I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • Dose no one notice at 3:36 it says wennie hut general

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  • Could you tone down your bad words like my dad heard it like damm ass fuck just stop ok

  • Oh he cute

  • So, I have to be drinking Boost because I have gastroparesis which means that my stomach empties very slow so I can't eat a whole lot? But the point is is that I feel your pain. Btw I switched to Ensure.. much better in my opinion.

  • yeah. ill like that smash button

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  • now I must buy some BOOSTED

  • I feel ya on the frustration. I had my jaw wired together when I was about 16. Bicycle accident broke my jaw in 2 places, had my braces wired together for a little over 2 months. I hated, HATED the Ensure :tm: I had to survive on (chocolate chalk). My BF (at the time) had the gaul to eat pizza in front of me. I was able to squeeze a small cut of pepperoni in between my overbite out of spite (my stomach didn't like that but it tasted SOO GOOD) it took longer for me to heal up the fracture, my mother said I still talked up a storm. We didn't have ID-tv back then, barely had 128 bandwidth, and cooking shows were still YanCanCook and boring reruns.

  • I feel so happy for this video bro. I dislocated my jaw two days ago but...def not getting surgery.

  • 4:02 ◕‿◕

  • Like that smash button?¿

  • One like =one chocolate milk for adam

  • Mind you meal variety is Vital to the quality of life of ANY human.

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  • “I will *eat* you”

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  • Yo a gacha tuber made an edit for u @snowyscott

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  • The but when the ad button has a butt 1:34. Nice one Adam! 😂

  • Did anyone notice he said “like that smash button”

  • Not this time mother f*cker

  • I watched this vid and about a week later I went to the dentist and I was told I had to get braces by next summer or later in life I would have to get my mouth wired shut or something

  • I also have a similar SITUATION, I'm right now having my teeth braces for the surgery. I have a crooked jaw that makes it position it more to the right side. when I was young I also having pain while eating, but I taught it just some teeth problem that young adult has. so I never really care about. plus I saw a lot my parent friend has their jaw push forward. so I never really worried about it. but until I got to university. I just realize that my jaw isn't just pushed forward, it also pushes to the side. then I got worried because when I was young it never happens, but now it does and it going to continued to push more to the side when I got older. right now I having my teeth braces for the surgery. after that, they going to cut of some of my jaw bone and align it back together. and having to eat only liquid for 6 months. so yea, same as this guy, whatever this guys name is.

  • F you i love tomato soup bitch

  • Haha u grape

  • wait so do you still hate the soup or not??

  • 7:08 to 7:16 is how it really be with a sibling for food

  • At least it’s not bendy’s bacon soup

  • I have lock jaw 😂 and it sometimes just locks shut ;-; that's the exact same thing I have with the muscles and I havnt gone to the doctors ouo

  • Maybe the reason he liked mukbangs so much was because its like watching a gameplay of a game you really like but cant have

  • Did anyone notice that he said to "Like that smash buttton" ;-;

  • 6:40 he didn't forget the lamb sauce this time

  • Nice filler. You know what I mean. Works well with the vid. Much love

  • you look like the mix of markiplier and tony stark lmao

  • 11:36 Kind of sounds like Markiplier

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  • Oh god I need to get jaw surgery when I'm 18 fuck

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  • heheheh funny animation leleleell so funny horn weeeee poo poo pooo

  • lol mUg bAng! lol if your Korea your like O.O.... " HELL NAH SAY IT RIGHT!!!! "

  • My jaw locks when yawing and sometimes eating, its painfull but i cant put my finger on wither or not which is worst. Locking open or locking shut .... i think open.

  • yummy

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  • How to eat with a wired shut jaw

  • 3:31 Awww look at your face! So cute!

  • Hi grape

  • Why does his brother look like mcNasty official

  • At the end he said “don’t forget to like that smash button” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam: *AND NEVER BROUGHT ME MY GODDAMN CHOCOLATE MIL-* 1 like=1 chocolate milk for adam

  • Dexter be creeping

  • This happened to my mum and she tried sliding bacon past the side of her jaw because she was so desperate for something tasty

  • hi *grape*

  • U live in AZ my guy?

  • how did he brush his teeth if his jaw is wired shut

  • I'm sorry, I downright started cry laughing at 7:08

  • Aaaawwwww

  • Adam: what’s in the bag? Me: how did they make Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban so good.

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  • 0:31 i have these problems-

  • He's got the kind of voice that makes you wanna listen to him all the time.

  • Wait so I need surgery? Omg so my mum lied to me when she said my jaw would be fine if I stopped talking and eating a lot :( Also my jaw is like fricked up on the left and it clicks (sometimes double clicks). Also it hurts a lot and like it’s so loud.... like in class I open my mouth to yawn and you just hear this giant *CLICKPLOPKSHHH* :’)

  • Demonetisation: I Am Inevitable... SomeThingElseYT: and i, am somethingelseyt...

  • Geees why would u want to eat to your bro😢

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  • At the end he said “don’t forget to like that smash button” 🤣🤣🤣

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  • My cousin just took the weird braces off

  • So basically you became a baby until you could eat solid foods

  • Whenever I’m fasting I do the same thing, I would watch mukbangs in all of my free time lmao.

  • But, BOOST is good. (Well the chocolate one is.)

  • Not that im saying u should be a soiboi but isnt the whole point of the soylent drink to be a meal in a bottle?

  • CUTIE >:(

  • adam: guess im a masochist now


  • It makes me panic even thinking about it. Like no i'd suffocate, i can hardly breathe now and my mouth isn't wired shut.

  • Wait wait wait. Alright this might be the dumbest question ever but how do you brush your teeth with your jaw wired ???

  • Character: *doesnt have a nose* Story: my mouth was wired shut Me: wait..

  • ... Did you just say like that smash button... Do you man do you...

  • You can’t suck ?

  • You’re actually adorable and I thought you should know

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  • My favorite part or you talking about this was when 1:27 started and the rest

  • Adams Bro: Hey yo can I get a taste of that good shit Adam, grabs his brother's hand Adam: *I WILL FUCKING EAT YOU*

  • holy shit, adam's animation quality has improved immensely and i love it

  • Grape episode, I' really liked that smash button