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'hello82' invited a fan of Sunmi(선미) to Korea pretending that we were filming a Korean tourism documentary. She had no idea she was going to meet her idol.
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  • I could not resist the to weep...is was so heartwarming

  • Pena q isso nunca vai acontecer cmg, meu ídolo/grupo vir aqui pq eu moro no BRASIL aish

  • sunmi entendia español o avia traductor

  • I've been binging these Sunmi x fans video and falling for her harder and harder. She genuinely adores her fans, her kindness shines inside out, GAH I love Sunmi

  • Sunmi felt in love with her💖😭

  • Sunmi is my unlimate bias💖💖💖

  • 5:20

  • hello82 just to know my bias is Solar from Mamamoo. Casually leaving this information here!!

  • si yo hago un dibujo de taemin y lo publico en redes sociales, ¿me van a llevar a conocerlo? 🥺

  • yo quiero conocer a taemin, qué tengo que hacer sjdjrnfjjef.

  • This makes me so happy 🥺


  • This is so wholesome ZBZBSBS

  • This video is soo touching! Sunmi is such a sweet and caring person and I'm so happy Juana was able to recieve a gift like this. You can see it meant the world to her, and that's so amazing! This was probably the happiest day of her life. I can't believe they made this amazing event happen. I'm so, so happy for you, Juana! You deserved that so much! Happy belated 16th birthday

  • She's so cute and pure,the fans who love u and respect u and knows their limits! And Sunmi is so nice and caring Wish EXO would do this too EXO:We Are One


  • 3:49. Haha she is funny..

  • I feel uncomfortable watching this. She’s so nervous or something. SUNMI trying her best though.

  • Sunmi is so sweeettt😭

  • hello82 help me meet wonho challenge 🙏🤚

  • I really wished I could meet straykids one day but I lived in Indonesia, and I don't know if that will be possible one day, I really wanted to come to their concert but it's so expensive after all so I can't

  • Heyyyyy Hello82 um...so I would just like to maybe um... see sana please i have some papers i would love for her to sign and they may or may not be adoption papers....heehee

  • Please "hawasa"

  • can i get for 15th present that too? 😔👊🏼

  • Gashina gashina~


  • nadie: absolutamente nadie: yo leyendo los sustitulos cuando juana habla aunque después me acuerdo que sé español 👁-👁

    • This made me laugh so hard! XD I do this too!

    • X2 yo tenia los subtitulos en español cuando yo hablo español

  • Just as he met Sunmi, I would like to meet Felix from Stray Kids or Yeonjun or both for my 15 years, I am 13 and only in my illusion could they be fulfilled ...


  • @hello82 I’m a huge fan of twice, theyre the best thing in the world. If you can read this it will be the best if you can grant my wish to see any of them I will be the happiest person ever 🤎🤎🤎🤎

  • if you need volunteer to come to korea and meet got7 i'm here!!

  • I wanna to cry i love sunmi😭😭

  • Idk is it possible now but i want to try. My friend ' s birthday is November 27 and her bias is Jungkook.

  • Que cercana, sencilla, humilde, simpática y adorable fue Sunmi, me siento feliz por Juana que privilegio

  • HELLO82 i can speak korean can i meet a kpop idol ilove sunmi chungha eric nam ateez and alot alot i love you sunmi

  • this project is awesome.i think you got trending. 1

  • Damn this made me cry

  • Omg I am gonna cry😥 My dream is also to meet by idol💜 I hope where ever my idol might be he might be doing okay💜

  • Sunmi is always so sweet to her fans. ❤️

  • Ketawanya juana persis yohan

  • UWu she has the same name as me 🥺 and I was born in 2003 too

  • i hope i can meet my idols too even if just by going to their concerts, because just to see them in person is really hard for me, so i really hope God will allow me to meet my idol in person just once, then i will be the happiest human being in this world

  • omg how cute and kind from sunmi i cried the whole video 😭😭😭😭💜💜

  • OMG!! This is amazing, i wish i can live an experience like that with Mamamoo🥺. Best wishes for everyone in this video. Great ideas hello82. 🥰

  • เพิ่งรู้ว่าพี่ซอนมีเป็นคนน่ารักแล้วก็เฟรนลี่ขนาดนี้ ดีใจแทนน้องเลยที่ได้เจอพี่ซอนมีในวันเกิด ชีวิตติ่งคอมพลีตแล้ววว ทำให้เรานึกถึงตอนที่ลูกพี่น้องแนะนำให้ฟังเพลงK-popเลย Kim Seokjin พี่แกเป็นคนแรกที่เราชอบแกเป็นคนตลกเราชอบเวลาแกเล่นมุกคุณลุงมาก จากนั้นเราก็เป็นติ่งBTSและชอบฟังเพลงK-pop (เป็นติ่งมันโคตรมีความสุขเลย)😊👧🌹🎶

  • I couldn't stop either crying or smiling, it was just so cute, like... For real, do someone know how to make this dream come true

  • @hello82 I would really like to meet ATEEZ I was introduced to them through a friend and they inspired me to learn Korean I'm not that great tbh 😂 but I do try ! I'm mostly self-taught since I don't have anyone to practice with but it would be cool to practice with them! ☺️

  • Haaaaa Sunmi me gustaría conocerte en persona. Siempre tan carismática haaa saludos desde Perú.

  • Watching a year later and still amazed .. thank you guys

  • I really wish I could meet my favourite idol like that

  • You are the best

  • This channel is the best! ^^

  • Wish my 18th birthday wich is gonna come at 10 November this year was being my best birthday ever just by spend a day with Jackson Wang from GOT7

  • I just want meet Yeonjun pls

  • I wanna get hugged that many times by Sunmi too 🥺

  • I love how Sunmi also like fan girls for Juana 🥺

  • Will I meet BTS ? Hello 82 please take me to BTS 😭😢🙇

  • I cried

  • May I have 82 mins please?, I would really love to get to met one of my favorite idols, if I could get at least 5 secs with them I would be truly thankful and happy

  • Can Sunmi act in a Kdrama omg she has such an amazing personality and we don't even have to talk about her looks just stunning

  • They are so cute.. My heart- 😖🥺❤

  • yo también quiero conocer a mi artista no es justo yo también soy de argentina 🇦🇷 se coreano 🇰🇷 y yo hay no estoy 😫😫😫 #bts

  • sunmi has the kindest heart, i love her. 🥺💜

  • when they kissed each other on the cheek i bursted into tears 😭😭 sunmi and her fan interactions are my everything ❤️😭

  • Woo casi lloro,es hermoso que puedan cumplir el sueño de algunos fans,tambien desearia ser tan afortunada y lograr conocer a mi idol Gracias por este video,enserio senti que era yo quien estava cumpliendo su sueño de conocer a Sunmi

  • I'm sitting on the cough and watching fucking lucky kpop fans

  • This girl has been given an experience few will ever get to! She is so lucky!

  • thats the most heartwarming thing ever awwww sunmi can just touch my hand and i will just faint

  • Dioss que emociona tanto 😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • 😯😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭me muero porque no me toca amiiiiiiiii😓😞

  • Este video siempre me hace llorar ;-; mi sueño es conocer a Han Jisung, desde el primer momento que conocí a SKZ me enamoré por completo de el, lo admiro demasiado ㅠㅠ espero que cuando acabe todo esto anuncien fechas en México, haré todo por ir a un concierto y conocerlo :´v

  • She very lucky ❤️ Congrats🥺🥺

  • Sunmi is such a sweet young lady. She has this aura that can make people feel happy and it was so nice of her to meet her young fan and spend time with her. Wow, made her dream come true!


  • :(

  • hi um how do I apply for a day like this please

  • hello my friend cyntina would like to meet bts

  • wow! fantastic, SUNMI is a great artist. VERY HAPPY FOR THE FANS , SUNMI is very quality and humble, SUNMI is a great artist.

  • You have been giving me strength to hold on and to get through this period of lockdown Sunmi Eonnie. Thank you for your music and for everything you do for your fans. Love you Eonnie. Fan from India

  • 선미 진짜 착하다:)

  • I have always wanted to meet Sunmi but I am ten years old and live in the US I have loved Kpop since I was five years old in 2015 but I have never been to concert or fan sign before and this makes me kind of sad that I have never met a kpop idol but I hope Juana has a great time

  • uhm i would like to meet Twice but I don't speak Korean at all

  • Hasta yo me puse a llorar :'3 es lindo conocer a la persona que admiras y el echo de conocerla en tu cumpleaños lo hace más especial, yo haría cualquier cosa para conocer a Monsta X amo su música sin importar lo que pase los seguiré apoyando aquí desde Chile

  • @hello82, can you make me meet Loona? I'm from Brazil. Do it, please!

  • I just want to meet park jihoon :(

  • 7:17 this entire time I've been reading the subtitles when my dumb self knows spanish. I'm a bit disappointed in myself but proud that I understand 2 languages and can speak 1% korean & 0.01% Chinese. 😋 Sunmi is Beautiful.

  • Q

  • اذا أنا شفت سونمي بطيح بالأرض وببكي بدون ما توقف دموعي ومستحيل اقدر اطالع بعيونها 💔🗿 هذي البنت اخذت حظ كل فان لسونمي

  • Creo q to me moriria por ver a cualquier idol de kpop y mas si fuera alguno de mis preferidos Sunmi se porto se 10 es la mas se ve q es super dulce y muy buena onda de solo verlo me emocione con la reaccion cuando la vio la verdad la felicito a la chica imaginar q es de aca de arg de donde soy ojala me invitaran a mi jajj gracias por este hermoso video ❤❤🇦🇷

  • sunmi is 28? lol what kind of joke is this she looks 23 or something.. but seriously i love her music and i knew she was kind but watching this really shows me what kind of person she is.. sunmi best idol :)

  • Que bella es Sunmi

  • Awww Sunmii is the sweetest. Like really the interaction between her and the fan was soo sweet and heartfelt. Indeed she's the Kpop Queen. I luv her soo much, she gives all the reasons to love and respect her.. Sunmii, You are a beautiful human inside out!!!! Thankyou for this beautiful video @hello82 it made my day!

  • Creo que este es el encuentro más bonito que he visto entre un idol y un fan, Sunmi me pareció muy muy amable, y hasta muy afectuosa, cosa que no había visto hacer a otros idols, para nosotros es normal dar abrazos y besos pero creo que ellos no lo hacen mucho. Me encantó Sunmi y Juana💖

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • just wanna meet LOONA pls....

  • Omg this is a fucking dream 😭😭

  • Quiero conocer a mis idols en mi cumpleaños please ;( I LOV U HELLO82 HELP MEE PLEASE

  • Querido Hello82, eu tenho duas melhores amigas que adorariam conhecer os idols preferidos delas. Elas são duas irmãs, uma se chama Roberta e outra Júlia, a Roberta tem um canal de ligação no ID-tv chamado Ro sua loka army, eu adoraria que elas pudessem conhecer os idols delas, mas tenho certeza que seria melhor se acontecesse algo do tipo quando a quarentena acabar para ninguém ficar com riscos a saúde. O Instagram da Júlia é: Júlia Mangifeste da Silva E o da Roberta é: Ro_sua_lokaa Elas são multifandom e adorariam conhecer algum de seus grupos utt: Blackpink Twice Red velvet BTS TXT ITZY Mamamoo Everglow A Roberta desenha, a Júlia sabe cantar muito bem e as duas dançam Elas são super fãs e amam eles com todas as forças, se vocês pudessem realizar o sonho delas fazendo elas conhecer algum desses grupos, eu ficaria muito feliz :)

  • Can i meet dahyun hello82

  • ياخي ما يصير عندي شوي من حظهم