I Made Giant Mozzarella Sticks And Onion Rings • Tasty

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“The biggest cheese pull I’ve ever done in my life.”
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Appetizer Food
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Homemade Fried Mozzarella Sticks
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  • holy shit

  • 14:15 HERE'S JOHNY

  • he looks like an asian shawn mendes

  • 5:55 Fucking dork I love it

  • The poeple must call him Alvin the giant maker😂

  • How are all your friends skinny but eat a lot

  • Make a giant Oreo cookie.

  • Is it bad that my family eats 1+ 6lbs of cheese in less than 2 weeks sometimes even less....

  • Make me a cake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • every chinese makes a low quality copy right

  • Is it me or does it seem the food would be cold after that long of sitting out

  • Great, now im craving cheese

  • Make a giant burrito

  • ProTip: Wet you're a knife before cutting onions.

  • My fat ass would totally eat all 4 of those mozzarella sticks


  • I want him to make a giant chicken fry

  • Giant jalapeno Poppers pleeeeeease

  • I got an add sponsored by tasty 🤔🤤

  • And my dumb was like how tf are you gonna get onions this big. My god im a 16yo culinary student i just had a maaajor fuck-up.

  • This is my dream

  • Damn now I really want onion rings

  • Why not try at home? =( I wanna do some

  • Try invite Matt stonie

  • Yums


  • I am from India ,I watch all your video s ,I want to make a request can you make a giant Indian treat the samosa ,a giant samosa,or a giant paratha.please!!!!!!

  • Is it just me but Rie: her ladies(knives) Alvin: his big cobweb things tools Like if u 👍agree

  • Just have a bowl of water next to you next time because in sted of it making you cry the stuff that hurts your eyes gets absorbed in the water.

  • make a giant taco pls

  • might be easier to grow some giant mutated GMO onions and slice them bitches up

  • My sister was the the same way, she did not like onions, but she tried an onion ring and she liked it. She still won't eat raw onion though.

  • Alvin: don’t try this at home Me: Okay, I’ll try it at my friends house

  • Can you make me some mozzarella sticks and pizza

  • Can you please do curry chicken

  • Make a giant hot dog

  • Yo me and Jake be like the same 😂 I didn't like onions till I started eating onion rings and now I like onions😂😂

  • the next time try a mint chewing gum it is help with onion tear gas

  • Wow. The mice likes to eat all of Tasty's cheese storage.

  • How about a giant biscuit

  • #thatisnotmozzarella

  • Should be titled "How to get a heart attack in one day"

  • EPIC

  • 12:52 that's what she SAID

  • He should bring the rock on the show and make his meal

  • Alvin: *Complaining about onions* Alvin literally .2 seconds earlier: Hey I know you just wanted mozzarella sticks but what if I made onion rings too omfg I’m TOO CRaZy!!

  • alvin, can i be your friend?

  • Who put herbs in them not me a over the top cook

  • Some stoners are watching this and their minds are blown

  • Make a giant cheese cake

  • Boi I hope you work out cause if not you getting a heart attack

  • I really wanted to watch this but at the same time I hate onionsss😭

  • Alvin - A lot of Tear to Cry Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry

  • Where does the rest of the food go?

  • One mozz stick would clog you up for a month...I'm still down lol!

  • yup, i still feel bad for how constipated he's gonna be.


  • No one: Alvin carrying 6lbs worth of cheese: THIS IS SO HEAVYYY

  • Like this if youre mouth are watering and want to taste the food🤣

  • Make a huge hotdog pls!