :)

  • When the next episode?

  • Nice. I heard you had a reputation for starting project cars and never seeing them through. Just started watching your sl55 videos and was disappointed when it looked like you had abandoned it but glad you’re reviving it. See it through to the end. You gettin that ID-tv chedda now so no excuses.

  • Full send and run the parts you have. If it sucks then change it.

  • Detail the Sclass like exterior and interior

  • What about "Fix'em Up Friday's" as a series name

  • Maintenance Monday Tune-Up Tuesday Wrench-It Wednesday Throw Down Thursday Fix-it Friday

  • Literally been waiting on this for years, please don't let us down

  • I love learning about things like this on your channel ! Thanks from UK

  • Are any of those bendpaks bolted to the floor?

  • You should do the manual swap it'll be interesting

  • I knew a guy that had that car in silver convertible

  • You need to invest in some battery tenders.

  • Fix-It Fridays with Freddie!

  • $8900 SL55 Reason I started watching this channel way back to begin with. I own an SL55 and used to own a 99 VR4 w custom turbos and full bolt ons . Would be great if you continued putting out vids on the small things that plague this platform for instance the top not working... you would def get a ton of people tuning in. Including me. Update on the SL55? Gotta get around to mine it’s been on the back burner cuz of my GTR, E55 and F250 rn lol

  • Black out the grill!

  • I always when i wanna go to sleep i watch ur vids they get me asleep so fast they r so fuckin boring 😂

  • WHERE are the finished Supra videos DUDE?

  • Could I buy your SL55? If so, at what price?

  • no license plates or inspection sticker but its his daily driver, lmao right

  • Have you done a 1uz soarer???

  • Lifts so new they aren't anchored, haha!

  • My personal opinion on the AMG Merc is that it’s kinda like the GT3k for you. It’s one of those cars you enjoy personally, that mean something to you. Definitely get the aesthetics sorted but just skip the manual conversion. It’s OK to just have that car in pristine shape for yourself to enjoy- I really don’t think it’s necessary and honesty, as another og viewer, the idea of it never really resonated with me. Just my two cents. Looking forward to enjoying more videos for many years to come!

  • You should make it manual because I have a sl55 amg black series and the gearbox is very slow

  • C'mon take better care of that S600 😭😤

  • Did you know there's a hella strong pretty much plug and play OEM Mercedes parts solution for going manual? You don't need this random assortment of parts.

  • Fix it Friday.

  • Started watching at 60k when you still looked like someone was pointing a gun at you just cuz you were in front of a camera 😂

  • Please put a black series body kit on it

  • it needs two tone color or wrap, like some people need milk!

  • For the history, Mercedes are very tough cars i have seen them ''tested'' in unorthodox conditions in northeast Europe since 1995 on gravel roads, half asphalt, etc..!The problems you mentioned expect the motor mount are cosmetic. The window which doesn't go down is a common problem, you need to unscrew the door cover and check the connections. The two batteries exist because in previous models, i unfortunately have, the electronics were using all the power from the battery because basically they never stop working and the solution was a second battery. Over the years i learned that if you remove the battery and install it again you will have a Christmas tree in the dash !Don't worry car still works!

  • At this point, get a sequential

  • Ehhhhhh aren't you supposed to bolt the lifts to the floors? What's stopping the legs from doing a split and collapse now?

  • Dope cars man. Have a few projects going with my cl600 myself.

  • you never finish any of your projects

  • Call it "the chopping block" where you tear in to your old projects!

  • I have been waiting for this day.... for over 2 years. Im so glad its back.

  • maybe you should invest in some batter tenders?

  • "Wrenchin' Wednesday"

  • Tuneup Tuesday!