I Turned a Fun Road Trip Into a Nightmare Voyage - The Long Drive

Dipublikasikan tanggal 30 Jun 2022
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I Turned a Fun Road Trip Into a Nightmare Voyage - The Long Drive - Let's Game It Out


Check it out on Steam ► store.steampowered.com/app/10...

More about The Long Drive (from Steam):

This is a road trip game in an almost infinite random generated desert. The focus is on freedom, driving, exploration and immersion. It has minimal car maintenance and survival elements.

Infinite Desert, Freedom and Driving:
There are no invisible walls or unable to jump over small fences, or blinking red "wrong direction" signs on the hud. The car won't need 10-20 liter fuel over just only a few hundred meters, with a full tank, you could go approximately 500 kilometers. If you see a distant big mountain, you can go there and if you are capable, you can climb it. If you don't like where the mirrors are facing you can adjust them however you want or throw them away while driving at full speed. If you want to lean out of the car, or closer to the radio or near anything, you can.


  • Download and play The Battle Cats for free: app.adjust.com/kkzb3qj The Battle Cats is celebrating Summer Sunfest! Check out the app to collect free Cat Food each day, challenge limited stages, and pick up a Rare Ticket gift on July 4th to recruit a mighty Cat hero for free from the Rare Capsules!

    • how is battle cats still going haha. i remember playing that back in 2014/2015

    • I play that game

    • Why did you forget the giraffe you monster!! (Jk)

    • Make a part 2

    • @Garfield smoking a pipe i woudl download it if i had a windows PC so i could play it with my close friend kamdon (i think thats how its spelled they didnt elaborate)

  • Being a fan for a while now, and suddenly noticing you play our game is just... really fantastic. It is interesting to see the stuff you made, so cool :D

    • I played this game for over 80 hours than i realized this is not a game, this is Art.

    • @Coskii Just like with Hydroneer. Oh, the memories

    • @bornana gaming it's not a bot. Delete this reply

    • I hope you've seen Desinc and Coremaster playing your game. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen.


  • I just recently discovered that there used to be a second person named Anthony on this channel and he really was the last thing holding Josh’s sanity together ever since he left he has resorted to torturing the innocent souls of games he plays

    • I need to see him

    • @Cici Baua "Let's Call it Saul"

    • Anthony was Kim and Josh is Saul 😩

    • this lore is about to get even better than fnaf lore

    • You get to see hints of Josh's antics when he would either play or have Anthony play horror games XD

  • 9:05 “we have fun here,” he said. “It’ll be fun,” he said. Also the entire plot is a yellow man with a traffic cone hat goes alien hunting after he ditches his broken down car and his motorbike. Although he abandoned his mother, he lives among the stars now, sitting atop his Unidentified Flying Object.

  • 9:04 might just be the the most terrifying, and creepy thing I’ve seen and I LOVE IT

  • Anytime he says “hello? Helloooo?” Is just amazing, it’s like one of his signature lines

  • I love how Josh's character starts out in a prison cell as if the creators knew he would eventually come to fck up their game

    • Oh but they did

    • They are fans of his channel.

    • XD. I think it’s funny when he said the normall looking cats when Thay look like 🧌🧟🧛‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️👁👀👅🦷

    • @ZathTanks it was a bad throw

    • @Scrooge Mc. Duck you missed the joke.

  • been playing the Battle Cats for years, you're the first person I've seen get sponsored by them and as much as I've watched so far, they picked the perfect person for the job.

  • The super jerky and stretched yet precise movements of the character is exactly how I imagine Josh's body moves

  • You know he's a good youtuber when they get sponsored by a game that rarely sponsors

  • 4:35 josh: "what a flexible spine" me: what spine! josh literally takes every game and somehow finds a way to break it

  • He’s like midas, but instead of everything turning to gold, whatever game he touches, breaks

    • @Barry Bobert aboutda t

    • @Barry Bobert i dunno

    • He's Comidas. Everything he touches turns into comedy gold.

    • Missed opportunity to say "whatever game he touches, *brake*

    • More like Stanley SquarePants

  • Everything I care about is gone, but you still make me laugh every time I watch your videos. Thank you

  • "Oh physics you're so open to interpretation!!" Too funny - I spit out my beer!! Best yet & thankx for years of great content!!......

  • I haven’t laughed this hard in a year! Thank you for rejuvenating my soul.

  • watching this guy play a game like Spore would probably be the best thing that could ever happen

  • That "weeee!" "we have fun here, don't we?" with the creepy head turn was glorious.

    • @Jason Pagan They should! Also I can't be the only one who think their voices are strangely similar, right?

    • @Hades_Pluto they should Collab

    • U not hoomun?

    • Stuff of my nightmares 😂

    • You beautiful creature you, you are doing so good

  • I feel that this is genuinely how the game is supposed to be played.

  • Josh would be the perfect game tester

  • Josh: "Hey there welcome back to Let's Game It Out!" What I hear: "Hey there, let's completely defy a game's rules by an ungodly amount, use them how they are definitely not supposed to be in real gameplay and break my sanity in the process; all for your ammusment and my torture (because my god I feel drunk every time I do this)!"

  • This video made me snort from laughter. I hope my joy fuels you, Josh.

  • You know a game is made for Josh when he doesn't even need to ask "Is there a limit?"

    • Josh and sandboxes, name a more iconic duo. I'll wait

    • Or when physics is just non existent, my favourite.

    • Yeah, I've gotten used to Josh turning games into Nightmares, I got caught a little of guard when these guys send Josh a game that doesn't do anything except be a Nightmare regardless of what the player tries to do. Well played ...

  • I think this game has gotten the closest to showing off what Josh would look like in physical form

  • I can't wait for the exciting conclusion of the journey to mom's house!

  • The moment I saw your gameplay, I immediately became a fan because of how unique it is Ill be looking forward to the uploads

  • "Thats just peddeling lets try it with the engine" Famous last word of josh-

  • This game actually looks incredible. The fact that you can control the UFO when most people would just assume it was a moving asset that does nothing is amazing.

  • 3:10 knowing the systems how exactely this went wrong makes it even more funny! wish I would care so less in my games

  • You could attach the beds to the wheels like oars and looking at how fast they spin with the engine on, you could row super fast probably

  • I wish we had games like this when I was young and free of responsibilities

  • I'm honestly a tad convinced that game devs give these games to Josh so he can bug test for free xD

  • The cinematic camera angles added a whole new level to this video. I now fully believe that this character perfectly mirrors what Josh looks like in reality

    • The game actually has that third person camera built into it

  • OMFG once those beds were attached to the sides and you started the engine I was uncontrollably crying with laughter... you sir are a genious.

  • Been playing this game for ages now, glad to see it make it to the channel!

  • My jaw dropped when it turned out you can actually pilot the UFO even though in normalcircumstancesit can'tbereached, I guess the devs knew exactly the type of gamers that would play the game

  • Truly terrifying it’s just on Josh’s level

  • It's like a bunch of devs got together and asked themselves: What kind of game would be awesome to play for Josh? And does it really have to be good?

    • @Grandremone But only two of them did^^

    • @danyael77 Come one man this game is ultimate crap quality that any teenager with any knowledge of an engine can put together in a few days, ffs

    • The games should be called CHAOS FOR JOSH

    • @Country General its 2

  • You didn't pay it much mind, but I'm immensely happy you took the giraffe with you on the bike instead of abandoning it

  • Love it! So funny how you always find a way to play games different than intended!

  • just imagine having this guy, traffic cone and all, coming toward you in the middle of the night

  • I’m still convinced that the whole time he is going crazy in his videos, he is just grieving because anthony left him.

  • fun fact: josh hasn't done a face reveal because he's an escaped boston dynamics robot with the sole intention of causing chaos

    • he’s very handsome!

    • thank you guys :D

    • @Ryah there's also the "The Lamp" movie director diary that he is in. Why he is the Script Supervisor, I don't know. Apparently he was in the script and continuity department for 24 movies, art department for 1, and additional crew for another.

    • Seems believable

    • as one does


  • I need more of this, i was cackling to myself during the first discovery

  • Ohhh! The huge grin that spread across my face when you took inventory😂 that pleased me on a cellular level!

  • Can’t wait for the next vid Josh love your videos all ways makes me laugh

  • I went from “why is josh playing this trash?” to “wow the game is so customizable I should get it!” You certainly did right by the developers on this one.

    • @Bonnyismydoggy they mean when he ditches the bike for the car he leaves the giraffe behind.

    • The fact that the game is spoon buggy, makes it better

    • @Dave Sunhammer no he didnt

    • @Dr Banana 12:35 left side the giraffe is there

    • trust me man, this game is silly in all the right ways the level of knowledge you can obtain is really amazing tbh knowing damn near everything about the way the cars work in game, the fact that josh got a trabant estate and didnt even relise that it requires premix is uhhh, its not uncomon but im also use to people understanding things more...

  • Found this channel a month ago and I’ve watched every single video he put out 😳😳

  • I've played this so much with friends can't wait to see the mischief you get upto

  • Oh wow! I joined the stream for this game a while back, I wasn’t expecting it to pop up again. Pleasant surprise!

  • At first I thought this was just a thoughtless and then after watching have decided I need to get it, please do more videos on this

  • Legend said that Josh had successfully dominate multiple aliens' planets with his UFO, and the only thing that made it to his mom's house is the giraffe.

    • Just from reading this comment before watching the video I’m scared of what’s going to happen

    • It was dead by then.

  • I would love to see the insanity of Josh playing Rimworld.

  • I caught a stream of this with goldbars bargold and the whole family. It was very fun

  • This is like the dollar store version of the backrooms, just stuck in an infinitely long road with random buildings and shipping containers

  • Love that he never figured out where to put the oil in a two-stroke engine . . . despite the fact the engine ALREADY had a mix of oil and gas in it

  • It took so many videos, but you are finally back to your glorious days! Funny and innovative. Thank you so much for making my miserable and desperate and depressed and disastrous life better♥️♥️♥️

  • 3:10 Basically what everyone's sleep paralysis demon looks like

  • I did not look at the title and my heart stopped when I heard The Long Drive... already 8 seconds in and scared about the number of gold bars you will keep and name

  • I lost it when you tried to grab the UFO, this felt like a documentary 😂😂😂

  • This game is so perfect for Let's Game it Out. I can't tell where the game's nonsense stops and Josh's nonsense begins.

  • It’s always a good day when let’s game it out uploads

  • My mom, and sisters and I love watching let's game it out! Make more funny videos josh! Keep up the good work!

  • i can just imagine a scene that goes "*squeezes out from debris after destroying an entire planet* wow, what a flexible spine!"

  • considering that it's a trabant the oil should go in the premix tank, or probably directly in the tank

  • Josh : *"Hold Please!"* His computer : *No please, No more*

    • @MaeLSTRoM1997 Oooh that makes sense now

    • I think when he says 'hold please' he's not addressing the audience, he's actually begging his computer not to crash lmao

    • Atleast he didnt tried to answear any questions

  • I laughed so much but when 13:21 came, I couldn't handle myself anymore. I laughed so many tears 😂

  • I just found this channel. Why did it take me this long to find it 😂 amazing work 👏

  • No matter how many Let's Game It Out videos I watch, I keep getting amazed by your mad genius.

  • ''How many games that you know where you can walk around like this''- Spore moment

  • The last time I watched Josh stream, he spent over an hour trying to hook three buses together. And it was riveting.

    • ​@Kazesenshi Followed by 30 seconds of driving before he hits something else and has to pick them all up again... and we love it.

    • And another two hours of counting all the things

    • “My cup runneth over, YEEEESSS” 😆

    • @Aero Every stream: "We're gonna go 100km today!" Six hours and 600 meters later....

    • with body parts

  • This is the first time I've laughed this hard at a video of yours

  • genuinely hope this game is played more in the future

  • Josh is so funny and ridiculously hilarious 😆 your videos make my day 😂

  • This man makes me smile so wide that it hurts.

  • 16:03 "oh physics, you're so up to interpretation" is maybe the greatest line in cinematic history

  • watching this video looks like watching someone's lucid dream about going to their mom's house

  • This game is honestly one of my favorites. It’s so scuffed that it loops back around to being amazing.

  • This looks farken awesome , love this style of development

  • You should definitely try out Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic. I feel like you would have a lot of fun.

  • The “hey there it’s josh” makes me so happy

  • This is not a game, it is Art.

  • Josh : (plays a sandbox game) An NPC from that game : Honey prepare the luggage were moving out

  • My God. Battle Cats was the game i played in 2014 and it's still there!

  • Me literally finding you at 5:00 a.m. this morning and haven't stopped watching I'm going to probably lose my job because I can't stop LOL this is funny you're dry sense of humor is hilarious

  • I love how Josh acts like it's completely normal to see a shipwreck in the middle of open plains

  • The fact he hasn’t found the gun yet in the first place he would be so happy if he found it

  • I just realized that the cleaning stuff in this game is called jizz-o-nit 😂😂😂

  • For future reference Josh. It that car, the oil goes in the gas tank. It's just Trabant things.

  • We really enjoy your videos! Your catch phrases are a real hit!

  • "A bunch of perfectly normal stuff, like this severed leg" *Misses the "cleaning product" named Jizz-O-Nit*

  • This entire video had me dying.

  • Yeah...subbed. I couldn't breathe this whole video; I was laughing so hard.

  • This is the first time someone's advertised a game that I'm actually gonn try.

  • the customizability is actually insane

  • The last time I watched Josh stream, he spent over an hour trying to hook three buses together. And it was riveting.

    • And then the bus got stuck on a roof somehow

    • I would have guessed welding would work better but I guess that's why Josh is the guy with the streams.


    • was it with baskets?

  • This is probably one of the most funniest video you ever made you have to play that game again

  • Probably one of the most fun and stupid video I've ever seen! Sir, you got yourself an upvote.

  • the classic "I don't know if there is a limit but if there is I certainly haven't found it" just brings me so much joy

  • Josh: *posts new video* Phone: *gives me a notification* Me: “Time to ‘Let’s Game It Out’ it out.”