Imagine Dragons x JID - Enemy (Live At The Game Awards)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Des 2021
Imagine Dragons featuring J.I.D performing "Enemy" (from the series Arcane League of Legends) live at The Game Awards 2021

Listen to Enemy:

"Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)", from the Bastion Original Soundtrack.
Music and Lyrics by Darren Korb. Vocals by Ashley Barrett.

Listen to Build That Wall:

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  • Doesn’t matter what genre you’re into. Imagine Dragons has a song for you.

  • I love the part where JID finished his verse really showed an expression of joy and excitement, you absolutely rocked it JID!

  • 3:13

  • 4:18

  • You know you've found a good band when they sound equally as good on the mic as with editing...

  • 3:12

  • 1:54

  • The relief on JID's face when he didn't stutter or stumble or run outta breath on that last verse. 😂 Excellent job, man!

  • 4:29

  • I honestly think that this sounds 10x better than the original one.

  • As I get older (I'm 40) I find myself going back and enjoying older music, because modern music is so over-processed in the studio. But this is some great music. There's still real talent out there.

  • 4:18

  • Just hearing JID's voice getting slightly higher as he is either a. Getting nervous, b. Getting excited or c. Running out of breath just shows people that it is hard to rap fast and coherent live on stage

  • 4:18

  • Looking at JID being that excited is kind of wholesome. You can tell that he’s gotten his opportunity to live his dream

  • He doesn’t need auto tune like so many more popular artists.

  • you could hear JID getting happier as his verse started to come to an end, and that just made me so happy ☺

  • 3:12

  • I know, eventually ill get tired of this song but imagine dragon is one of those artist that will reel me in with every new song they release

  • Everyone is talking great about the live performance but, THAT INTRO WAS SICK