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The Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch Direct premiered live and I was NOT prepared for the new weapons, idols, and customization that the game is about to deliver...

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  • When I saw Hammerhead Bridge, I was like, "Oh, dang! They actually finished it!" because in Splatoon 1, it was under construction, and the constant battles there kept interrupting their work.

  • I would like to use a shovel as my primary weapon

  • Team Rock might be a solid choice, but if they want to cement victory, they'll need to be a little bolder.

  • I lost it at “no clam blitz though.”

  • I love how Big Man can't even use scissors yet he is leading team scissors

  • Just to make it less panic-inducing.

  • If you look at the special icons during the story mode, you will actually see the splashdown icon they just forgot to mention

  • In the wise words of Frye "you can write devastating things on paper"

  • I remember watching the Nintendo Direct last year when they first announced that they were making Splatoon 3. Me and my little brother were freaking

  • !EVERYONE! Please watch the vod on Jay’s Twitch, it includes so much more than this and you can see all of Jay’s over the top reactions in all of their glory.

  • Seeing Jaymoji's disappointment in the tenta missiles was a beautiful reaction that my eyes set upon. Tenta missiles are my pride and joy, I love hunting people down with those. I'll have fun seeing you on the battlefield Jay.

  • 1:19

  • I love how the splatfest music is based on Brazilian somba music (I think). It would be awesome if every splatfest had music based on a different cultures festival music

  • Team scissors represent!!! This game is so hype right now and so cool looking! When the world premiere comes out and the game itself, I am going to be playing nonstop, and editing in-between. This game looks so good, and it definitely looks like the best Splatoon game. They've really outdone themselves with this direct, and with the game as a whole! I cannot wait for the world premiere.

  • I'm happy you saw the stream today but I got to say it's impressive that you had the stream today and after 4 hours you uploaded a video keep going man I love your work.

  • 3:38

  • None of us were ready for the direct Jay. When I tell you I was screaming throughout the entire thing

  • 5:42

  • I have a feeling that scissors is gonna win the splat fast bc people love Big man. Also it seems like you can launch the golden eggs out of the Big shots (salmon boss) cannon launcher thing.