I Showed My Fast & Furious Lamborghini To The Guy That Wanted To Buy It Before I Did (BUT DIDN'T)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 2 Mar 2019
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Today I show you what Ed Bolian, founder of VinWiki and Lamborghini Murcielago expert, thought about my car. He's also the guy that was going to buy it before I did.
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  • So glad that this car's illustrious history will find a very happy ending. Thanks for documenting the resurrection.

    • Thin blue line smh.

    • ID-tv channel: ✔ Love and appreciation for exotic/muscle cars: ✔ Willing to grind: ✔ Own an exotic/exciting car: ❌ I guess I know what I need to do next...Lambo?

    • I love this

    • And v6 jaguar in it? 🙈

    • "I am very happy 'you' got it". Surprised more people didn't pick up on that bit of an insult.

  • @Tavarish, listen to the way Ed pronounces Murciélago. He gets it right.

  • Tyrese is actually 5'11".

  • But you can only go "back in time" with a Delorian... *calls Tyler Hoover*

  • Headliner headrest. Genius!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="518">8:38</a> I'm 5'4 it seems too long for me. Tyrese is 5'11

  • Don't use kove speakers, it's a scam, almost 100 for a 30 dollar speaker

  • Tyrese is 5'11"

  • such a sarcastic asshole

  • Tyrese Gibson is 511

  • Hoods and vents won't stay closed, duct tape fixes everything!!!

  • To TAVARISH have 1 kove speaker 2nd buy thousand more 3rd add them in your FAST AND FURIOUS Lambo 😊😁

  • Just to clarify tyrese is 5 foot 11 inches tall. You're welcome Tavarish

  • Lmao he said faith and the furious....lol isms fast and furious

  • Crazy if this car was in Iceland that means I have seen it I thought it was a kit car

  • Eds sarcasm makes my day

  • Tav: Have you done that before? ED: Never in one this....nice

  • Great video and great commercial too. I bought a Kove blue tooth speaker. It is awesome.

  • hes like 5'9

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> OK, I wasn't expecting that...

  • I Tyrese am 3 ft 6”

  • Ed - "This is...umm..." Freddy - "It's good, right?" ... I laughed way too hard

  • Arancio is pronounced with a soft c, like in "such" (so it'd be like "arancho")

  • I'm way late to this series. But I'm so glad I'm here, because this is GOLD.

  • Tyrese Gibson is 5' 11". The seat is probably set up for the stunt driver who did most of the actual driving.

  • Vinwiki: what are you going to do here....? Tavarish: the rollbar? Yeah, I'm going to take that out. Alex choi: YOU GOD DAMN FOOL!

  • You should check what's on that usb drive

  • Are you sure its not a kitcar?

  • Those Bluetooth speakers are freaking awesome, I use one when I am out fishung and I've always got fellow boaties and fishermen asking about the sound system in my boat. They always get a shock when they realise it's just a portable speaker

  • LOL this is great!

  • so much positive. so much troll

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-26A700kW2Us.html

  • Did you know that car is actually a collaboration with pokémon look at the steering wheel

  • All proceeds go to ed look at that damn house

  • And I can’t help but notice..

  • Cigarette lighter intact! Thats the reason I bought it.

  • Ed just oozes charisma. I want him to tell me bedtime stories before I sleep.

  • Tavarish are you a metalhead?

  • is that a blue lives matter jacket. fuck u

  • You guys all rich?

  • Snip the keychain, stick that USB key into a computer, and tell is what's on it!

  • Idiots. Everyone knows wood is lighter than carbon fiber. Skilled artisans assembled this car.

  • You are by far one of the most fun builder to watch. Love the fact that you bought this car cz cigarette lighter is intact 😂

  • Was that Sean Evans hot ones

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a> that looks like a passive radiator a drive that size in such an small package is just crazy also it faces down gotta be a passive radiator!

  • They destroyed this poor car 🥺

  • Wow.. it may turn out bangin when you're done, but right now it looks rougher than a night in prison

  • Love my Kove speaker....but can't get over that it looks like a Coke can.

  • Man, this movie was made by non-carguys

  • Sarcasm 100

  • did anyone else Google Tyrese's height?

  • This thing has more problems then my civic

  • Get a videographer

  • Ed bolainboiles the fuck out of my kettle with boredom. Please everyone explain in full details why you like this tart? No hate just curiosity in all honestly. Pls don’t say bc he worked for Lamborghini sales ect....and started vinwiki gimme some concrete solid energy as to why the fuck this guys on tv/social media Zzzzz 🙃

  • so funny how these movie people just massacre these cars....for pretty much no good reason

  • Only here for ed

  • Really confusing title

  • Kudos to Bolian’s real estate agent for finding a garage with a house attached to it.

  • 25.1 .... perhaps someone was bragging about how far they can run... ROFL!

  • That was great 😁

  • No gate for shifter, 20 gear fast and furious spec trans


    • TH3 C4SSIU5 3FF3CT I hope your not referring to those randomly placed metal pipes through the interior of the car. I can guarantee they were arbitrarily placed without worry of wrecking. That cage is as functional as it’s windows.


  • this poor car....wtf

  • Kove speakers: the 4x more expensive JBL.

  • Blab, blah blah....... I subscribed because I wanted to see the Merc manual swap. Something I’ve done with other makes myself. Figured that would be cool. Nope, still an auto. Then pops is the first lambo. Okay, kinda cool, kinda a hack job but neat enough. Never finished it but okay, convertible tops can be a bitch. I get it But I was still waiting. You even said the Merc would be next. Then comes a viper that never got touched much less completed. Then a trashed, unfixable Ferrari that I will put money on will never get done. I doubt it will even make good content. Next is the Bentley. Okay, cool backstory. You got the engine but nothing. You polished it but didn’t even fix the window. Kinda doing things in the wrong order dude. I doubt it will ever be finished either. Now another trashed lambo. I doubt the dash will ever get put in correctly. (It would have been easier with the windshield out) it needs paint badly which I doubt you’ll do. It may end up driving but never finished or right. It’s too bad really. You’ve got a few pretty nice cars if you would’ve ever finish one. I’d continue to subscribe if I thought you would. History proves you won’t though. Sorry dude, unsubscribed. Oh, btw, your shirts shrink too much. Bought an XXL. My daughter, a size 3, now wears it and it’s tight on her!!

  • HAHA Andrew your bit at the end was awesome!

  • that lambo is junk

  • That car looks worse than a murcielago kit car

  • Is that Hoovies McClaren?

  • Randomly found the video on the bentley found myself going through all your videos, brilliant keep up the great work from Scotland 😉

  • Go to www.bleuleaflandscaping.com

  • 12 cylinders never need a sound system.

  • Tyrese Gibson is 5'11" according to www.celebheights.com/s/Tyrese-Gibson-588.html

  • Props for coming up with the gated community shirt, had to get one since the SLC is gated.

  • you can see ed's heart just so crushed seeing this car in this state haha

  • Go get on a... Go grab a wrench and get... Go do the... G...Get your wrenches. Go get wrenchin'.

  • Ed has such a flair for sarcasm lol

  • Got it for $80k and will end up spending $30-45k in parts and repairs..............Good job!!

  • Greatest outro of all time.