I Wasn't Allowed To Play Pokemon

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Hey everyone hope you enjoy this video and yes everything you are going to hear is true ahaha. My parents calmed down alot so im good to do whatever...well that and im a grown ass man so. HA! TAKE THAT MOM AND DAD! "its not a phase ugh"
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  • I will play Pokémon with you

  • Idk why my mom sounds so - Texas (I'm from Texas) / live in Texas ⏬

  • My grandma didn’t like Pokémon at all and banned it in her house. One explanation of hers was that Raichu was apparently named after some demon in the Bible, which as a kid I already picked up on the Japanese mythology inspo

  • My dad fricken loves South Park

  • I watched family Guy at 8

  • Pokemon No/Pokemon Yes

  • Title: I wasn’t aloud to play Pokémon Me: neither was I

  • What's funny is that my two cousins couldn't play Pokemon as kids, because same as you. Their Mom thought they were demons

  • My Pokémon binder weighs 4.7 pounds

  • This is my mom and me with yu gi oh 1:17

  • I love Pokémon

  • #2019

  • I'll play Pokemon with you

  • I love pokemon, my favourite pokémon is meowth`s evolution 🦁🐈🙅‍♀️🙉

  • I can destroy you in Pokemon 😝

  • I will play pokemon

  • Slicy cheeto

  • I talk spanish and my parents watched a video (in spanish) with a minister talking about the evil pokemon (with yugi-oh cards) and they tell me that pokemon are bad ..... three years later i have pokemon sun and ultrasun

  • I'll play pokemon I'm 9 and have a basket full of pokemon cards I summon arodactle!!

  • My dad never allowed me to watch stuff with magic, wizard, ghost, anything with supernatural stuff. I would always have to wait until he wasn't arounds to watch them. Now that I'm older he doesn't really care anymore.

  • I have all primals

  • I will play Pokemon with you

  • Sad

  • I’ll play Pokémon with u I have 380 cards dou

  • I have cards,I challenge you

  • Pokemon=poketmonster

  • My dad loves southpark

  • You must have hab a badddddd life I can't llive without pokemon I'm a girl

  • Yay

  • Me to it is so stupid

  • Same dawg

  • Me

  • Hmmm... they like American dad... family guy... but not... SIMPSONS!?

  • yey it was uploaded on me birthday

  • Would u Frick a creeper

  • nice voice and I might challenge you i have over 300 cards now?

  • I have over 100 cards of yugioh and pokemon.

  • I'll play you in pokemon with my 60 card deck and ex blastois

  • My mom didn’t let me either....... *sniff* But my brother could play it.

  • Time travelers were you at??? One like one *OG SomethingelseYt's fan pass*. Nah, just do anything you want and be happy 🤗😊❤️💞💓

  • My mom think Fortnite is from demons

  • Adam: I couldn’t play Pokémon *Jaiden Enters Chat* : wHaT dId YoU sAy

  • Hi

  • Same thing with my perants they trash

  • wth I just got a pokemon ad that said “DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR CHILDHOOD”

  • I have 1,489 cards

  • you. weren’t allowed. to play POKÉMON!?!? what life are you LIVING!?

  • My parents would let me play Pokemon but my grandma was different she was extremely religious so I can,t play Pokemon in front of her also while I was saying this because I record all my comments from the voice thing at the end of the first part they actually autocorrected to Sapphire

  • I wanna play pokemon cards with you

  • I finally found another person (although it is over the internet) that wasn't allowed to play Pokemon when they were young. I played through Pokemon Moon a year or so after it came out because it came with my 3DS, and I was grounded, but when I told them that I liked it, they said that I was old enough to know what was good or bad (generally) so now I can play Pokemon, and I am collecting SHINIES!

  • Yay the ood1sout

  • He lives like me

  • •﹏•

  • Pokemon is demons? Your parents is sooooo stupid lol

  • I challenge you to a Pokémon battle

  • Same thing happened to me. Me and my brother had gotten really into Pokemon and one night at dinner my dad started saying that people said they could come through the screen and hurt you or something . Idk he seen it on Facebook lol. So rip.

  • Maybe your parents knew what they were but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

  • Dude same my mum think Pokemon is evil spirits

  • pokemon cards are popyler I spent $50 on all my cards I got them all second hand and first hand tha'd cost a cupel hunered

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