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  • Primal Jesse… you got what you asked for. For 48 hours, you lived like Liver King; Sleep, Eat, Move, Shield, Connect, Cold, Sun,

  • Idc what anyone says about Liver King, he actually treated you with great great hospitality and treated you as one of the family. He's a really nice guy and a great example of respect.

  • When Liver King was on the floor basically motionless after the barbarian challenge had me dead 🤣🤣🤣 you truly earned his respect after that and it was so genuine

  • I stumbled onto this video and, to be honest, didn't have high expectations. But that was thoroughly entertaining. Liver King and his family were just so open and hospitable and I found the guy inspirational in how he just lives his own way without fear of judgement or reservation.

  • That is an insane lifestyle, and it looks like it's working out great for them. Lots of positive energy.

  • Liver King is the last name I'd name someone who shows such a hospitality, treating you like one of his own and just being himself in an unique way. Dope video!

  • I don't care what anyone says about Liver King, he's living his best life and doing it well. More power to the man.

  • It's such an awesome set up! Great seeing so much of the Liver King ranch in full. And Brian seems like such a cool guy + his family are so welcoming. Awesome insight into their kingdom!

  • This looks like a very open minded experience. I like stuff like this because it takes a lot of courage to be receptive to things are different than you are used to. They look like they had a good time. Whether they apply this afterward is up to them. Good luck gentlemen!✊🏾

  • I'm a new liver king fan after this! I'm truly amazed at how much of a blessing he was to you.

  • This wasn't just a video. But also a message full of inspiration. Would be amazing to see Jesse and Liver King meet again!

  • You matched liver kings energy perfectly. I think even he was shocked how into it you were.

  • Well done guys! Yall need to be best friends after this. Happy you let his lifestyle into yours without judgement. He seems like a pretty cool dude

  • This video has changed me so much, i have always been a christian but i was never deep into it until i watched you. You truly have a place in my heart and you have saved me, especially hearing it from a younger persons perspective who has been through a lot in school and with you family. God bless you

  • Roids or not… he’s a down to earth guy. Took you in like one of his own. Respect✊🏼

  • that must have been quite an experience lol... great video man

  • Even though liver king has his own eh unique way of living, he was clearly a great host, gave you presents, shoes and made you feel welcome. He is a great dude


  • This was great! Well done. I love the energy in this.. 🤙

  • The Barbarian reminds me of my days in the light infantry. Humping 170 pounds of equipment 20 miles through the roughest terrain the island of Oahu had to offer. We were in such good physical condition that in 94 I ran the Honolulu marathon without training a single day for it. Just went out and did it.