I Bought ANOTHER Wrecked Ferrari To Fix My Fire-Destroyed F355 (FINALLY!)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 1 Mei 2019
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Today I give a HUGE update to my Ferrari F355 project, which includes buying another Ferrari. This is gonna be good. Thanks to FerrParts for supporting the channel!
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  • Oh man, another great car.

  • I am afraid I am just too OCD for this channel. I need to see one project from start to finish, and then go on to the next one.

  • Can we get an update?

  • Did he finish the Ferarri rebuild yet?


  • This dude buys wrecks and pull them apart and then shove them in a corner and then buy a new project. So in fact this is not a garage but a salvage yard. And i wonder how this guy makes money, because all i see is him buying expensive wrecks and talk the ears from our heads, and sells no parts and no nothing. So is he a milionaire that collects car parts, and can talk hours and hours about them? Richard Rawlins would walk out the door when this dude would be on the garage make over show on discovery, because this guy is al about talk and not about finishing anything.

  • Been watching your videos for about a year and a half. You've gotten ZERO of your projects finished. Stop updating and start "wrenching every day."

  • @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> Did anybody see what was written on the ferrarris hood?

  • Are you going to Carry it on

  • OMG... binge watching your content. Love it :)

  • Please upload videos with part number..

  • People must be getting pissed they need the vins for stolen vehicles

  • 1 year later....

  • Freddie triiiippppiiin on that Carcaine this video lol. What ever happened to the burnt Rawri?

  • fucking rich kid that has no clue what money is worth, he buys one junk after the next and nothing gets fixed

    • Shut up your fucking moron

  • I like your rebuild hustle Tavarish. Putting these beauties back on the road is doing God's work, while hopefully putting some scratch back in your pocket...way to go!!🏁

  • I give u 1000ou wow for effort tavarish👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😎😎😎

  • There’s a lot of meltiness………

  • It’s been 10 months. Where’s the update?


  • Tav, Get the 1995 Ferrari F355 Spider going. We especially enjoyed the white and orange Lambo series and would love to see more of that ilk. Also I play your videos really loud so it will annoy the noisy couple upstairs. Be good. EG

  • What happened to this build

  • Man... Ferrari from Scratch is what u got there

  • Did FerrParts send those parts to you at no charge in exchange for your endorsement? Wish you wouldn’t change the 355 Spyder into a Berlinetta though.

  • I thought cars with convertible tops had a stronger there for heavier base, so my thinking is when he puts his top on it will be much heavier.

  • Man you need to finish your other cars then sell them and buy more cars

  • What's new with this rebuild? Love to see what's going on.

  • I'm curious to know how did or does the Ferrari's catch fire🔥? And how do you prevent that with your restoration?

    • Manie Fresh Hose clamp rubbed through a fuel line, fuel sprayed over the hot engine and the rest is history.

    • hoovies ferrari f355 check out that video

  • So you bought the shell and they just throw in all parts for the engine? Is it because they were nice or because you give them shout out/ad? Just curious. Definitely want to see the finished product though. 👍

  • When does the next video drop for this project?

  • How u manner your money

  • Forget the hard top swap, cut the windshield off, add a roll hoop and make it a speedster like the SP2. You have enough practical cars for rainy days like the million dollar show car Lamborghini. id-tv.org/tv/video-ba_MLkbU46I.html

  • I’ve wasted my entire day watching the history of this F355. From Hoovies’ history through all of yours... Where is she today in progress? 🍻

  • Mhhhhhmmm that Lexus reminds me of Ken & Ryu!

  • And you still didn’t fix it! Better luck next year I guess.

  • This is a first taking a convertible and converting it to a hard top🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤪😜👍🏾

  • What’s status on the Ferrari build?

    • Yeah that's what I'm wondering too I think we all are


  • That shop is a hell of a lot of work, and money.

  • I love that "Aging Wheels" put his channel name on the hood of the Ferrari lmao!

  • Where We at with this project??? "a tone of years later..."

  • Stick to one project at a time I want to see this 355 finnished 😳

  • Hi please let me buy the race car for 190 000

  • GIVE IT MORE HORSES POWER and make the beauty return once again.

  • Does anything ever get finished on this channel? Just focus on one car and get it done!

  • In your case, probably more than everyday!

  • Brake by wire? Seriously? I know the Germans are nuts and their cars don't last the distance *at all* anymore, but I didn't know they were simple!

  • You're a nappy head

  • Whats happening with this?

  • I'm just subscribed I've been watching all the sl 55 videos and I don't think you should do the manual swap just use it as your work shop runner and cruiser love the new shop did you win the lotto. Good luck with the 355

  • Hi love the channel, in Massachusetts the vehicles will have a salvaged title in where no insurance company will insure with a full coverage, and price will be very low. I own a 2003 SL 55 AMG hazzard lights not working. Any idea what's the problem. Thank you very much for any tip.

  • That's a real blessing big time! 🤩

  • Can you give us an update on the 355?

  • When’s the farreri F355 spider coming

  • Can't you just concentrate on one car at the time?

  • 360 swap? Says it’s in Howie in the Hills. Maybe a good connection for you either way. facebook.com/marketplace/item/529620770870317/


  • We cant buy your cars all took apart, hire some help, a hot-girl would be best

  • Turb'varish?? Should we call you??

  • With current 771k subscribers, his ID-tv income should be very comfortable and making him lazy. So, he is now just playing these games promising what he's going to do over and over again and not actually doing it.

  • register the lambo in MONTANA...itll cost you $250!!!!!!!

  • of all the projects tavarish has done so far, this ferrari is the most idiotic

  • I love cars, but this is crazy! So much work!

  • Do you really wrench everyday? None of the cars are finished. At this point I’m just watching you self implode and sell off these cars half fixed.

  • Looks like a lot of half torn apart shit thats going to be on craigslist "lost interest" "dont have time to finish"

  • Too many projects, not enough focus.

  • It's time to get some cars done talk is cheap get going

  • id rather shoot my self then get into a project like that

  • Just say it - Mr Regular is a bitch.

  • it looks like, that if you have any sort of crash in a F355, you are going to die. beautiful car tho

  • lots of whats "going to happen" but not much actually seems to "happen"...

  • That's one serious loot box.

  • About damn time!!!!

  • The SBC braking system in your SL can be removed and replaced with conventional brakes from a facelift (2008 onwards) r230 SL

  • It's cool

  • A manual SL55 AMG would be so so cool

  • Photos on wreckedexotics.com?

  • U should enlist the help of @legitstreetcars for the SL55

  • Repaint the Lamborghini the oem yellow please!

  • Yes, I was wondering what happened to that SL55 trans swap. Low-key my favorite build...