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  • Bit* every bit of gold beautiful farming Klaus

  • It happened to me

  • "I suggest using this in 2019 if you need gems:" *encapo.best/884/cocgems* i have a lot now!

    • Booo your scamming schemes shall not fool us.

    • Grover Kenyatta i’m not falling for your scams

  • You actually have strategy. You're like :I feel like this base needs to be funneled, i will place a wall of giants to protect the wall breakers, and then they will create a lath for my goblins! Me: BOOM! DRAGON. BOOM LIGHTNING SPELL!

  • hi

  • I'm here from the future.... With the monthly training boost and the walls/defensive building being half off now at the end of Nov you can now upgrade walls and building for next to nothing...

  • Brand new clan guys and girls! Join asap, it’s ran by me, a serious leader looking for active, friendly, donating members. Clan name is OGCG and our clan code is : #29UGCC8Q9

  • Anyone checking the comments for clickbait?

  • link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenLayout&id=TH9%3AHV%3AAAAACgAAAAG0PI2KAZv7yu6xtaYR6AxK Thats the base not exactly but pretty cloese to the original

  • Can you share a link of your base

  • Technically your 95% done with defence because the Queen and King still lives

  • did you know that there is 4 hero not 3?

  • This is dumb as shit. Just barch. This is quite different then a goblin knife. Those usually take 2 jumps and don’t spam across the board at initial drop, so as said - just use barch.

  • Hey that happened to me. I was upgrading my wall wrecker to lvl 3 and I needed 7 days 4 hours, and all of a sudden their was 2 hours left

  • very good base

  • Q semangat terus bg main coc jangan bikin kami bosan

  • This is not a glitch I’ve seen the same thing on another guys ID-tv channel like 5 years ago

  • HEY GUYS!!! Stadium Villians is looking for members who like to be active! We need people looking to be promoted to elder and request troops constantly!!! JOIN NOW FOR TONS OF TROOPS!! CLAN TAG: #L99CV8VOL

  • Are you happy about new ID-tv #COPPA law? It's so stupid!!

  • At 9:00 watch the timer at the top

    • The troops died so the match ended and poison spell dont damage buildings so it ended😁

  • Takes 1h and 4min

  • I use 6 pekkas and 1 baby dragon

  • Noob

  • Hey klaus if you had this account in cwl you could get hammers to upgrade your spells and troops so you don’t have to spend dark elixir on troop upgrading and focus on heroes because I had the problem of everything was maxed and I had to slowly but surely upgrade both heroes to 30 while I couldn’t spend gold or elixir except for armies

  • Not gonna lie but I maxed my x bows in the first week of th9

  • A much better atk I use for 1 stars guaranteed is 10 baby drags, 15 archers, 21 balloons, 4 haste, 1 freeze and 2 lightnings. I just take out the archer towers then pick out all of the collecters and get plenty of loot. I usually get 4k dark, 600k gold, 600k elixir every time.

  • The first thing I done was xbow to MAX lpl

  • Join us, brand new clan #2PORGLVJ8

  • Join my clan.... MANC-CiA

  • Rlly

  • Why x bows on lvl 2??????

  • Im Maxen th 9 only my walls to lvl 10 en my Hermes to lvl 30 thats à lot work

  • What is your clan klaus and may i join your clan someday? Please

  • I found a glitch, try na send it to u man, just don't know how.. Cnt find the msg or attachment irr

  • The “Daylight saving time” is probably the reason for the glitch.

  • Dark pushing at th9 is the dragoon. 10 dragon, 4 loon, 4 lightning, 1 haste, casle loon haste. The dark cost is 85

  • What even was the glitch

    • Sacred Spark the upgrade time for his valks went from an hour and eight minutes at the start of the video to 30 minutes at 9:58 or so

  • 9:50 mine did that and it said it had 1 day and 14 hrs on my valk and it insta finished after i attacked

  • I wish he would put his base pink in the description. I'm too lazy to hand copy iy

  • When supercell say to me 12h left i have to wait 20h so ur fricking lucky !