I Fixed My Fast & Furious Lamborghini's Broken $3,000 Shifter For $1! (NOT EASY)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 4 Apr 2019
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Today I tackle the janky and badly welded, but still extremely expensive shifter in my cheap Fast & Furious Lamborghini Murcielago, with help from Tony the Welding Jedi and a $1 bolt we bought at the hardware store!
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  • It's great to have friends! :)

  • I was more worried about Tony melting the nylon gate gimbal tbh....but that's what the wet cloth was for....🤔

  • Psssst JB Weld would of done the trick.

  • I would worry about the plastic shifter cradle being out of shape and causing shifts to not engage quite right.

  • You can build it or you can buy it. Guess what costs more. ;)

  • Tony looks familiar

    • Yes he looks like ser Jared

  • You said you didn't know what material the shifter was made of... how can you be sure that the weld will hold, if it's not the same as the 316 stainless that he used? I think I would've found a way to get that nub out and had a new piece machined just for piece of mind.

  • A small hint to your welding Jedi: it's quite common to do the weld preparation of a round bar like a cone. However, a weld preparation like a chisel ist recommended, as is avoids the potential weld flaw in the center, as it can be gauged from the backside.

  • A small hint to your welding Jedi: it's quite common to do the weld preparation of a round bar like a cone. However, a weld preparation like a chisel ist recommended, as is avoids the potential weld flaw in the center, as it can be gauged from the backside.

  • Should have used a sawzall

  • Are you using Harbor Freight tools (grinder) on a Lambo??. Classic. Might be a Makita though, I’m color blind, can’t really tell.

  • Tavarish, you are basically throwing molten metal over the wiring looms and the inside of the rest of the car when you grind!!

  • Tony remind me of my homie Toofless hes sooo dope hahaa

  • You’re the one ID-tvr I can be arsed putting through the main sound system. Thanks NCS! Also an easy way to check for what metal you’re dealing with is to burn it. Take a sliver off somewhere that doesn’t matter, stick it in front of a torch. Magnesium basically erupts. Copper doesn’t melt, it just burns. Aluminium (or copper coated aluminium) melts at very low temps etc. not sure about titanium. I think that’s pretty vigorous too. If you have a good ear, as you slice into something, supposedly you can hear the grain structures breaking. Fibreglass does this but for different reasons. Ditto glass or carbon (I think?) reinforced polymer. There’s always a way to tell what you’re working with. And that will always affect your welding.

  • Your shifter is long as hell...

  • tip of advice for next time cover the carpet with weld blanket and cover window with cardboard

  • Strong he is with the force

  • Hi will you rebuild everyday vehicles that aren't exotic?

  • Good anti-thief solution. Just remove the stick gear!

  • Tell what type of metal it is from spark color.

  • No fire blanked = fool! Would have loved to see it go up in flames 🔥

  • Tap and dye the stick together

  • I would’ve put a drop cloth down to protect all the wiring (electronics) and the rest of the interior, from flying sparks.....

  • Irony: tacky welding job for a movie around building custom cars

  • You didn't fix it for a buck you bullshiter! Fuck off!

  • yes he does, since you can't weld

  • dang thats neat. first time viewer, how did you acquire a movie car? and how rare is it that they have "hero" cars that survive (vs ones that dont run for stunts, or they just beat the hell out of and break)

  • I don’t think tony should do sm because if he is that good he won’t need it

  • Get the welding jedi

  • Great job, but if you'd lowered the join and therefore the weld by 5-10 mm then it would be less noticeable to the eye once the gate is on.

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  • Dude you need a Dremel rotary tool


  • 700dollhairs for a part you can make at a shop for O 100 200dollups depending on what materials you buy. Bruh.

  • Great job Tony! Try social media bro!

  • return of the jedi!!!!

  • Tarvarish you have to look this id-tv.org/tv/video-kYsyUvBb_aU.html

  • Wow, is the shifting gate of you gallardo really rusted???

  • isn't time money and all the electricity used to fixed the shifter

  • Do it Tony make a welding channel on ID-tv your good at it buddy 👍

  • yes maybe good weld welding sweating tigging is very hard but he should've put a wet rag on around the teflon bushing were the rod goes in the transmission his gonna have to order a bushing kit next season

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-o6oU7-jIFwI.html

  • 700 bucks for a shifter grill? You could've had it CNC'd by AvE for less!

    • @Duck Norris I'd do a better one with his name engraved on it for $400!

    • I'd file one by hand for 700 bucks lol

  • I feel as if you could have just threaded the remaining part of the shiftier that was flattened down and it would have make the fix so much faster

  • Do a installing the seats video

  • Meth heads has the same shifter but clear version

  • Tavarish make it matte black lambo please

  • On any other car, this would not be a big deal, I'm sure many people watching this video including myself have done much more complicated stuff than this, of course not on Lamborghinis whoop-dee-doo!

  • You jinxed yourself by bragging about having the gas cap. 😂 Still has to spend $700 on a little piece of metal lmao

  • Hi everyone I come from Cambodia

  • Sorry Look like shi##

    • Uh? The procces is being made he's not finished u fuck

  • Not a dollar fix

  • Don't feel bad, I cracked a headlight lense on mine. I'm guessing it was a rock from another car. I was excited to find a used one for $940! Good thing I didn't have to do the whole headlight Assembly

  • Bro, what a GREAT video my friend!!!

  • Can afford decent cars but uses Harbor Freight angle grinder, odd priorities.

  • This gives me welding envy...

  • u thick asf

  • Quality...swarf around the gearbox shifter ...match made in heaven ...lol

  • Keep doing what you are doing Freddie! Love every second of it. And you need to give the tig welding Jedi a serious high five! WOOT!

  • Nice video and I really enjoyed it but when are you going to finish your other projects?? That’s what I want to see 😂

  • Umm.. Not too good of an idea to grind metal, throwing hot shards all over the inside of your car with carpet and wiring exposed.

  • did you lose the clamps on the battery when you where welding? ;)

  • Hey Tavarish, if u need any parts there is one in Malaysia: www.mudah.my/Lamborghini+Murcielago+LP640+6+5L+V12+Engine+Parts-36551727.htm

  • Man, this guy talks a lot!

  • Poor poor prep. You could have easily prevented damaging that ridiculously expensive shifter by doing some prep. I would venture to guess flying metal shards are not good for the steering wheel or the rest of your interior. Eh, not my problem, and definitely not my car... (if it was I would be very angry).

  • You probably could have had a selector plate made for you for less than $100

  • J B weld it!!! I glued on an exhaust pipe to an aluminum head with the stuff. It worked for years!!

  • Balls my friend BALLS!

  • Not trying to knock the ‘Welding Jedi’s” work, but he should have used either 309L or 317L wire when melting a high tensile mild to a presumed stainless shifter. 316L and the 12.9 bolt are going to have galvanizing issues at the seam and will lead to the next failure. Let alone the heat affected region of the weld being quenched with a wet rag. As for the discoloration, passivation is optimal, but you can wipe away the oxidation with emory cloth or plumber’s tape. I’m more concerned with both of your health, considering you were breathing in zinc and hexavalent-chromium inside that cramped Lamborghini. Also, don’t smack on super heated threads with tool steel to realign or reposition. Next time, drill a dowel into the base shifter and threaded rod for proper alignment.

  • $700 for a bs gate shifting cover?? CNC man!!!

  • You DO know that they make welding blankets to cover up things that shouldn't have sparks flying all over.

  • Wait for the fire in the cable mess.

  • On a good weld you will always break the material around the weld if you were to break anything.

  • This is the first time I've ever seen the Sparks themselves cringe as they fly off the shifter. Poor little expensive Sparks 🤑

  • The moment you sad "which cost 700$" my youtube app crashed 😂 coincidence? dont think so 😅

  • Wait so Tony did this for $1 🤔

  • Used a bolt to avoid getting screwed

  • Honda Boy! Woop Woop

  • Sparks on electrical wiring🤔 I can guess a upcoming vid

  • Tonys the nuts