I Interviewed Youtubers 2 Years Apart......

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Apr 2021
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Inspired by Billie Eilish Vanity Fair Interview - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm0MG...

Thank you so much to

Miniminter: id-tv.org/username-Miniminter
Emily Canham: id-tv.org/username-Butimher...
Viddal Riley: id-tv.org/ch/UC9Ba...
Randolph: id-tv.org/username-randolph...

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  • Simon looks the sa.e

  • I'm waiting for 2024. My new reason to live for 2 more years yeeeey

  • @miniminter sounds so much happier now than he did 2 yrs ago

  • See u again in 2 years

  • just thinking about Simon moving into a house and settling down makes me so sad and soooo happy for the lad.

  • Vidal my favorite he fuck wit gunna

  • I dunno why this gave yt rewind vibes

  • i love how all 3 of em directly said Tokyo

  • Do it with KSI

  • The montage at the start was fire!! Great vid!

  • Can somebody answer me a question I'ma a ID-tvr doing interviews but I'm getting poor Numbers How can I get a better Audience? Callfrenzey my name is Carlos Cabral

  • I’m with simon on who i listen to on a daily basis

  • Simon 'bigging' his old self up has me lmao

  • Simon and Emily look bad hope they are better. Big up Randolph and Viddal they look good

  • Should get KSI on

  • Zerka & kon

  • The woman who shouts “shannel” has a niece thats actually in my school

  • that intro was basically youtube rewind

  • anyone notice randolph's weight gain

  • 14:15 what is that

  • 4:15 what is that

  • Viddal with the Brent Faiyaz. Knew I liked him

  • Super dope video

  • Emily went through the deepest point of her life compared to these lot

  • Juice box

  • Most of them multiplied by 10 in subs

  • 14:15... im just going to leave this here

  • cant wait for 2023 interview

  • Calfreezy explain the noise at 14:15

  • poo

  • It’s honestly sad that Simon doesn’t look at comments because of all the hate and disrespect. Cmon guys

  • Better rewind than ID-tv

  • ayo the kid laroi bro I love you Simon for that


  • bring on talia !!!

  • W2s next please

  • The intro is awesome!

  • director cal in his bag

  • Hshahah

  • 14:14 WTF

  • great video, love it

  • "Life is just the same but I'm more confused" I felt that

  • Bruh simon sounds so depressed he needs a hug

  • simon ' i dont care about views or numbers' also simon 'i want 10mil subs in a year or i may have to quit'

  • commenting on how simon was in this video will only make him feel worse if he ever read this comment section

  • The free ceiling behaviorally dare because mailbox exemplarily disarm above a sable switch. classy, racial bead

  • I feel simon lost hair

  • This actually turned out better

  • Simon looks and sounds same as he did in 2017.

  • 14:14 explain editor

  • why can u hear someone moaning at 14:15 ?????

  • we need a sidemen tokyo vlog

  • Freezy should add all the sidemen in this video. I would want to see how JJ, Behz, Josh and Harry will change, in 2 years from now or in 1 year from now. I didn t say Simon because he already is in this kind of video.

  • They have more lines of tiredness on their faces and they re more depressed 🥺😭I don t want to see them like this...This is what Covid has done to ALL the people.

  • The introduction to this video was such a flash back but it's sooo good

  • Such a great Idea, love the vid!

  • They all seem so sad then there’s randy talking about Pokémon and old town road

  • i want to see crab wave dance gibber next year

  • Um a ID-tv type trend rewind

  • simon looks fucked

  • that intro was mad

  • Randolph's favorite moment is shooting a music video and not his marriage😅

  • this lowkey got me in my feels

  • Dam viddal has a massive forehead like jj

  • I used to think randof was crypt

  • Your boyfriend has defo cheated on you if he's from LA

  • really good edits

  • The man still is a legend

  • 14:13 hella sus

  • This is a real representation of how 2020 changed a lot of us Kind just mad

  • your

  • a

  • 14:15 ummmmmmmmmm anyone else hear that moan

  • aw simon

  • This was awesome! Very interesting

  • Randy is so jokes love him so much🤣🤣

  • I thought gib said his name was Ali alfatneek 20:43

  • Plot Twist: He made them interview in the same war but just a different background and other stuff like that

  • Some things are wierd with corona, i cant remember anything from the year before

  • he should make the 2021 ID-tv rewind

  • Ngl, I didn't cry but I got a bit emotional cuz of Simon, life goes by fast

  • Pre covid VS covid INTERVIEW

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  • Man Simon looks destroyed from inside, he needs to visit a therapist

  • Haven’t watch simon in years sad to see he seems a lot more tired :(

  • she sounds so sick

    • @soinhu foitu yea that too!❤️

  • Randy said I’m not rich then next question said he spent 11k on Pokemon cards

    • The editing in this one is insane

  • simon seems so tired

  • Simon looks ill

  • On my bday 😜

  • Nice

  • Maaaaan I heard Jesse McCartney and I was really hoping it was going to be "because you live"

  • Lets see harry that would be jokes

  • That beginning edit was insane!! 😱

  • I had to replay the edit at 0:41 just to appreciate it a few more times

  • 12:32 listen closely my mans let fluffy off the chain

  • "I want the commentary channels to stop" Also the sidemen reacts channel on 3 mil

    • It's in the fucking name😂 "Reacts" reaction channel, not commentary channel bozo

  • More Gamers, please!

  • great vid

  • If Simon somehow sees this, I hope he knows everyone will be supportive and accepting if he needs a break ❤️