Interview with Dustin Poirier - مترجم بالعربي

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لمشاهدة النزالات مباشرة وحصرياً حمل تطبيق #UFCArabia


  • "the hospitality here is amazing, you guys treat us well"... Huh 🤔 is he aware that Farah is not from UAE or is he assuming she is, just because she looks arab??

    • @Mg AwA she is Moroccan/Egyptian

    • where is she from

  • UFC ARABIA please record in 1080p at least. Awesome job otherwise!!

  • amazing interview all around. this channel and the interviewer are criminally underrated . i just wish the video quality issue is addressed in the future. and the Arabic translation should be improved. all around awesome work.

    • yeah all the recent interviews on this channel are great but have very few views

  • 7:14 I'm glad Dustin heard it too lmao.

    • @U dv Yep

    • F work right??

    • @I know you're right The "Talk to" didn't exactly sound like that.

    • What?

  • 3:46😂😂

  • Dustin is a great man

  • 👍🤝🤝 30 % DUSTIN!😅🤝🤝

  • The main UFC channel needs to promote this channel. Great unique interviews and people don't seem to be picking up on it, other than the Conor interview ofc.

  • Im sleeping 100% on Dustin, he will not win’

  • I need that shirt Dustin