I Wore My Mom's Wedding Dress for a Day!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 6 Agu 2019
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  • We had so much fun filming this weeks video, I hope you guys like it!! Should I wear a dress, a suit or WHITE suit to the wedding? serious question lol

    • REPLY IS FULL SORRY BITCH. I Just scrolled 500 replies to see how is it gonna look like lmao this an achievement 5:44 am October 11 2020

    • filling the replies up 1 to go

    • Im my opinion I think a white siut

    • White suit with a train which is basically a cape for your but. It’s a dress and suit combo

    • White suit with lace accent on the collar maybe a veil for sure, also how do u truly feel about waxing it chest ?

  • Did yall see the way Shane looked at Ryland in the car 🥺

  • "no, better not wear this at the mall cuz we live in a really conservative christian area" neighbor see's him in the wedding dress, then runs to go get her own for him to try on-- yeah... I TOTALLY see what you mean.... SURE! lmfao (sarcasm lol)

  • That lady at the end ♥♥

  • okay lowkey rylands makeup looks so good edit: it's 2020 and i'm corona binging

  • the way shane looks at ryland 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 18:07 god morgan such a mood

  • Kristen’s dress was so beautiful. She’s crazy saying it was ugly.

  • I love your Mom she is amazing Ryan I love her 😍

  • How did you parents cope when you lived at home oh boy your sister and mom with you they loved you in the shop

  • Love for this

  • hi bring shaane backkkk

  • U mean the corpse bride????

  • I feel like I can’t even walk into Starbucks in regular clothes so props to Ryland because like my God. The confidence!!! QUEEN 👑

  • its calld runaway bride

  • Ryan: Do you think people would actually think im a girl . His chest hair poppin: nah

  • We’re connected through our moles is the best thing in the world😂

  • This video is so hilarious and amazing. And seriously how do you look so beautiful in wedding dresses? That makeup was beautiful you gave me Halsey vibes in it... honestly why can’t we all be as beautiful as Ryland...

  • I actually live in Colorado and it was so weird seeing Ryland at the Target I was literally at last week. And I can confirm everything that he said about Colorado.

  • morgan i no what your talking about the corprets bride

  • I'm binging Ryland and Morgan and Shane's videos cuz I miss their videos so muchh

  • F the haters n all but I don't love the look on him. He likes it so that's good.

  • Park meadows!!!

  • No it’s the corpse bride

  • You should were a dress like Grarnet when she fuses at her wedding.

  • The dress is so beautiful and the veil and your makeup was right on point. It made your blue eyes really stand out. Loved it!

  • I live in colorado and truly i think besides u killing it ppl here are very accepting here

  • Kinda scary seeing what these women look like all these years since their wedding, scary to think time really isn’t generous

  • Love u shane

  • I can't believe he even wore the panty ho's pmsl 😂

  • Ewww

  • You need to wear a dress Ryland you look soooooooo beautiful in it and if Shane will agree to wear a tux then you 2 standing next to each other you would be unstoppable. #IReallyWantYouToWearADress

  • 7:39 drew gooden has that shirt 💀

  • look at shane's lil face in the car i'm scryking

  • 18:57 YES QUEEN

  • I love that Ryland looks so much better in a dress than me. This was soo cute! :')

  • His parents were/are so good looking

  • When we said “Coachella next year” 😭 2020 sucks

  • 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  • “This has into a neighbourhood edition of say yes to the dress” got me dead 😂🤣😭💀

  • ryland: coachella next year is shook corona: coachella next year is cancelled

  • I see loads of thumbnails from Ryland that I have never seen before and I’m like ooh new vid. Well no it says 10months ago 😂😂😂

  • If I had a *GRAM* of Ryan's confidence... only a gram.

  • This look looks normal on Ryan.

  • "Coachella next year is shook!" No, hun, no coachella next year.

  • The Corpse Bride *😂

  • Why we all sleeping on Shane's amazing makeup skills?

  • okay wait yes omg shanes skin looked immaculate omg .t shane

  • I think Ryland should wear a white suit and Shane wear a black suit

  • Shane's looking at him so lovingly at him 😭

  • 12:17 MORGANS FACE

  • godd bless that woman who was like "f the haters" we need alot more accepting people like that!

  • . im fucking ugly XD

  • Ryland I LOVE you and your entire family! I am subbed to both you and Morgan and Shane of course! You rocked those dresses! 👌🏼🔥Much love from Ontario, Canada. 🇨🇦🇨🇦👌🏼🙂💜

  • actually ryland if you wax the chest it stays out for a while btw you look great

  • I love it how your parents support you and don‘t be against you wearing a dress, I wish my cousin would have so great parents, too💖

  • You look really good in vintage wedding dresses ☺️

  • ryland: when me and that man get married Shane:*looks over in confusion*

  • “ my beautiful son “ that melted my heart 🥺 ..

  • Both Shane and Morgan are such attractive beings and they just don’t realize it. Frustrating.

  • Its so wild to see youtubers filming in my town lol I'm glad in Denver (and surrounding areas) most people are pretty open minded :)

  • who is is from covid 19 2020

  • Honestly what is going on....I mean I like it But wow.

  • If ryland and shane recorded their wedding and post it I would be so happy like I wanna feel like in there although I can't go in real life but I really want the video of the wedding :3

  • Yes, we love a supportive FAMILY.

  • Jeffre star should be the makeup artist for the wedding

  • It makes me so happy that mama Adams is so supporting of ryland!

  • The way Shane looking at Ryland in the car is just so cute!

  • How do I get invited to their wedding???

  • the fact that morgan got corpses bride and nightmare before Christmas has Tim Burton quAKINGG!

  • Ryland looks cute

  • Just letting you know it was the corpse bride


  • We nEed A BLAcklIGht

  • Me still waiting in 2020 for Shane’s and rylands wedding

  • I love how supportive his parents are

  • Morgan is kinda disrespectful about her mom’s wedding dress

  • This house is only 400k?? Woah. I’m moving to aurora

  • Midsommar vibes 💀

  • The nightmare before Christmas WHAT

  • Morgan said he looked like the bride in NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 😂 I think she meant Corpse Bride 😂

  • When Morgan said "it costs $400 000 isn't that crazy" I thought to myself "that's so cheap". I live in Ontario, Canada so there's no house for that cheap lmao

  • The movie you were referring to is corpse bride you uncultured swine

  • when you in cali and have a basement... i feel special now

  • Shane wasn't ready for this ...for sure ... omg

  • My granny’s mom made her dress ☺️

  • Love the woman who said, "you know what? F em!"

  • The fact he changed in front of his sister and mother is beyond me

  • literally everyone is calling Ryland "Ryan" and I'm confused if they actually meant Ryan or Ryland

  • This was on my birthday and we were in Illinois for a vow renewal XD

  • i like how ryland wanted to go downstairs (20:24) at first and that shane was downstairs like i truly feel theyre soulmates

  • imagine jeffree does rylands makeup at their wedding 🥺

  • we now niki and gaib

  • Bro my grandma lives in Aurora

  • i highkey love the dress i love vintage styles

  • Yea Colorado has the best lighting, and I know a thing or 2 about cause I live in Colorado. But Colorado is a really beautiful place, especially in the summer.

  • It's ok Morgan, I am declined by a lot too

  • Is it just me I can’t hear Shane laugh without smileing like ear to ear

  • I love the lady that said to f the haters.

  • lol