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In this video I attempt and beat world records, using LEGO...
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  • Still a little way off the most recent record for fastest time to build the LEGO Titanic... The fastest time to build the LEGO Titanic is 8 hrs 42 mins 12 sec, and was achieved by Sebastian Haworth (USA), in Springfield, Virginia, USA, on 22 May 2022.

  • Man, you never disappoint us, thanks for being a big part of my Lego life!

  • The fact that he actually beat a real lego record is insane. You are the definition of dedication Tyler

  • let’s give this man 4M he deserves it!

  • I thought my Minifig collection was quite comprehensive, but yours, Sir, has surpassed it. I salute your indefatigability.

  • THe amount of work he puts in his videos is unreal! much love appreciation ❤

  • This channel became unreal. I was there at ~20k subs and it really exploded. Congrats. Your content is as usual on a very enjoyfull level!

    • u arent the 20kth subber

    • @FBI I didn't say that... I said that I remember the times when it was around 20k subs.

  • The fact that you went way over the speed limit for a Lego record is insane

  • I love how he left the leaves on the Minecraft tree in the air 😂

  • When the world needed him the most, he returned. Tyler is back at it again with some Lego worldrecords. 😂😎

  • 7:46 the fact that you had spare time to eat, bathroom and touch grass and still beat the world record is impressive edit: i know someone has beated that record in 42 mins and 12 seconds but i think it's still impressive

  • I love your creativity TD Bricks!

  • This is insane! Congrats on beating world records in LEGO! Your dedication and creativity to building these incredible structures is truly impressive. It's amazing to see how much detail and precision goes into constructing these LEGO masterpieces. It's no wonder you hold several world records in this field. Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see what you create next! #LEGO #WorldRecords #ImpressiveBuilders #IncredibleStructures

    • Hello MrBeast

    • chatgpt ahh comment

    • 😂12

    • ​@zxcmnbzxceveryone thinks everything is chatgpt now, but why

    • ​@Hunt Hamillhe's just a mrbeast fan

  • Hello, I have started watching your videos today. They are very entertaining and your builds are awesome. You should make and sell Lego Builds.

  • *This dude will get a world record of being the best lego builder.*

  • It didn't sink, it just was a little top heavy. Or too thin in the bottom. Or you could add some side hulls, like an outrigger canoe or like a catarmaran.

  • Love the fact that when he was adding money around the richest lego man he also added movie theater snacks and that added more than 1000 dollers😂

  • A very good way to show how to use Legos properly and to put a smile on someone's face. Nice Work!

  • You put so much work in your vids

  • Man, you never disappoint us, thanks for being a big part of my Lego life! yes!

  • Fun fact: the race game had an old version but it wasn’t like the one you had access to, it was more limited and easier so I don’t know if it’s a revamp or some😊

  • Man sacrificed his self for a painful Lego thing to step on …….. Respect. 6:26

  • Love your videos so great! By the way, my friend said that he already flew a mini fig with balloons 3 years ago, so that world record was already broken.

  • Bro is brave. He showed his feet on camera. Also, great content.

  • Well, it looks like you really "built" your way into the record books! I guess you could say you've really "block-ed" out the competition. But seriously, I'm impressed - it takes some serious brick-building skills to achieve those world records!🏆

  • I love the editing that you put in this video! Moments with stop-motions are so good!

  • Congrats to Tyler for making it sixth on the trending page Again never disappoints ❤❤

  • 0:11 Bro made himself. Thank you for always entertaining us keep it up.

  • creativity is something that is not lacking in this channel 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • I never knew a mini figure scale Lego house could get that small and have a kitchen, table, bathroom and a bed

  • I love how you used the most weakest brown Lego pieces that break easily as breaking boards 5:53

  • When I watch your videos it always makes my day better. BTW you can never get too old for Lego.

  • This guy mades my day everyday.

  • My fav is definitely the smallest house 😊 can gou make a vid of how you built it? Please

  • Some still say that Buzz Lightyear is still flying to this day.

  • Love your videos my guy, your the one motivate me to still play and watch lego videos and cool videos you made BTW from Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Casually beats a world record for a one minute video clip, then throws the set into water. Such a power move.

  • Man sacrificed a 2009 Buzz Lightyear minifigure for a video, respect.

  • Bro hurt his foot for this video. Mad respect man.

  • The dedication to Lego is amazing, keep it up Ty

  • “Ok I’m going 100 mph, is that a world record?” No it’s a speeding ticket!

  • Just so you know your videos are getting better and better every time and also where do you edit your videos on because I want to make such cool videos as you do?

  • I just did the same thing, though I made it to create a tank which is fast, manouverable and stable, while it has a double engine which can work separately if needed, has a 47mm main gun but can take every cannon which is less than 130mm whith a 3 round autoloader and 4 crew turret. It was DOPE

  • i think you got an world record for the worlds cleanest edits, even Ms. Clean him self aproves your editing, great job!

    • Mr clean not MS CLEAN

  • Ever time I look at your videos you say, let the challenge begin😅

  • No Matter how bad of a day I'm having, Td's channel always makes me smile :D

  • My favorite part is the world record of the biggest minifig 3:38 8:10

  • 0:11 Bro made himself

  • 0:42 Ty always coming out with the FIRE transitions 😂🔥🔥

  • “Ok I’m going 100mph is that a word record?” No that’s a speeding ticket

  • Hey TD Bricks, I had an idea for your next LEGO city video that I think you might like. What if you tried mixing old and new LEGO pieces to create a unique and vibrant city? You could use your creativity to come up with new buildings and structures without necessarily relying on sets. I think it could be a really cool way to incorporate different themes and sets into one cohesive city design. I'd love to see the final result of your city creation in one of your future videos. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring us with your amazing LEGO videos!

  • I love your videos ❤

  • Amazing video as always. The editing was amazing!

  • Tyler has so much experience that if he stepped on legos, he wouldnt feel any pain at all

  • I love this part. 0:01 Titanic, actually, sunk.

  • Did he legit build that by himself? Nah man! I need an uncut video of him building it!

  • Your vid’s help me a lot when I’m stressed thank you I have anxiety you help me alot

  • Dude you have one of the biggest sinks I’ve ever seen…

  • The fact this man might of made the tallest Lego man in the world and could've got a business world record

    • 3:38 what sound is this? I've never heard of this sound.

  • You know it’s a good day when TD uploads

  • Next time use the pyramid 1x1 brick (Used for the Louvre in the Paris macket)

  • I wonder how the Lego titanic will stand up against the 8,000 piece tiger 131 that's being released later this year with detailed interior. I'm always impressed by your videos dude

  • i really like how you just let us skip the sponsor

  • You never fail to entertain us

  • This man is a legend mad respect 🫡🫡🫡

  • The titanic build was really impressive

  • Thank you for always entertaining us keep it up

  • Legends say buzz Lightyear is still flying to space

  • Your content is the BEST! I’m always really impressed by the editing of your videos!

  • Altough I hate to see it when lego pieces break I have to thank you for making such great content. You are amazing

  • You're the biggest reason I'm into legos and you are better than most channels so thank you for making this content 👍

  • 4:29 I can’t believe ppl still remember that movie. Wow

  • May you forever be my favourite Lego youtuber. Keep up the grind, king! 😎😎

  • The Lego buzz light gear you send up into space popped in Atlanta into my backyard lol thank you

  • 1:45 Truly one of the LEGo minifigs of all time

  • The worlds widest man would of been funnier with his legs closer. The wide legs made it seem cheesy. The minifig with the backwards hat. That’s cool. I’ve never seen that piece. What set is it from?

  • you edit so much you even made me do in real life sooo cool

  • Bro stepped on the spikiest Lego ever just for us. Man does everything for us, very underated 🙏

  • Great work these mini figures are W

  • Amazing video as always. The editing was amazing! 👍👍

  • It’s always a good day when TD bricks uploads! Also wide Lego man is lit! 👌

  • Love your Lego videos, keep it up ⬆️

  • Thank you for being part of Lego life like me and my favourite mini figure is Dawa Johnson

  • Love the videos keep them coming ❤

  • Steve is a good man of his own life

  • Don't forget your world record for the most entertaining LEGO videos out there 👌

  • I never had this simple idea of ​​opening the box with a Lego figure 😅

  • Tyler is so badass that he completes the speedrun in 13 second🗿

  • Is it just me or did I see the first brown Peace get broken but came back for a split second

  • man Tyler is just pure entertainment

  • Seeing TD put that huge titanic in water is just upsetting

  • 3:57 can you ever just make a short tutorial for this? I think it’s pretty cool

  • This turned out amazing. Excellent work from all the animators involved and I’m seriously impressed with the TD Bricks. Looked great!!!!!!

  • Bro literally already has the world record of Lego world records. That totally made sense 😀

  • Nice channel, i think it would be better if you release LEGO TV and launch them on tv

  • Emmet isn't "built" different, he "builds" different.

  • 1:45 me after spending 30 mins on gravity maze level 37 be like:

  • never disipoints us even if he gets a ticket for going 100 mph

  • You are amazing, Tyler! You never disappointed me with your videos. You. Are. Incredible.

  • I love these videos, TD bricks always makes my day.