I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SCARED | The Joy of Creation: halloween

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First off, no i am not a gangsta yo (because im not pathetic :D)
Second. Hope you all enjoyed this scary friggin game. These games are honestly one of my favorites :D
Also...brongle gromble donk danks
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  • (jumps so badly bashes head) ow

  • (bro walks in when Adam says oh hi Freddy) bro: hi Adam.

  • (me and Adam sniff at the same time)

  • Adam I know its been a while but you should play more of these XD

  • 4:34 err the bright light it hurts my eyes

  • Oh god, I saw this creature and looked pretty chilled away, looked back and freaked out for no frickin reason, man, I don't like this x( But Adam you're cool

  • I love these videos and I want something else YT to get 1M million subscribers do it now please😍

  • Adam I think he goes TO THE SOUND jajjajajwkwkall

  • You should do more game plays. I love your humor and I’m kinda waiting for my ID-tvr (CoryxKenshin) to come back. So I really don’t have anyone to watch😂😂

  • Please don’t cuss

  • Fucking love it

  • I'm 10

  • "I love the t-jogger games"-Video game Adam

  • That looks like springtrap from fnaf aka five nights at freddy

  • adam.....you have a cool voice

  • It's been awhile huh

  • SomeThingElse YT is hot LMAO

  • You should play more games!

  • Play granny pleeeeeeezzzzz

  • please don't say that >:(

  • *looks at bonnie* adam: oh hi freddy me: dats not freddy ya poopy face dats bunny 🤤

  • Adam: BRONGLE GROMBLE DONK DANKS Everyone: He is speaking the language of the gods

  • Djangle gamez :)

  • At 4:12 I screeched then almost threw my phone even though I knew it was therw

  • At 3:41 a thing passes by in the phone



  • Woh... Adam CUST

  • I got scared of this and I had to turn down my volume

  • I'm so sorry

  • Stop say his look like mark. Mark look like Adam

  • I love fnaf


  • Dude you ARE an updated version of my imagination.... What? I didn't say anything.

  • Markiplier has a clone

  • Adam is me playing a horror game

  • This game really isn’t scary it’s like mah fav game that wasn’t Freddy it was Bonnie they follow the noise because it is a child’s laugh they kill children

  • 5:28 lmao that scared me so bad

  • Markeplier

  • Markiplier? Is it you?

  • Why the fuck am I watching this at 3 am

  • You did fnaf OMG

  • The guy on the phone is the security guard from the past and spring trap is purple guy stuck inside the suit

  • Pleasure is mine daddy?

  • Damn ur screaming is potato

  • This one wasn’t that scary but the ones with the dolls, no...just...just no...

  • Mark Is That You? hE iS iN dIsGuIsE pEoPlE Ps. Your Screams Scare Me More Than The Game xP Edit: The Pray Has Become The Hunted?? What The Heck?

  • Play fnaf sl plz

  • Play fnaf sl plz

  • God Adam I feel u sooo fracking much I literally put my phone down when Ik there are jump scares comin


  • god this was so scary the frick why the hell this is for ScArYnEsS WhY dO yOu SwEaR aDaM aNd YoUr CuTe YoUr FaCe Is CuTe To Me

  • It’s 3am

  • 2:42 OH FUCKNG Christ!!! Sounds like markiplier

  • Ya a guy that likes fnaf

  • Omg Adam I LOVE joy of creation!!! Your playing my favorite game!!! (Besides gacha life)

  • Why does this guy remind me if markliplier

  • Adam can you play fnaf sister location

  • i loved your rap

  • I jumped when he screamed at 5:30 😂😂😂😂😂