I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom House!

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We surprised MrBeast with a custom house then gave it to someone who really needed it
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ZHC & MrBeast surprise someone with a custom hand painted house
Special thanks to @MrBeast and his crew!


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    • Hi zhc

    • Can I get a shout out plz

    • its cool


    • @not wazey ?

  • My fav part was 8:21

  • Mischel

  • Buying a house is so exciting, I saw you customized a house for your gf. I'm watching that one next. Me and my husband have a baby on a way, so we had to put our house plans on hold but once we get one I plan to customize it too! I just get so excited 😆

  • Mr Beast: “I told them your homeless” Nolan: “Im homeless?” Me: “LMAO”

  • omg there is karllll


  • i love this team omg😍😍😍

  • Nolan few vids before on mr. beast channel:nolan in suffering in solitary confinement

  • ZHC in 2199 : "I bought a spaceship and customized it and went to another galaxy and gave it away to an Alien"😂🤣😂🤣

  • Wow mmmmmmmmam

  • Mr beast and zhc I subscribe to u

  • Zhc and mr mr. Beast there youtube Chanel thr are monsters that mean threr are friends

  • And also knows to paint a house

  • And he is building me a new room!

  • He knows how to put walls and floors and bathrooms and bedrooms my dad is building a house floor right now

  • My dad is a house builder

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  • i like this house

  • OMG

  • Egg

  • Most hilarious part was that Mr. beast love the custom rug so much that he brought it everywhere with him🤣🤣

  • Please help me too ZHC 😭😭

  • Epic

  • I subscribe and love you!!!!

  • Kan i get a nu fowne plis🙁🦋

  • hello from phlippines watching your videos

  • Hi I m now

  • Zach looks so tiny next to jimmy

  • Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

  • That was funny

  • 7:16 Michelle’s dancing is perfect

  • Practically walking is still standing on one foot at a time cuz ya know what they say one after another!


  • So cool

  • What I saw the results of the Shrek painting I almost jumped out of my skin and with the dorky😨😱😅

  • Hey do you how to say tagalog say baho ako meanse your cute

  • Both of them are very good person. Sometimes i think are they Alien? 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Nobody gonna mention that that got TATOOS for 100dollars

  • A week is 7 days not 6

  • It the “surprising mr beast with a Tesla” video, at the end he says “ What’s next a house?” Zack understood the assignment

  • When i saw the video i thought the title was: i surprised Mr Beast with a customized key

  • I love your videos

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  • Mr best is my fan

  • What if you guys stop talking and you guys would have more time

  • Karl Jacobs are u here

  • I live in the UK

  • Ive been a sub for 5 years

  • 1:31 In this timelapse shot you can see them making MrBeast's Squigle into a Dragone clip

  • 0:04 You Said Are Gonna Suprise Him AND YOU SAID HIM THAT YOU ARE GONNA SUPSIRE

  • Did anyone else realize that jake did a handstand while dancing?

  • You run zaz

  • Onetime many you should draw pennywise

  • @mrbeast

  • In 30 years drawing on the biggest moon ever

  • NOLAN!!! I haven't seen you in a long time

  • Im a big fan zhc

  • I can run faster then Jake cuz I have been running for the past 8 years and never stopped so someone pls make me a race with a cheetah

  • I love the house

  • Nolan 2021: the key video

  • Lol:^)>.

  • I like tob see you ZHC super you are brilliant and talented

  • In a room

  • Spend 50 hours with micsalle

  • I love your vidos:)

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  • I'm a made=i'm amadzed

  • 5:38 jaz kinda sus

  • 1:47 he was like rocket but was it😑😑😑

  • OMG I love MR beast 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • ZHC in 3065: we got a whole castle and I painted

  • Did I win? hurayyy


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  • I love this so much.

  • Hello Mr Beast

  • Can I have a PS5

  • That was a epic scene 11:24

  • Epic!

  • you should have given it away to the homeless. to someone who actually needs it!

  • Great job 👏👍👌

  • Is it me or anybody that they’re all in-all rainbow colors


  • Do you have two sisters

  • Love your vids

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