I Bought A Cheap Honda Civic On Ebay That's FASTER THAN MY LAMBORGHINI

Dipublikasikan tanggal 14 Peb 2020
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Today I bought a cheap Honda Civic on Ebay that's faster than my Lamborghini. Yes, you read that right. This is the first part of a quarter mile racer build-off with Chris from B Is For Build. We have 4 days to build our cars and race on the 5th. Except I've already missed 2 days. Oh crap.
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  • #TeamTavarish LET'S GOOOO

    • Boring !!

    • why don't u make a new video on you fixing it and than taking it for a race

    • It is a mercyalago

    • Sooo... Torque steer?

    • Tavarish Nice Build! We just made video about mercedes benz g63 brabus 6x6 build!

  • Nice clickbait, just another bashing Honda video. Why am I surprised ?

  • People buy lamborghinis because of there fashion not because of there speed and I think we know which one is faster

  • I think we all know he is doing this for content we all know what the faster car is but damn that is fast and respect the content and keep it up

  • Integra engine is the b16-c

  • Ugh I hate it when my relatives show me up...

  • Standard cars are faster then automatics

  • 11 second quarter mile? That's cute. Leave the drag strip to the USA.

  • Lamborghinis low key suck unless you know what you’re doing.

  • pfft I got hood struts for my RSX

  • Dude the least you could’ve done was do some research about the Honda and all the upgrades it has. You might it’s funny that you don’t know much about the car but it’s actually not , it’s sad. It’s sad because you are not able to appreciate the power , emotions and capability of the car.

  • This guys arm is huge.

  • You bought an engine, not a car by any means. Although i had the same model, 1999, 1.6 VTi, 160 hp . For a normal person that is actually a pretty fast fkr, when it hits 8500 rpm it sounds like a cat sreaming its lungs off.

  • Me: Can’t buy an ek9 cvic... Tavarish: bought a cheap civic on ebay Me: fuck i am really broke 😔

  • "Ohtsu" (オーツ) is pronounced like "otsu". the "o" sound is elongated and makes the same "o" sound as the "o" in "open". the "h" is silent, it's just indicating that the "o" sound is elongated (I don't like it when the Japanese use "h" that way tho. Looks weird imo). Ohtsu is a Japanese tire company (if you haven't already guessed) and is a sub-brand of Falken tires. 🌠*The more you know*🌠

  • Is time to race the boostedboiz. 👌👌

  • It's a broken pocket rocket. On a track.. the lambo would destroy it on a real track. It's cool.. but still.

  • Which car will get you more pu-tang though?

  • Dude owns a Lamborghini, called swinging a car like a dumbass “drifting”, and know anything about one of the most common cars in the world lol

  • I want ebay motors but my 2 gen iPad can't handle it

  • Wow it sounds gooooodd

  • that civic can make at list 800hp

  • Next time go fast lol if it has the things you said it should be around there lol 😂

  • Chinese people eat bat

  • is car for sale?

  • A lambo is a super car. That doesn't always imply super fast. It implies more expensive. There's a huge difference. So these comparison videos to lambos are pointless.

  • He was behaving like he has never drove anything without supercars 😂 lol

  • What people don’t understand is that the civic takes probably so much work to maintain that it’s ridiculous it probably breaks all the time. The Lamborghini are made to be used and driven fast so maintaining them are not even close to the maintenance of the Honda with that type of horse power.

  • You spend million of dollars for that lambo and a civic is faster than you car (sorry for my english)🇵🇭

  • Lamborghini: We will call this one the Murciélago Tavarish: Naahh i don't thinks so,THIS IS THE "MURCI YELLOWGO"

  • So much more room for activities!

  • I saw the civic on street car market

  • ur not funny

  • My stock 5.0 is faster than your lambo!!! And you paid all that money to still be slow !!!!

  • He said it's a honda it's going get stolen anyway😂

  • Why are you complaining your the one that bought the car man .

  • The honda is fast you just don't know how to shift properly


  • Thats just your shift linkage. Theres something called the bitch pin that holds it in place but in swaps those who dont care about play dont intend to out it back

  • Lambs are joke v12 slow0 to 60

  • He never once hit boost or vtec. What’s the point of even test drive it better yet make a video of it. I’m just saying bud. Vtec and boost is what that car is all about

  • the shop across you has some "interesting" projects and by interesting I mean both cool and weird.

  • R A C E C A R

  • You talk about for a guy that doesnt know about cars

  • Tavarish?.... . . COMRADE????!!!!!

  • Far, lambs looks ugly as fuck (I drive rs3)

  • My friends civic in fh4 is faster than most of my cars some being lambos

  • I’ve got a 94 Honda Civic Si hatchback. The driver side door handle only opens from inside. The sunroof doesn’t work. It’s AC deleted. There’s no radio. The hood won’t stay up unless propped with a broomstick. Sometimes only one headlight comes on. Sometimes the speedometer stops working. The instrument cluster lights don’t work. Sometimes if you get past 7k RPM it’ll drop all power and the check engine light comes on, which is fixed by turning the engine off and back on. The shifter has as much play in each gear as it does in neutral. The ECU is bolted in behind the cup holder. And I love my car.

  • Remember your V12 Vantage 2015 from CarTempist

  • Tavarish shitting himself test driving civic

  • Not 600?? 😂 U didnt full throttle it😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mercyelego 😔

  • Beginning of the video: this Honda Civic wiped the floor with it” End of the video: “hm I’m not sure it’s fast enough it needs a lot of work” Your videos are confusing 🤣

  • Bless brother love ur videos

  • First off that’s not how u say it ....secondly definitely not the fastest car on the planet , thirdly that lambo is made for a different purpose than that Honda. ....review failed

  • Kanjo gang

  • How much will it cost to make the Civic look better than the Lambo?

  • Americans always talkin about "faster" to run on straights. The fast a car can be is determinated by the max MPH. In a perfect straight line, ofc. What about running a hillclimb or a rallycar competition. You' don't need this ridiculous amount of power, you need HANDS rofl. There are many ways to drive a vehicle aside from going full gas in a line. Your country is full of unskilled drivers running the 1/4 mile at 200mph rofl. That's why american drivers never win worldwide competitions. Not in Formula 1, Moto GP, World Rally Car Championship, Paris-Dakar. Well, at least they run the Nascar.

  • Lol this guy lowkey funny 😂

  • Its not that the hondas dont "get into boost" in the later powerband, its the fact that people put unnecessarily large turbos on them to have high peak horsepower... usually works okay if you have a high revving engine though because then you have the displacement to feed the turbo. But in general people dont do their research and just got for a large turbo that barely operates efficiently in most of the rpm lmao

  • One thing I would say the people who build that car don’t have the same money as you do so I don’t believe you have to call them out on buying cheap tires

  • You don’t know it has a steering weel???

  • guy is super rich and never knew boosted hondas existed 😒

  • Honda EK ❣️❣️

  • Ohtsu is the parent company of falken, they came out with a falken sub brand called ohtsu a few years ago.

  • Ebay turbo and slam shifting! Tavarish is my hero!

  • I'd get new suspension, squared wheel and tire setup, rebushing.

  • For 9 grand that car set up is already expensive, you already can buy a complete modified honda EK hatch with complete interior and fresh set up for 9 grand

  • lol he has no idea how to drive that thing

  • Get a 98 pontiac grand prix GTP and fix it up

  • That looks like the “Freedom” civic to me 👀 Hope that head gaskets gonna hold 😆

  • Civic Will loose the race

  • I saw this car on pfi speed

  • The Hennessy venom is the fastest car in world not lambos btw honda civics aren't faster then lambos lol

  • This is why hondas get a bad rep. This guy was not a Honda lover!

  • the way he said murcielago ew

  • Pardon me, but is that a neon orange lambo from FF8 ? The one that roman drifting on ice cube ?

  • I feel like if a Chevy 1500 with a 5.3 v8 and a turbo can do a 10 second quarter mile a Lamborghini should be able to😂

  • Lamborghini..... 600 hrsprs..... 11.5 second quarter mile?

  • Gift me this car😥