I Transformed a Minecraft Village for 1.17

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I Transformed a Minecraft village for 1.17. that's about it. hope you enjoy.

People I play with:
• A Civilian: bit.ly/3emZTsz
•Branzy: bit.ly/2CtyDvj
•Cakeman: bit.ly/3vnEdGb
•CeylaPlays: bit.ly/2DC4NFt
•DcDeckard: bit.ly/2WcpaPU
•DylanRhyne: bit.ly/3viIaM9
•Iconic Bluejay: bit.ly/3foevLY
•Lagging_Daze: bit.ly/2ZmiBMz
•Lucid: bit.ly/2C3RcWX
•Madtiger416: bit.ly/2TbbTIE
•MattyPixel: bit.ly/3enLfBt
•Miyukina: bit.ly/300JVPL
•MrRedClaw: bit.ly/2W7qe7J
•Souli Layce: bit.ly/3fF1Rac
•That Chief Guy: bit.ly/3oSE6Qv
•SkillsNoLogic: bit.ly/2RNOyfJ
•Skyelre: bit.ly/3oP2r9M
•ZL: bit.ly/2QS2MMb

Where I get my music: www.epidemicsound.com/referra...
-Epidemic sound- referal link ⬆

Q: Where do you get your music?
A: Epidemic sound
Q: Is your name really Parker?
A: yup. rekrap spelled backwards
Q: What editing software do you use?
A: Adobe Premiere

Echocraft Discord: discord.gg/UeGTsBdytX
Patreon: patreon.com/rekrap2



  • *“How did you die?”* Lucid: *“A rickroll cost me my life.”*

  • Can we just appreciate how much time he puts into these transitions? Like WHAT!?!

  • This gives me such strong inspiration to try this for myself

  • Something you could do is add trap doors instead of doors on the houses because villagers can’t open them but you can.

  • Some of the most entertaining content I have probably seen in a while!

  • Recommendation, use carpets and moss carpets to make the only naturally spawning mobs in the cave bats and the smallest variant of slime to add life to the area.

  • Recommendation, use carpets and moss carpets to make the only naturally spawning mobs in the cave bats and the smallest variant of slime to add life to the area.

  • Recommendation, use carpets and moss carpets to make the only naturally spawning mobs in the cave bats and the smallest variant of slime to add life to the area.

  • Recommendation, use carpets and moss carpets to make the only naturally spawning mobs in the cave bats and the smallest variant of slime to add life to the area.

    • @Ray Brickles wtf kinda English class you come from

    • @Rishy comment didnt blow up

    • this guy probably played more minecraft then i ever did ever since i started playing (over 7years ago)

    • Slimes can’t kill villagers lol

    • It makes everything look WAYYYY too flat.

  • Recommendation, use carpets and moss carpets to make the only naturally spawning mobs in the cave bats and the smallest variant of slime to add life to the area.

  • A little tip: Put glowstone under moss carpet for a hidden lighting system that still looks nice with moss. Also, I know your making a village and your trying to remake it but I would remake the houses with tall roofs and a less boxy design.

  • Wow, that minecart bridge looks great! I’m definitely gonna use it! (If you don’t mind)

  • I would recommend doing oxidized copper (fully oxidized) as well as waxed, just for that nice color mix of blue and orange.

  • The villagers turning into zombies is actually helpful because it makes the prices cheaper when you cure them :)

  • Thanks to Grian, even to this day, for my mind using glass panes instead of glass blocks has now become mandatory

  • Recommendation you could get azalea trees but it still looks amazing! Keep it up!

  • For future reference, the Minecraft Wiki has pages that contain layer by layer blueprints for almost every structure in the game, villager houses included.

  • 0:43 fun fact: villagers you have already traded with do not despawn, even once they've been zombified. so, you worried over nothing :D

  • We have to appreciate Rek’s inclusion of Des and Troy from Ragnarok

  • Honestly rek I’m so happy you are doing what makes you happy just never stop okay? It would make us all so sad if u stopped playing Minecraft

  • I love your content it’s very entertaining! “Des and Troy like destroy” was my favorite part i laughed

  • Great video man keep up the great work

  • You should make the track like a electric train track, the lightning rods would work well for cables. Also great job on the editing and time-lapses + replay mod.

    • @Zeebruh its decoration not actual power

    • Only problem is thunderstorm are rare

    • Chains would look even better

    • Very noice idea

  • 4:08 i think its really funny to see the dropped item bobbing

  • I think oxidised copper the green colour is really pretty, although on the other hand waxed copper is bright.

  • The truck to fighting witches is lighting them on fire, then killing them while they drink fire resistance

  • I wish I had pasion to do this type of things this looks hella good

  • You're so underrated! Some of the most entertaining content I have probably seen in a while! Also you are a massive inspiration for me. :)

  • Why not just use iron doors?… Modern problems require modern solutions.

  • I love how much work this guy puts in just his timelapses. Imagine that, AND working super hard to build super cool stuff! Good job, rek!

  • 5:52 Gives a new meaning to rekrap *2*

  • "he doesnt have a profession but I guess railway workers dont have a profession anyway" rekrap 2021

  • This is now definitely my favorite episode of season 3 so far! The music, pacing, editing, humor, it's all so amazing. I mean, the shot at 5:52 is insane! the whole video must have been a pain to edit with the amount of replay mod shots you used! The part where you kept on dying had me laughing out of my seat. I am very excited to see lucid's rickrolling shenanigan's also, as well as the lifesteal smp. On another note I would love to see you incorporate more interactions with other echocrafters in your videos, those are always a joy to watch.

  • let it oxidize until every block is oxidised and strip it with an axe again. keep this cycle going and count how many cycles youve been through

  • You need cobwebs water so drowned can drop the copper automatically smelted like a copper ingot

  • Use Iron Doors With Levers And Sign For Enchanted Books.

  • You forgot to do the town center - it is a structure that brings a detail to the village, as well as showing off the village bell. In the plains and savanna biomes, there is market stalls. In plains, savanna, taiga, and desert, there is a well including the famous plains village well, the useless savanna village wells that has the same shape as the water placement in the desert well which has a bell over the center, and the desert village wells which is more useful than a regular desert well. The plains also have fountains and a tree. The taiga got a well and a block with a bell on top of it, the snowy tundra got frozen fountains.

  • Rekrap the effort you put into your videos is amazing I appreciate your vids and your editing is getting even better then before

  • MAN you are SO underrated and ur editing is SUPREME

  • I can't even build that good and rekrap is just an amazing builder

  • you should add golems and then add a texture pack that makes them copper-like

  • oxidize, just make a whole bunch of wooden axes for it so you don't waste any iron or diamonds or gold

  • I love how you can hear the excitement in his voice when hes showing his progress with the village. (edit: this is the most likes ive gotten on a comment, and ive gained so many subs from it. tysm!)

  • Here’s a tip for building something that can’t have mobs… Press F3 and L and all red squares mobs can spawn on

  • You should use iron doors they would fit the looks

  • Love the design of the copper and Deepslate ngl

  • Who agrees Rekrap2 is a tier mastery of building

  • Last year Rekrap had less than 10k subs, now he has 200k. I’m proud of what he has become :). Keep going rekrap! I hope he reads this :/

    • @RequiemPlayz okay :)

    • I agree (:

    • @Mythical Gaming oh i was an og his first video i watched was like and echocraft episode on season 1 ep 15

    • @RequiemPlayz I m not saying that it's a bad thing if another creator give u a little boost in your ID-tv journey After all , all those people subscribed because of rek's content Dream just helped more people notice his channel I also came to know abt rek's channel through Dream

    • ​@Mythical Gaming Well ngl i like reks content more than dreams his manhunts started getting boring and the thing i love abt rek is that he shows his mistakes and progression and his ideas are innovative

  • Guys does any one also think that rekrap puts so much time in his videos

  • rek do u think u could add the texture for the lighting in the description as i am having the same problem with a project im doing in mc

  • I would just keep it without the beeswax so it looks like time has passed and the village is so old but it’s just my opinion

  • I would go with oxidised because of it being underground and it being darker down there

  • Your editing is so good and you are so underrated. Your personality is enjoyable and wholesome. Keep up the great work!

  • I think you should let the copper oxidize, I think it would look better

  • Someone opens a copper shop Rekrap: i’ll take your entire stock

  • Finally someone who actually plays with villagers (Btw I'm making a a village maybe even city run by villagers)

  • Someone: Copper has no use Rekrap: *Are you sure about that?*

  • How is every video better than the last? LITERALLY HOW, rek this is so good!!!

  • You should get an iron golem to protect the villagers, we don’t want them to end up like *jeff*

  • You should have called the railway “Rek-Rail”

  • How long are you working on that, respect. 👍💪

  • Hey rekrap you can put carpets at the doors for the villagers and they can’t walk over them instead of having them in minecarts

  • Jeez…every episode seems to be a new way of Rek barely losing his items 😂

  • Rekrap: builds a staircase Also Rekrap 2 seconds later: doesn't use the staircase that took him 30 minutes to build

    • LoL truueee”

  • Keep the copper orange and wax it will look better I think

  • 7:41 Parker says:"Hopefolly his living his best life!"after seeing a villager died.😅🤣😂

  • Yes the village can thrive when nobody can move

  • Your editing is waayy to good, keep up the great content, this is hermitcraft-level content

  • When you made the creeper face I went in my own Minecraft world and made it into a living area for a modernized Minecraft world where the overworld is not inhabitable and we all adapted into The deep deep hell

  • What's the texture pack that shows where mobs spawn?

  • “I don’t think I’ll ever need to make a slime farm.” Hyperbole my friend, hyperbole.

  • You should make a copper and deepslate well

  • Unpowered “powered rails” work as brakes on a railroad track, but the carts would need to be pushed to move since it completely stops them.

  • copper villages should exist in the deep dark and have mine loot lol

  • your hard work is so cool

  • definetely oxided. Love your videos!

  • the witch could be troy cuz there were lightning rods in the tracks n if a villager gets struck by lightning it turns into a witch

  • I like the outside perspective when you're exploring and building. Makes it look better Edit: for the copper, I think that the non oxidized copper is the best, with a couple of the lightly oxidized pieces sprinkled in to give it detail.

  • You should wax the copper and keep it not oxidized

  • Your insane man its 10× better than my mc world

  • Oxidized shows the process of the copper changing so I’d let it oxidize.

  • btw the path time laps was 11/10

  • this man is a professional (builder, not survivor, i can fly the elytra better than him with my feet.)

  • rek ur vids are so fireee you are soo humble and cool, u also sound like mark rober

  • I love your editing

  • Wax the copper to make it stay like not oxidised still looks noice

  • "Branzy made a secret base in your base. Go find it!"

  • I actually can't believe someone made that texture pack xD

  • that witch coulda been troy cuz you use lightning rods on that house and lightning and villagers make witch. also the witch was behind the des and troy house

  • I love doing this!

  • Branzy told me to tell you:"I made a secret base in your base."

  • Hey!!! New video! Thank you Rek. I always love your videos.

  • You should do the blue copper because i feel like it matches better with deepslate plus blue copper matches with diamonds and you are in a cave so likeeee

  • Him: “ trading with villagers does have its perks, but that does mean you have to repair them”

  • I think you should only wax the roofs

  • I need that rickroll skin that Lucid had, my friends are gonna hate me but it will be worth it

  • That was like, half a season of Vitality in one episode! Great job as always!! The orange looks better.


  • name your sword "The Reker" or "The Recker". (Reference from ClownPiecer's "Piercer")