iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

Dipublikasikan tanggal 7 Jan 2019
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  • I miss they😭😭😭😭

  • Hanbin miss you

  • Yes! Hanbin if you're not in ikon who will say ' lets go' plese don't

  • HANBIN YOU OK?!!!😢😢😢

  • I'm having a bad day ..and this song speak up what I had in my mind..

  • OK so this is really emotional for me cause my bias is Hanbin I didn't know what to do that Hanbin will leave the group it's really sad for the multifandoms and ikonics too and then Yang Hyun Suk resigned as their own ceo and if I were you pls protect BlackPink cause there are the only active group from yg now on so please protect the girls

  • 13 days without iKON, I feel so lonely babies 😭

  • Its really hard to live, i think dying is easy than living with disappointments. Its just badly hard that all the solution i could think is killing myself to solve everything. I'm tired.

  • :'(((

  • I'm not okay, okay? 😭

  • #kimhanbinstaywithus

  • :(

  • trying to be ok..but mate, it is not ok.........

  • "You've broken every piece of me when you laughed out as if my sadness didn't mean anything to you" This is for the so called 'fans' that judge him and leave him in the moment that he committed a mistake, he is human, you are human, we made mistakes, that's part of being one. He knows that what he did wasn't right but you or I don't really know what was dealing or struggling with at that moment. He deserves a second chance. Stay Strong Han Bin, iKON and iKONICs.

  • "Goodbye till the day we'll meet again" -2NE1 Damn...I'm okay song combined with goodbye song of 2NE1 is really painful and hit hard, made me cried not gonna lie. I feel so depressed right now, I need someone to lean on, a shoulder to relay on. Stay Strong Han Bin Stay Strong iKON Stay Strong iKONICs Stay Strong YG artists.

  • chng.it/qR4NTDNh55 Here’s a link for a petition for Hanbin to stay. Please sign

  • I feel bad for bi he didn’t even take the drug but he still gets kicked out it’s not fair to do that to such a hard working leader,who will lead them,who will write the songs,who will sacrifice anything for his members....bi 😭😭😭

  • f

  • Good god I’m not okay I’m still crying

  • Lagu ini😭😭😭 Mbin Isyaratkan??? 😢

  • When is the next comeback

    • We don't really know, we don't even know if there will be one with everything that happened and still is happening.

  • Don’t leave we love u

  • I always with you BI T_T

  • What is it with rooms filled with objects

  • no hanbin, you're not OK

  • the new ceo of yg, please bring back our leadernim 😭

  • song writer genius hanbinie ☹️❤️

  • Hanbin, I'm not okay. Please, don't leave iKON

  • Hanbin, I'm not okay. Please, don't leave iKON

  • Why this song is so touching😢😢😢

  • 🥺🥺🥺😥😥😥😭😭😭 We will miss you IKON. We will stay as your IKONIC.🥺🥺

  • im not supposed to cry also me : /sobbing in the corner

  • IKON deserve better than now so stay stream and love all members

  • I want to watch this when I'm sad so it will make me even more sadder thinking about hanbin :') I'm ok...

  • Hanbin~ahh are you still OK? 😭😭😭😭😭

  • I'm not ok without Hanbib


  • We miss you hanbin💜

  • it's so ironic when you're listening to this song when you're not really ok :))

  • Im not ok:") im mis u ikon😢

  • Hanbinnnn😭😭

  • ikonics are not okay 😞

  • How many people miss B.I ?

  • Days 12 Im ok, Stay strong with us kim hanbin Hwaiting iKON

  • I'm not ok.

  • im not okay at all , hanbin no! dont leave iKON💕

  • You're not okay, Kim Hanbin. You're not used to be alone.

  • Im cry every day but B.L exit to iKON.....

  • Hanbin is a bin in real ㅣ야당

  • B.i and june hansome

  • Love from an army , i dont khow much about ikon but i can see the love of their fans for them , BI be strong .... And i dont khow why i m crying

  • Love hanbin

  • They are so cool love them much

  • Hanbinn

  • "Im used to be alone" No. We are family. We can do this. Please.. we miss u.. without u Ikon is meaningless..

  • i'm not ok hanbin..... 😭😭😭😭

  • uimx. hhñhgy

  • With time we will get through this. I trust Hanbin. Whichever path you decide to follow, I'll be patient and support you all. Kim Hanbin, Kim Jinhwan, Kim Jiwon, Song Yunhyeong, Koo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk, Jung Chanwoo, iKON!

  • Hanbin 😭

  • I'm not okay but I'm holding on Ot7 forever 😭😭😭

  • please hanbin come back! iKON is a group that you have created, no one has the right to deprive you of your place in it. Your songs are always the best and soulful! I love you

  • Hanbin Please don’t leave iKON. You Are the only leader and forever be the leader of iKON. Don’t let your iKONIKS get sad

  • Hanbin please comeback i'm not OK. I really love u since 2016 i saw u on running man. U r my stress reliever. Now u r gone. N i'm very sad but everyday i always pray for u. Pray for the best to u. Hanbin be strong and be happy. I love u. We love u. OT7 Forever iKON

  • Me here crying while listening to songs hanbin wrote and screaming, HANBIN DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING IKON AND US, IKONICS.

  • I am an ARMY, etc. , and I can promise all of you that you have our support (army)! This sucks that Hanbin left.

  • Hanbin dont give up❤❤❤

  • Hanbin .i know that you are sad right now .. stay strong and if you want to cry .. then cry and if you want to sing ..sing and write songs and don't read the bad comments and move on and just know that there are many people who really love you so don't be sad please please ❤️

  • Ikon's songs are very different. The way hanbin compose it, each words has meanings that strikes you directly. And the members gave meaning to it. Will i ever hear these kind of songs again without hanbin? Comeback hanbin

  • i'm going to miss this type of music from them

  • This is a fall, the important thing is to know how to get up and there are many people in the WORLD that support you and love you. iKON7

  • Still not ok

  • hanbin ahh, em thật sự rất nhớ anh, xin hãy quay trở về đi, làm ơn..

  • I just hope Hanbin is ok. Whatever that's best for him.

  • Im not ok

  • Miss U

  • IKon is not iKon without our best of the best leader Hanbin, Leader who compose and produce a great song :< Hanbin Oppa :< comeback plss...iKonics is not Ok, we almost dead crying and thinking 'bout you :

  • If we are in such sorrow imagine the state of the other members. Stay strong everyone

  • Hanbin oppa, i'm not ok, ikon and ikonic needs you😭😭😭😭

  • Miss u hanbin

  • I hope one day I can sing "Long time no see" to you Hanbin ah

  • IKON have been walking on a harsh path. From Who's next, Hanbin and IKON keep have the burden in their shoulder. Then Mix and Match. Where a bond that has been build need to be broken by a survival show. Hanbin tried to protect it by its means even want to runaway. And he protected it with a new member. Not just 5 people in his shoulder but now 6 people. But when they debuted, people ask why tf then there is Who's next if they gonna debut IKON anyway? When YG have said it in the beginning of the show that the two of them gonna debut just the time is unknown. Then they being sent to Japan for such a long time with no comeback. When they finally came back, many people didnt really care for them cause they have been gone for a long time. Then Bling bling era. The worst era if I must say. IKON being called flop, YG biggest failure, etc. Hanbin keep getting that burden that its his fault. He keep trying to make new songs that suits IKON and can show IKON colour. That burden making him not sleep and become the loneliest member in IKON. But his efforts finally paid off.... Love Scenario become a hit. It show IKON colour so well. Then another comeback. 3 comeback in a year. Daesang... I thought IKON finally gonna shine. I thought IKON finally gonna walk on the flower road just as we all IKONICS promise. But no. IKON just gonna show people that the one who sings Love Scenario is IKON since many people know the song but didnt know the artists. So Hanbin and other IKON member worked hard to show themselves in many variety show just to get cutted off cause Hanbin scandal... all his hardwork in a bad condition, harsh place, etc. I'm with u Hanbin. I believe in you. I will wait for you. So one day I can protect u. I can shine on you. I can make u happy. *IKON is 7*

    • I'm sorry if its long. I want people see what IKON have been through...

  • I miss u so much b.I 💪💪✌✌

  • miss you B.I 😩😞

  • Hanbin sucked anyway

  • Dont leave İKON please hanbin we love you

  • B.I:You don't have to stay,I'm fine Me:Then you don't have to leave;)

  • Dear Hanbin, I'm Not Ok 😣

  • my heart keep hurts, ottoke T.T

  • It's okay not be fine, I love you guys 😭

  • 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • HanBin: I'm ok IKONC: but we not Ok!

  • Hanbins era..... Hanbin sarangheo!💖 Please dont leave ikon,come back...

  • [B.I] I’m OK wirohaji ma dongjeonghaji ma Gyeote isseo jul piryo eopseo gwaenchanheunikka I’m OK geokjeonghaji ma singyeong sseuji ma Charari honja itneun ge nan iksukhanikka I’m OK[Bobby] Deutgi silheo modeun himi doeneun maldeul Hyeonsiri mugeowo deulji mothae jameul Chaeul geol chatdaga chaewojineun jandeul Memareun nae gamjeonge soljikhaejiji gakkeum Mudeomdeomhaji eotteon sanghwangi wado Honjain ge pyeonhal ttaedo oeroumeun nareul japgo Hagopeun ge manhado mugiryeoge muneojyeo Jal jinaenyaneun mureume nae dapbyeoneun balkeun miso[Yunhyeong] Sesang sok moduga naege deungeul dollin deuthae Chorahan nae moseup haneopsi jagajine [Chanwoo] Dagaol oeroume samuchyeosseul ttae Nae nunmureul boge doemyeon budi moreuncheokhae jwo[Junhoe] I’m OK wirohaji ma dongjeonghaji ma Gyeote isseo jul piryo eopseo gwaenchanheunikka [Jinhwan] I’m OK geokjeonghaji ma singyeong sseuji ma Charari honja itneun ge nan iksukhanikka I’m OK[B.I] Deutgi silheo modeun himi doeneun maldeul Nan gwaenchanheunde wae yunan tteoneunji dadeul Ibyeori nalkarowo jogeum geulkhyeosseul ppun Geumbang naajigetji haru iteul jinamyeon Chimmugui uimineun kkok haengbokharago Nunmurui uimineun jinsillo saranghaetdago Geunyeo tteonagandago nan jukji anheuni Saengi kkeutnan saramcheoreom nal boji mara jwo[Junhoe] Barami seuchimyeon nagyeobi heundeulligo Padoga seuchimyeon badaga heundeullideut [Donghyuk] Sarangi seuchin nado heundeullyeosseul ppun Nae nunmureul boge doemyeon budi moreuncheokhae jwo[Junhoe] I’m OK wirohaji ma dongjeonghaji ma Gyeote isseo jul piryo eopseo gwaenchanheunikka [Jinhwan] I’m OK geokjeonghaji ma singyeong sseuji ma Charari honja itneun ge nan iksukhanikka I’m OK[Jinhwan] Nae seulpeumeun byeolgeo aniraneun deus Useoneomgiryeoneun nega nan wonmangseureowo Leave me alone naege dagaoji ma Eochapi tteonagal saram jeongdeulkka bwa museowo I’m OK[Junhoe] I’m OK wirohaji ma dongjeonghaji ma Gyeote isseo jul piryo eopseo gwaenchanheunikka [Jinhwan] I’m OK geokjeonghaji ma singyeong sseuji ma Charari honja itneun ge nan iksukhanikka I’m OK[Donghyuk] Amugeotdo moreujanha neon da aneun cheokhaji mara jwo Nal wihandaneun mal ojirapdo neolpeusyeo Honja issgo sipeuni nal jom naebeoryeo dwo

  • Miss you kimhanbin😢❤️

  • Love iKON ❤️

  • 난 하나도 안 괜찮아. 죽을 거 같아 한빈아.

  • Hanbin 😢 We miss you so much😭

  • Hanbinah I'm always with you no matter what 💖💖. Be strong and have faith in God. We will get through this storm together. The sun will rise again . Take rest my dear. Lovw you so much 💖🙏

  • I'am okay, but my heart not okay hanbin😭😭