INDONESIA - The Beautiful People, Culture and Cuisine.

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Lake Toba, Padang, Yogyakarta and Bali. Thank you for inviting me here to explore and make memories!
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  • Thanks for all the love! Check out some photos here 👉

    • I am your brother from Tunisia. I hope that you will support me in my channel subscription I love you I hope you do not ignore my comment, thanks

    • Lake toba is my village Mark, if you or your friends want making a trip here just call me.

    • You're vlog is so Beautiful just like you :))))

    • You have a job for me? If you come back to indonesia. Thx

    • Awesome Indonesia

  • Awesome videos..

  • Kita suka nasi padang dengan rendang 🤤🤤 just had it yesterday with sambal ijo 😆 i bet everyone will fall in love with indonesia. Warm people and the food are just hard to ignore! Thats why we decided to travel from Bali all the way to Vietnam with our scooter. Spend around 5 and a half weeks exploring Java!! Its AMAZING 😉

  • I Love You INDONESIA 💖

  • Amazing cinematography and that music is soooooooooo relaxing

  • I am your brother from Tunisia. I hope that you will support me in my channel subscription I love you I hope you do not ignore my comment, thanks

  • Indonesia has a lot of vacation spots, like in front of my house like France there is Telkomsel Tower

  • Terima kasih untuk videonya @Mark Harrison Much loves to all of you.

  • I came to indonesia for a visit and I loved it so much I am here for last 4 years !!!! It’s rich and very appalling for visitors.. A Brit indian cheering all

  • Terimakasih sudah datang ke Indonesia dan mencintai Indobesia Thank you for coming to Indonesia and loving Indonesia, we hope you can come back to Indonesia again, we are waiting for you, because there are still so many places to explore ❤❤❤

  • Love indonesia from Earth

  • Different island,different heaven,look wonderfull indonesia in ID-tv

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  • The colors. Stunning!

  • lmao im so glad that ypu are not only visited Bali backthen,,,,,,,

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  • Worth watching every second

  • The insane cinematic video bruh

  • Woooow amazing video Mark...thank you for explore my the way I'm from west java/sundanese. We have kawah putih, volcano tangkuban perahu...come back again...and see another place...once again...lot of thank you for you...

  • cw nya boleh juga hehe just kidding😂

  • Im viewer 's from Philippines ♥️your vlog,🙂

  • Sya indonesia bangga skli dg keindahannya

  • holy mother of gods. Indonesia's scenery looks like coming right out from pinterest! Everything is so photogenic. Adding it to my travel's destination 2020.

    • That’s the best addition!! You won’t regret it 🙌🙌

  • You're gonna always welacome in our country

  • Great video...thank you very much for showing the beauty of my wonderful country Indonesia... Proud to be Indonesian, alhamdulillah ❤❤❤

  • I love indonesian from rusian

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  • *Hey Indonesia since Australia donated millions of dollars to your last Tsunami disaster they now need your country to help them. Bushfires are burning down lots of houses*

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  • Well i got to tell you im bit jealous you been there and IM not the funny stuff are im traveling alot as a seaman but i never go any else place in my own country...Thanks bro your video is amazing natural and fun nice sound as well..Congrats

  • sangat menarik

  • Hei mark, i ask your permits to borrow your cinematic footage for a video competition. may i??? i'm from indonesia... please

  • You put the wrong music for the 4.13 - 4.53 performance But you makes a great mix & amazing scene at 5.28 - 6.17 Beautiful review by the way

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  • German flag in everywhere in Padang?????

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  • I Love My Country.. thanks bro and your family for come to my Country 🇮🇩

  • I'm from Indonesia- like kalau bangga tinggal di Indonesia

  • Indonesian people frendly

  • Siapa yg suka indonesia kasih like

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  • The best editor video...ilove indonesian

  • I don't know why Atta Halilintar got so many subscribers . Can we compare him to Atta?

  • Hey Mark, your wife look like Asian. Is she Indonesian?

  • Gw bangga dengan alam"Indonesia dn budaya"ny,tp tdk dengan orng"ny aplgi pemerintah"nya gx ad yg bnr,ibukota kok d pindahin kn goblok,merusak alamm

  • I love INA from planet mars...😊🙏

  • yogyakarta is not central jawa, but Daerah Istiewah Yogyakarta

  • Love it,always wanted to explore Indonesia


  • Maybe world just know bali island is the paradise.but just not bali. More and more and more INDONESIA have the secret paradise island for example lombok island. Dragon or komodo island.raja ampat island. Nias at sumatera and etc

  • Thank you for this beautiful video