I Wore My Mom's Wedding Dress for a Day!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 6 Agu 2019
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  • We had so much fun filming this weeks video, I hope you guys like it!! Should I wear a dress, a suit or WHITE suit to the wedding? serious question lol

    • White suit with lace accent on the collar maybe a veil for sure, also how do u truly feel about waxing it chest ?

    • White suit!

    • Whitee suitt

    • A jumpsuit Costume made with lace so your take on a wedding dress 😍😍

    • White suit but with pants that flare out more and has detail of lace or jewels...but definitely not just a plan white suit

  • Midsommar vibes 💀

  • The nightmare before Christmas WHAT

  • Morgan said he looked like the bride in NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 😂 I think she meant Corpse Bride 😂

  • When Morgan said "it costs $400 000 isn't that crazy" I thought to myself "that's so cheap". I live in Ontario, Canada so there's no house for that cheap lmao

  • The movie you were referring to is corpse bride you uncultured swine

  • when you in cali and have a basement... i feel special now

  • Shane wasn't ready for this ...for sure ... omg

  • My granny’s mom made her dress ☺️

  • Love the woman who said, "you know what? F em!"

  • The fact he changed in front of his sister and mother is beyond me

  • literally everyone is calling Ryland "Ryan" and I'm confused if they actually meant Ryan or Ryland

  • This was on my birthday and we were in Illinois for a vow renewal XD

  • i like how ryland wanted to go downstairs (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1224">20:24</a>) at first and that shane was downstairs like i truly feel theyre soulmates

  • imagine jeffree does rylands makeup at their wedding 🥺

  • we now niki and gaib

  • Bro my grandma lives in Aurora

  • i highkey love the dress i love vintage styles

  • Yea Colorado has the best lighting, and I know a thing or 2 about cause I live in Colorado. But Colorado is a really beautiful place, especially in the summer.

  • It's ok Morgan, I am declined by a lot too

  • Is it just me I can’t hear Shane laugh without smileing like ear to ear

  • I love the lady that said to f the haters.

  • lol

  • His mom calls him Ryan, is his name Ryan?

  • -<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1269">21:09</a> yeah we need a black light😂

  • Ryan should wear the tux Elena from one day at a time wore for her quinceanera

  • why is nobody talking about how good his makeup was

  • lmao i love how ive seen comments on how like ugly morgan is.... shes literally so pretty wtf

  • If that 1 house was only 400000 than I'm moving to colarado

  • We’re connected through our moles 😂

  • Ryland: "Shane's more of the man." Shane: Putting on eyeshadow Haha this is just a joke btw lol

  • when morgan said u look like the person from the nightmare before christmas it came up with a picture of the corpse bride

  • "coachella next year is shook" ... little did he know

  • Omg when Shane looks at ryland it’s so cute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="895">14:55</a>


  • HI RYLAND... if you don't want to scroll threw all of the replies to your comment, most of the people said white suit!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="837">13:57</a> I was scared that he would knock off the objects to the floor lol

  • Ryland just made my life easier. So if the guy cheats or leaves me at the altar..... I mean why not go to the grocery store and find a man while I'm wearing a bride dress. Ryland is a GENIUS

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="271">4:31</a> CINDERELLA'S MICE LMAO

  • that pic in the chair is godly!

  • You look bomb!

  • Your parents are the best!

  • Neighborhood additional of say yes to the dress!! Lmao 🤣🤣🤣 I love how much of a queen you are lol 👑

  • Morgan being 90 feet taller than ryland for 20 minutes

  • Lmaooo “the nightmare before Christmas” *shows a corpse bride picture*

  • Did you see at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a>

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="878">14:38</a> getchu a man that looks at you the way shane looks at ryland

  • If Shane's ugly.. damn I really look like shit then

  • "coachella next year is shook" the Corona virus - am I a joke to you?

  • I love how their mom supported ryland 😂❤

  • F'em hahahah i laughed so hard she rocked it

  • I love how you couldn't let your mom be Skinner than you, no it's my man ribs!!

  • That’s actually a very good dress!!

  • Morgan always so fkn never I’ve ryland and everyone is literally having a great fun time and every comment she makes is negative get the fuck over yourself and stop having a fkn pity party constantly

  • This video's hilarious and so cute as well!!!😂😂😂 Also, Morgan's so damn beautiful!!! 😍😍😍

  • i know i'm late to the vid but the back around: here is some food Ryland: hello good morning me: woah some chips!

  • I Stan trinity. Someone needs to move her to LA

  • This is why Colorado is the best place to live!! I moved here almost 4 years ago and it is by far the best state I’ve ever lived in!

  • ryland you look gorgeous!

  • Kentucky, Tennessee, and Neighborhood states are Homophobic central. I am a native =

  • Shane in Rylands Videos is Iconic

  • Morgan got the name of the movie wrong it’s called corpse bride not nightmare before Christmas

  • Ryland looks better than any woman in a dress and nobody can tell me otherwise. Whats a queen :')

  • Shop for both a suit and a dress and choose from there ❤️👑 have lots of fun. Xx

  • Ur mom is the best I wish I could just give her the biggest hug!!!! ❤️💞

  • my mom would'e given her wedding dress to me or my sibling, but she spilled wine all over it

  • He could always take parts of moms dress and the bodice from the neighbor s dress and make a n amazing suit

  • When morgan says 'The nightmare before Christmas' instead of 'the corpse bride' i was like "Morgan nooooooooo"

  • I keep forgetting you and Morgan are from Aurora 🤣 I live about 15 mins away from southlands

  • I'm stanning that bronzed grandma so hard right now. "f them, I'm tired of people not being accepting" yes queen me too!

  • I really love the positivity in the video

  • That one stranger is iconic

  • but why when shane does ryland's makeup are the eyebrows SO LONG?

  • Oh my god Coachella next year little did he know corona took over

  • the movie was cops bride

  • Morgaaaaaan the movie with the bride is corpse bride NOT nightmare before Christmas... I'm a little disappointed

  • I love how we said nightmare before Christmas when it was corpse bride lol

  • What date is the wedding ? Is it in 2020 ?

  • Yaaaasssss queen you look amazing

  • Shane and Ryland 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍