I Turned Our House into the Taco Bell Hotel

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I hope you enjoyed the Ryland Bell lHotel :))
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  • i love how Shane jumped right after ryland on to the float 25:10

  • 100% worth it

  • 19:52 lmao im crying

  • Shane people kill themselves in 2019 Ryland more than ever actually People in 2020..............

  • Maybe funwash “crash” can’t play Seattle darts 2020? Who else gotta get thru

  • "People kill themselves i 2019." "Probably more than ever" "Come on 2020 let's do this! Well that aged well.

  • Hunter replied to my comment once 😍

  • Ryland’s creativity is lacking. The Ryland bell hotel? Haha

  • Ryland, I know this is surprising but you’re not the centre of the planet. Why would they invite you again? You said yourself you’ve never declared you like them, you don’t even follow them. Other influencers really push their brand, you don’t. You’re not as important as you think you are my girl.

  • Haha she thinks she raps. Bahahaha

  • Oh has anyone noticed that this was the day Shane revealed the pallets and merch to everyone. The scene is at the end of episode 6.

  • What was that song playing at the end it was catchy 💙🧡💜💚❤

  • For a second I was like, why aren’t they wearing masks. Then I realized this was made a while ago lol.

  • This is sososo ghetto lol I love it!!

  • 15:04 the moment Shane’s career was cursed

  • Drew reminds me of V from shameless she is so gorgeous

  • who else thinks that garette and morgan would be a cute couple

  • um can this even be on youtube like um sis why

  • "come on 2020 lets do this" -Shane little does he know

  • I used to taste the streamers too glad I'm not the only weird one lol

  • Shane: "come on 2020" 2020: OKAY!!

  • Me: spend my sweet sixteen playing call of duty Also me: a fucking Taco Bell hotel was a option

  • *Yuri From Spiderman*

  • I want to see Shane in a swimsuit in the pool someday

  • Can anybody tell me how Ryland used the AirPods to record audio

  • I seriously don’t know why Morgan and garret are still single they are freakin perfect. Garret and so cool, kind, and funny and Morgan is so pretty, funny, and she is so nice.

  • Morgan: if your ID-tv career ever fails you can do this, but I’m not saying it will. Did Morgan predict the future💀

  • Anybody else think of the bell tell??

  • This is everything great job rayland

  • I love how the DJ just sitting there trying to hype up like 6 people.

  • i cant lie i could see garret and morgan being a decent couple

  • love lies

  • 20:32 I wish Ryland and Shanes channels would have alot more of this in the videos. 22:31 Yes Please.

  • andrew y garrett reyes

  • You are so creative! Love you guys!

  • Can Morgan walk faster through the doors? 😂 she got me impatient like everyone else trying to go but she stands and takes her time 😂😂😂 love her though ❤️

  • I feel bad now, bc I should've got into Ryland sooner, but it's never too late. I do agree with Andrew, that this should have been sponsored by Taco Bell, bc now I want some burritos. 🌮🔔 😋❤

  • Anyone notice how Ryland always avoids paying morgan for doing his work🤣

  • Andrew being the cutest in the background is what I'm alive for😂😊💖

  • My mom works at ross😁

  • I love how Garrett is so appreciative 🥺💗

  • Emile looks like a GOD !!!! OOOH !!!! SHES QUEEN !

    • Phia oh yeah hha 😍😇 shes stunning

    • That’s Drew you’re talking about but omg ikr

  • When shane says he wants 2020

  • okay, obviously way late, but I'd like to say I licked streamers as a kid. it like burned my tongue but tasted salty??? idk

  • Lol! Did anybody else notice that Andrew has two pairs of sunglasses.....? Lol! I love him sooo much!! Him and Morgan would honestly be soooo cute though. Lol! 😂😂

  • "Come on 2020 let's do this" Lol! Watching this again in 2020, I don't think that he expected that to actually happen. Lol! 😂😂

  • 27:08 Shane: 👉😃👈

  • You were that spoiled white kid in school


  • They literally did the party on my birthday lol. We love a good celebration haha

  • 24:22 what the actual fuck

  • Garrett says holy smokes almost as much as Doc brown says "Great scott"

  • Shane people commit suicide in 2019 Roland probably more than ever Me just wait for 2020 😂😂

  • Tbh whatever happens with Shane with all this drama, i will continue to support Morgan amd Ryland. Seriously 2 of my favorite youtubers

    • Rebekah Loves Omg, I completely agree.

    • @Phia I mean, I can't stick by Shane at this point. All the racism (which isn't even my place to accept an apology since I am white), and especially the pedo stuff... I'm a child sexual abuse survivor and anybody that makes jokes like that is just disgusting in my book. I don't have it in me to forgive him for all that shit. ya know?

    • Same here. I love them all but Shane has had sooo much drama ❤️😬

  • Guys! Its the T-wagon!

  • shane started all of this when he said "come on 2020 what you got?"

  • drew is so gorgeous i’m so jealous

  • I think Garrett and Megan should be together

  • I actually gagged when shane drank the sauce omggg bahaa

  • Ok but the bromance between hunter and Andrew is so cute

  • 19:37 2020 wants you dead no shane no

  • Morgan and Andrew would b couple GOALS!❤️

  • it must be hard being so fabulous

  • Watching then take “body shots” was the best few minutes I’ve had in a LONG time

  • Shane: C'mon 2020, let's do this. 2020: *Challenge Accepted.*

  • ❤️

  • Who else missed Andrews laugh behind the camera

  • Taco Bell hotel diy By Ryland LoL

  • I love this!!! So much fun:)) Id love to do something like this

  • I watched this whenever it first uploaded, & rewatching it now...I’m STILL highly upset Ryland wasn’t invited!!!! 😭🥺 He deserves the world!!

  • Andrew kissing the puppet in the background😂😂

  • Is no one talking about garrets shirt like I love and want that shirt so fucking bad 🤭

  • Shane "Come on 2020, lets do this!" 2020 "hold my beer"

  • Ryland and Shane need to be sponserd by Taco Bell

  • 19:37 oh no Shane jinxed it

  • i like how garret and morgan still eat in front of drew and emile without worrying anything same tho, i want good body but i love food

  • Yas garrette and andrew!!!

  • 8:57yes i had some in the libraby in the front of the blinds and me and my friends use to tear pieces off andlick they tasted like salt ,i regret ,idk if im normal anymore😕

  • I want to be part of their fam so bad😭

  • 24:48 ME AF

  • Ryland is that housewife that didn’t get invited to brunch so he created his own with a bunch of paid actors to rub it in the other housewives’ faces

  • Peak bisexuality is being helplessly attracted to Drew and Emile at the same time Edit: and andrew Edit 2: and the DJ

  • 28:09 Andrew literally looked so offended when ryland said he wasn't cool lmao😂

  • i like how Ryland , instead of sulking for not getting something , actually MAKES it himself. that makes him such a strong individual, people rarely possess such motivation and fire

  • I love Andrew 😂 he’s so kind and sweet

  • So, no one else saw Ryland Bell-Hole?

  • Drew and Emile look like the gods really took their time didn't they?

  • 19:30 he predicted people would want to kill them selves in 2020

  • The bed in the room says "stuffs about to get SPICY!

  • so i’m rewatching this in 2020 i’m laughing so hard because shane was joking around with people killing themselves and then talking about here i come 2020 and since it is 2020 now with Australia Wild Fires, WW lll Threats, Covid, Murder Hornets, Gorge Floyd and BLM Movements.

  • 19:36 ....umm.

  • This should have been aponsored

  • 14:27 I look like a bro

  • Drew is soooo pretty

  • Ryland I uh was looking on all my social media accounts and I didnt find an invitation to your hotel... so I had to make one of my own

  • 2:36 you have 4milion friends

  • i would pay more then what jeffree spends on designer things to stay here. jus sayin

  • Body confidence is such an unknown concept to me that while seeing those two people half naked, I thought wether I would do that myself or not and then I laughed at myself. I'm not going to live long.

  • “Come on 2020 lets do this!!”right after he sId that i was like you did not mean that!

  • Wait- I remember Ryland having a black Mercedes Benz G-Wagon... maybe he upgraded to the newer one but I’m confused lol