Indonesian imam continues prayers in Bali during earthquake

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Footage of an imam reciting evening prayers in Bali while a deadly earthquake struck the neighbouring island of Lombok has gone viral, with people praising him for his unwavering faith.
The video, recorded on a smartphone, shows him supporting himself against the wall as the room shakes violently and some worshipers flee. The powerful quake has killed scores of people and damaged thousands of buildings on Lombok.
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  • Great,mashAllah.

  • There is very thin line between faith and foolishness. This man crosses that line.

  • ماشاءاللّه

  • What a faith, wow

  • I think this is a foolish Ness to continue to pray..... savings is your and other life is most important

  • Mental.. If there's earth quake then you should go to safe place to save yourself. Same thing is happening at corona times. If there's problem, first save yourself

  • Subhanallah

  • 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 he thought Allaha was patting him later when he realized it was earthquake he lost his faith

  • I would also continue praying during an earthquake because I'm already gonna die so at least let last moment be in worship to my creator.

  • Kitne chutiya kom h

  • Subhanallah

  • I admire his faith

  • He is stupid


  • سبحان اللہ ❤️

  • Allahu akbar

  • Faith and devotion makes you unstoppable.

  • Amin

  • Jisko bhi Mera comment samajh main Aya Woh like kare

  • 😍😍😍...

  • amin

  • MashaAllah SubhanAllah 😢😢😢😢

  • Allhumdulillah 😇😇😇😇

  • Its lombok i think

  • Subhanallah🥰

  • عندما يكون أيمانك اكبر من اي شي في حياتك 💔💜

  • Power of faith 😘

  • Allllllllllllllaahu akbar

  • The camera doesn't move

  • MashAllah

  • well. do I

  • Mashallah if this brother had panicked it would have been a disaster.

  • That's how you gain more followers

  • Tolong

  • True niyat.

  • Nara e takbir allahu akbar...........

  • لا إله إلا الله محمدا آخر رسل الله

  • Subhaanallah

  • আল্লাহু আকবার,,,, আমাদের হেফাজতকারি একমাত্র আল্লাহ,,, এই ইমামকে আল্লাহ নেক হায়াত ও ইমানের সাথে সারা জীবন কাটানোর জন্য দোয়া রইলো আমিন,,, আন্দাযে যতটুকু বুজা যায়,,এখানে ভুমিকম্প হয়েছিল,,

  • Where did the musalli goes without praying? Those who where praying it is call iman!

  • Love for this imam from pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Full faith of imaan

  • when he died he went to heaven. same day Shipping

  • Earthquake HAHA Ayat-al-Kursi - I'm about to end this earthquakes whole career

  • Foolishness

  • Mashallah

  • 😍😍❤️

  • Allaho Akbar

  • Bismillah 😢

  • Great

  • He started reading ayatul kursi (ayatollah for protection)

  • Very nice

  • Hats off to his faith , but this is foolishness

  • Mashallah

  • الله أكبر الله أكبر سبحان الله سبحان الله

  • Some are gandu but these are real gandu people .

  • No one can run from an earthquake. You may run outside and the earth opens up under your feet. Imam figured he was in the best place, front of his Lord in prayer. May we all have such strong faith. amen.

  • Notice how he chose to recite ayatu al kursi and the earthquake stopped And we generally recite ayatu al kursi before leaving our houses to prevent any kind of physical harm

  • The courage. The knowledge. So immense. So powerful.

  • সুবহানাল্লাহ

  • Subhanallah likeif u like

  • Walahi mashaalah he has strong iman

  • Mashallah

  • I wish to die in that situation

  • Who’s here during CORONAVIRUS?

  • Allahu Akbar

  • Because he is afraid

  • ماشاءاللہ

  • MashAllah

  • Let another earthquake strike soon

  • what a great man

  • Really great to see him. This is power of iman. He really conquered in the test. My iman also increases by looking at him. Subhanallah Allahuakbar

  • Kya chuiyapa hai sirf aagy wala admi hil rha hai pichy green parda or bhut se cheze apne ek jgh hai unme koi movement ni

  • Faith is where fears stay away

  • Mashallah

  • Power of imaan

  • These guys probably beg for death, that's pretty much what religion is on a whole

    • 🙄🙄 why do I feel like you are one of those people that I should ignore

    • Lol okay internet scholar 👍🏼

    • Your comment seems very unpleasant.

  • OMG! mashAllah, so proud of him .. having goosebumps after watching this !!

  • Heart touching 😭😭😭😭😭