I Sold My G Wagon *Emotional*

Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Jul 2019
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  • I hope you guys enjoy this video! Thanks to Arthur for getting me another car! follow him on snapchat @Art_m323 and thank you Catie Turner for letting me use your song at the end of this video to say goodbye to Daddy G --> id-tv.org/tv/video-e9Kh3Clashw.html Lastly, any name suggestions for the new car would be greatly appreciated! have a good week :)

  • Is Shane taking the root beer off his pallet? 😂 9:00

  • I feel like that rash is scabies...

  • I love shanes facial expressions 😂

  • Me: Sits down to eat lunch and watch some Ryland (I love you). First video: 5 minutes of Jeffrey popping zits.....switch video..... Second video: Ryland explains his mysterious rash..... Boys are gross ❤️

  • I wish I met someone like Shane in my life. Then it would turn into a relationship like your's. I'm not talking about meeting a guy like Shane that has money. My daughter said it sounded like that. I'm mean I wish I met someone like Shane's personality an humor and just the way I can tell how much he love's an care's about the people in his life.

  • RIP daddy G

  • OMG what’s that “it’s between yes and today” spinning thing? Love that!

  • Blasted congrats Ryland...so sorry about the rash, I get rashes a lot and they suuuuuck so hard! Shane, you definitely do NOT look “greasy”...you are GLOWING! I’ve never seen your skin looking soooo amazing 😍


  • Ryland pretending he's as hot as Arthur 😂😂

  • To everyone bitching about how Shane and Ryland are selfish and its rude to show off your money like this. Just stop. Don't put others down just because you weren't able to be successful. It's no one's fault but your own. Instead of bitching on the internet about how you can't do this or that, go better yourself. I grew up extremely poor. I worked hard in school and got a great career and can now afford to live nicely. I wasn't all like boo hoo I wish I had their problems. You will accomplish nothing by complaining.

  • Hey hun kinda late but that totally looks like scabies plus you said it itches like hell at night super contagious from skin to skin contact but Permethrin creme will kill it takes about a month to go away and feels worse before it gets better, hope it you got better fast cuz my comment is months way to late, but be careful it can come back google it youll see from the pics that's exactly what it is hope this helps

  • He’s literally complaining about getting a new g wagon and most of us bust out asses to get a new used car. Please stop


  • It's so funny seeing this video after the parts of shanes new series with his palette because the reason Barry is blurred out in the start is it has makeup on him

  • "We're cars baby!" 😂 slap that on a fucking tshirt

  • I find (no joke) that it’s perfectly normal to show gratitude toward things we once owned or lived in.

  • Shane's skin is so glowy in this! ❤️

  • The highlight of this video is Arthur tbh. He is so HOT. DAMN.

  • Shane in this video isssaaa MOOODD!! ‘We are all gonna die’ *sigh* TRUTH!

  • Bye bye DaddyG you made us have amazing memeories we will never foreget you welcome MamaG

  • Please ryland don’t love miterial things it’s so wrong just say ur being blessed because inanimate objects and pretend to really love them is wrong

  • I eat my dinner to your videos

  • Shane is so stinking handsome.

  • Didnt tana and Morgan both have ringworm? That's probably what rylands rash is 😂

  • Where’s Andrew?!

  • This is how many times You replayed the end 👇

  • Noone gonna mention how fine Arthur is? 😏 Just me , okay 😂

  • This video was a thousand time more dramatic than it needed to be and I loved it. 😂😂

  • Ryland: I’m buying a different better and more expensive g-wagon Me: O cool well I have a, wagon, so, that’s cool to right?

  • Eithrways g wagons for men,not for gurlish,gayish peice of shit like u,nvr seen sum1 as shitty as u.i dnt evn hve words,wht r u??

  • Rich people problems at their finest. Meanwhile, I'm trying to scrap together $300 so my electric dont get shut off. Yeah ryland, I like you man, but I do think you've lost touch with reality just a bit.

    • Not necessarily. Spending a large amount of money does not equal losing touch with reality. Especially not when you're making as much money as Shane and Ryland make.

  • I am not going to buy the a&w because shane did not get his sponsor haha

  • shane is glowing! his skincare must be so good no3

  • shane is glowing! his skincare must be so good no3

  • Environmental impact, is shit, fuel efficiency, EV, hybrids?, climate change is clearly not priorities

  • Was literally just thinking how great +Shane skin is looking and he’s like ‘woah, why is my skin so greasy’

  • Okay Congratulations , but like ...... What can I trade for an Arthur because he lookin like a snacc. I just--- Okay Im so sorry. Im actually so happy for you!

  • Arthur can get it

  • Yes....You have completely lost touch with reality.

  • Shane's skin LOOKS SOOOO GOOOD

  • 12:06 we stan a recycling queen 💚

  • “we’re all gonna die.” “that’s it.”

  • Omg 😍😍😍 Arthur!!!!!

  • That lowkey Wii music though *thumbs up* 9:00

  • Why am I actually crying

  • u made me sad about a fucking car ryland why

  • In my country a white car is better. It's even more expensive to have it white and not any other color. Since it's hot most of the year a white car is more convenient.

  • Love how supportive Shane is about the G Wagon!

  • whats Arthur’s @ ? For business inquires

  • Cant believe real people watch stupid shit like this. You guys are lame. RT

  • Me this whole video: Can't relate.

  • Where is Shane's jeep btw ???

  • Theres no honey on mobile ?

  • The rash Looks like poison sumac

  • I honestly like the front of the old G better haha but everything else the new G nails!

  • Gotta call the new one Momma G❤❤❤

  • Arthurrr 🤰🏻🤰🏻🤰🏻

  • I love you and Shane! Ugh! Okay. Subscriber forever. ❤️